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John Calvin puts forward a very simple reason why love is the greatest gift: “Because faith and hope are our own: love is diffused among others.” In other words, faith and hope benefit the possessor, but love always benefits another. In John 13:34–35 Jesus says, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” Love always requires an “other” as an object; love cannot remain within itself, and that is part of what makes love the greatest gift.
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Newbie here looking for Vegan Deodorant!

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Hello mate,I


I am newbie here. I need your help please. I hope someone will help me replying to my thread. I'm looking for a Vegan Deodorant. Which Vegan Deodorant do you use mate? I have heard about Ardent Vegan Deodorant. So I am bit interested to try for it. Which I would like to try Ardent Vegan Deodorant because the below benefits-


1) Neutralize Sweat

2) No Clogged Pores

3) Skin Whitening

4) Heal Skin

5) No Staining

6) Safe to Use

7) Reduced Risk of Cancer


Lots of advantageous using Ardent Vegan Deodorant. If you have another option I would like to try that one too. Please let me know your suggestion. Thanks!

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Huh, I though it was all vegan, they must use animal fat or fish oil I guess.

I dont use deodorant that often myself because it can actually make your armpits stink more by causing bacteria to grow, so when you shower and wash it off that bacteria in your skin prores stinks more than it would normally, at least that's what I heard anyway.

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      Good morning brothers and sisters, I hope all is well in this little community!  I am a bit saddened because of recently spending almost 3 months on another Christian site.  I know one needs some pretty thick skin to take some of the barbs I did from the Catholics---and that was an issue I avoided for the most part.  I loved that board and many on it became my friends.  I think it's time for a break.  I will not leave them altogether but, for now just need to stay away and see what some other brothers and sisters are all about! I have been following Jesus Christ probably since a small child as I would always wonder about our origin, even at that age-used to really wonder as most children probably do-'where did God come from"  "Who made God though"?   I was raised Catholic until I was around 12 <--- my grandmother was not happy about that!  When I went to my moms new Church-1st time setting foot in a non-catholic Church building...even though I am not Lutheran and there were some Catholicy things there-I just loved it!  Went for a bit through my teens...left it to go out and just plain sin, bars, drinking, dancing, smoking...but...HE never stopped drawing me, fast forward to 1992-a friend and I went to an Assembly s of God service one day and stayed there for about 5-6 years, there was a split there all over a man and a woman who joined the Church-they ousted our pastor, more left than not.  I was one who left, as well as my good friend....so, we flailed around for a bit being un-Churched for a couple years.  I live in an area that is lousy with RC Churches and I knew that was no longer for me.  So, being without a local body, I had a handful of friends who were Christian, TG!- we were kind of like getting blown this way and that with all of our "gee, wonder what this or that means" kind of thing-we had no direction, we did not under how the Holy Spirit works through us, we didn't understand ANYTHING!  Lol..Okay, this is becoming a Tomb  Sorry.  Bottom line. last 3 years I have found a wonder Baptist Church just down the street from me and have been a member since last year.   I Do not agree with every single thing my wonderful pastor believes,  he knows our differences, but he speaks Gods word and does a fine job, he never misses giving the true gospel so...any doctrine that has nothing to do with Christ and His gospel, for me, I will not argue with anyone about...causes strife-IMHO.  Too easy to get feathers ruffled. Peace and Grace to you all. Submission one

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      God gave us dominion over the animals and there's nothing wrong with eating them. But we're to be good stewards and I can no longer eat meat from grocery stores or fast food anymore.   There is so much demand from this worlds hedonistic mindset that animals have become nothing, they're treated as if they were an endless supply of objects.   It's supposed to more humain today than it was in the past, and in some cases it is, but not in most. Some of the sickest people in this world work in these industries, people who enjoy stomping animals to death. Now if they get kicks out of that, what do you think they would do to human that they have a problem with? They are clearly disturded people.   Not much bothers me, I've seen how sick this world is, but this. The most shocking thing I leaned is how egg houses work. They only need female chicks, so they kill the males, enough to fill a few large sized trash cans.   What sickens me the most is that people have taken creation and raped it, they bent it, took away it's freedom to be what it is, and ungratefuly raped it.

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      Hi. I just joined. I never know what to say in these introductions, but I look forward to exploring the community. I've only read a few things so far, but this seems like a good group!   Oh, and I'm a very recent re-convert. I'm trying to come into the light out of the darkness...but of course it's hard to tell sometimes where one begins and the other ends, so I thought it might be a good idea to seek a community of Christians. I don't go to church now, and I'm moving soon, so I hope to find a good one soon when I get where I'm going.   God bless.

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      I just met someone who is a Vegan, She preaches animal rights and believes eating meat is cruelty and should be banned. She is very active in protesting against fur, animal testing and the meat industry. She believes everyone should eat nothing but vegetables because killing animals is immoral.....   Then things got messed up... She is pro-choice. So she is against cruelty against animals but she is not against murdering of babies. She cares about the life of animals but doesn't care about the life of an innocent child. My mind is blown.

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