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John Calvin puts forward a very simple reason why love is the greatest gift: “Because faith and hope are our own: love is diffused among others.” In other words, faith and hope benefit the possessor, but love always benefits another. In John 13:34–35 Jesus says, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” Love always requires an “other” as an object; love cannot remain within itself, and that is part of what makes love the greatest gift.
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A More Detail Creation

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The groom, is the Light. ..and the bride is the structured "Tree of Life" us ,The bride is working its way to become like the light God. This is not just the Earth.., but the entire Universe/s; as the Light ..creates another like its formless self.. The bride has its own memory, the cellular memory. However, the groom or formless ocean of light has it's own memory as well... So, the Bible reveals there are two memories in the being we call God; ..when you grasp the state God exists in; next to our structured forms we take on in life, when we are born.. onto a planet we have selected. The best way to see the creation all around you is to see it like an onion with many layers. All starts from the formless pure white light spirit of the creator who is also the creation. That formless state is what God calls true life: Each structured state as it manifests, starting with the state of the ethereal realm we call God's heaven down to the gross physical forms is a limiting of the light by law into such forms of expression. Only the Light is true life however, not the limited life forms in all their states inside the light. God's formless state ..is what God defines as perfection as well.


I was shown the entire Universe ..works on the basis of reincarnation.

Given the light will not violate free will, this was its only other option it could offer, in love, The light can become anything or anyone.. it wants to become and has done so in the expression of the heavens we see in the night sky as well as all that is beyond the physical with everything interlocking or interfacing with each other in the creation. The light is all things possible in its being. Just know that all you see and understand through your five senses is located in the light and made from the stuff of the light.


The other interesting thing is that the cellular memory thing is the female aspect of the light while the formless pure white light's memory is the male aspect of the light


Both memories are real. The bride is made of the formless pure white light of God, which is becoming like the light in every way and one day the whole universe.. will be heaven, which The result is the Bride or creation has its own memory, yet you learn the memory of your past lives is really in the groom side of the equation, not the cellular memory side, as far as your spirit self is concerned versus your flesh body's memory, as part of the bride. The kids that are coming back who are remembering past life journeys ,are not learning this from their cellular memory They are getting it from their spirit side or the Spirit of God. There are some amazing stories that account for this reality.

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I was shown the entire Universe ..works on the basis of reincarnation.
If you were shown something, it was not from the LORD God of Bible but by some deceiving spirit being in order to mislead you. By the way, it worked.


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When we reject God’s future, we will manipulate our creativity to make another one that we try to convince ourselves will somehow overshadow his. As a result, everything about us, including our creative work, becomes locked into this world. In an attempt to be good-natured, many of us will diligently use our creativity to try to change the world and overcome the prejudices and injustices mounting up against us. Yet notice how even this work assumes God. Where do you think your impulse for justice came from, and who do you think will execute perfect and final justice when it counts? Further, for there to be lasting change, we need a world that lasts. If there is no eternity, then why does justice matter? Let’s just eat and drink, for tomorrow we die (1 Cor. 15:32). Even as we try to sweep God and his righteousness out the front door of our lives, we smuggle in assumptions about him through the back with our attempts to make the world righteous and good through our creativity. This exposes an important truth: the justice so much of our creativity was meant to work toward is eschatological and divinely determined. Justice only matters if our future matters, and our future only matters if God directs the world to his righteous ends, overcoming evil once for all while making all things new. Not only will we try to make a future with our creativity; we will try to make creativity our future. This happens all the time. When we are so enamored with the beauty of the world, we forget that God has offered us something better. It’s like staring at a campfire you made. Sure, it’s beautiful to watch the flames dance for a time. But don’t let it keep you from looking to the night sky. God has sprinkled it with stars that produce light and flame far superior to your fire. When the beauty of the world captures us for too long, we cut ourselves off from God’s bigger world and his vision for our creativity. And when this happens, we make our lives about making beautiful things for themselves. This becomes our future. The only things worthy of our time and our lives, then, are our creative acts—things beautiful in the world’s eyes. Without a future, we settle for what’s in front of our eyes and what we produce with our hands. And when all we have are the small trinkets of our own making, we are cut off from the eternal beauty that awaits in the new heavens and new earth. Drawbacks of Futureless Creativity But our art cannot hold up the weight of our needs, assumptions, desires, and purpose. It was never meant to. When we try to replace God’s future promises with our own creativity, we end up breaking our souls. We no longer know why we create. At best, our creativity becomes self-serving. We may talk a good game in in the public square, but when we’re alone, we can’t help but feel empty and hollow. That’s when we notice that we’re not creating for God anymore. We’re creating just to keep up appearances, to assuage the critic, to fool the masses, and the keep the money or the fame or the machine going. Our creativity has begun to re-create us, and when we’re not on stage, we don’t like being around the person who is always with us in the green room. And yet we continue to climb up on the rickety pedestal. We keep pushing our agenda, all while forgetting the reason we started doing this in the first place. In the silence, we question our art, our motives, our reasons, and our identity. But we can’t stop now. Our followers wouldn’t want us to, and our “creativity” won’t let us. That’s the drawback of a futureless creativity. It helps us become who we want to be or what the world demands of us, but it sacrifices our God-given identity in the end. We play for the crowds or for our ego, but not for our God. Our Art Is Not the World’s Hope This is why the new creation is so important. God’s future promises teach us that the hope of the world is not our art. It is God dwelling with humanity in the new heaven and new earth, where tears, death, mourning, crying, and pain shall be no more (Rev. 21:1–4). This stops your compass of purpose, worth, and identity from spinning out of control. It gives a due north that you can point your creativity toward. Your creativity isn’t your future; God is. And this is a very good thing. First, it gives us a proper perspective. God alone is worthy. He created the world, created you, created your creativity, re-created you, re-created your creativity, and re-created the world. He gets first chair. Actually the only chair. And second, it means your creativity doesn’t have to hold up the world. God already does. Rest defines our experience in the new creation. Not just a quick-Sunday-nap type of rest but deep, anxiety-destroying, peace-inducing rest. And this new-creation rest has broken into this world in many ways. 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