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  1. I found this article very troubling, yet it also explains a lot. I had long had the impression that my husband and I have been expected by church culture to "pull ourselves up by our bootstraps" or that we were suspected of being guilty of some hidden sin, thus God was refusing to bless us. This confirms the thinking behind the attitudes we have both encountered over the years. I think it is also a call to rethink the effect of sin on culture and the economy... https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/acts-of-faith/wp/2017/08/03/christians-are-more-than-twice-as-likely-to-blame-a-persons-poverty-on-lack-of-effort/?utm_term=.fbeb4ca51126
  2. What makes me wonder is why do you come to a Christian forum to justify homosexuality? Especially with a handle "ThyWordsTruth". That being said, some people do indeed consciously choose to be homosexual, others honestly feel they have no choice. My friend Bruce was a person who felt he had no choice, and that perception caused him very deep harm on a lot of levels. Now let's turn the equation around, what if someone wants out of homosexuality and wants a choice. What if Jesus Christ can and does make that choice possible by speaking the truth in love. Not in force, but in love, affirming the person and lifting them to a level of freedom and peace that cannot be found any other way? Homosexuality has a lot of strong arguments against the lifestyle. It is unhealthy on both physical and emotional levels. In Christianity, it is considered not only a sin, but a deep betrayal of God's intent in creating a woman as companion to a man in the first place. God created men and women with unique gifts and unique brains. The homosexual and transgender movement seeks to erase those gifts and deny the truth about why each of has been created to be what God intended us to be. Curious how people who pursue and advocate homosexuality refuse to consider those points, instead insisting that even the youngest children be indoctrinated and that Christians in particular be pushed to accept those things as some sort of "normal"...
  3. Sue, I really love what you said about trying to make it with a church. What you describe reflects my experience on a lot of levels. One thing I did discover is that when you can't connect with a church, it can make you really connect with the Lord, since there's nowhere else to turn. I also wonder if you are quite right in wondering if many people are "busy being busy". It never ceases to amaze me, for example, how many people are out shopping on a weekday afternoon. I think a lot of people are trying to fill their emptiness with busyness... It isn't always easy to get to know people. Perseverance is a trait that is largely vanishing in our push-button culture, along with community. Oddly enough, a lot of people lament the lack of community, yet they seem hesitant to get to know others. Another thing I have noticed is that there is a lot of self doubt and self criticism among people in general. It's almost as if they're afraid that if someone else does something well that anything they tried to do doesn't count. Maybe that comes from watching too much sports on TV etc where there can be only one winner... Kindness and encouragement are becoming lost arts, and society is suffering for that. Finally, I found what explorerx7 said to be rather uninformed. Lonely people try very hard to fit in groups, but those who have achieved acceptance seem afraid to let the stranger in for fear of being pushed back out of the group. Love is a dying art...
  4. Linda, the one point you are refusing to consider is deception. The best deception works because it seems real. The homosexual activists have been pushing the "born this way" lie for decades now. They never ever admit to the public that many of them were seduced as adults or molested as children, but if you talk to them, they admit exactly that. I have met several Gay people who have spoken of these things. Furthermore, everything you are citing is based on flesh. Two issues you completely omit are spirituality and truth. Satan is spoken of in Scripture as coming to kill steal and destroy. In the case of transgenderism, satan seeks to steal and destroy the genuine identity of the victim. In other words, transgenderism is a form of identity theft. Meanwhile, Jesus Christ has come to speak the truth that sets us free. Really, only Jesus Christ has the depth of understanding to tell us who we are, what we are and why. But the homosexual agenda rejects all these things, demanding that Christians compromise to please them. Thus they seek to drag us into their deception rather than be led into truth in Christ. As Christians, we owe much more to Jesus Christ than we owe to human beings, and we owe nothing to satan. Thus we stand on the Word Of God and we stand with Jesus Christ and will not be moved.
  5. Sorry, this has been debunked. http://www.snopes.com/emmanuel-macron-us-liberals-refugee-status-france/
  6. https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/10347/gender-culture-decline I have included only part of the article linked. The entire piece is well worth reading, and is quite insightful. This is a sign that God is indeed turning those who have rejected Him over to their own lusts. Romans 1:18-32 sheds light on this situation...
  7. Hi Lucian, I had the impression that you had asked if Mr McNutt had suffered injuries because of his weight, and I tried to explain that the lifestyle he had been involved in was far more harmful than it may seem. I am well aware that some homosexuals have reasonably stable relationships and that some heterosexuals are in big trouble as well. Sin causes grievous harm in many ways, some visible, some not. God is not uptight about meaningless rules; He seeks and teaches what He does because He intended everyone to have healthy, sane lives. In the sinful world, some get much while others are pushed to the edge to die... It is when we seek to live by God's Word that we see why it works, how it works and how it heals. John 1:1-4 (NIV, emphasis mine) 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was with God in the beginning. 3 Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. 4 In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. I hope this makes sense
  8. This really makes me wonder if the Lord is about to shine some Light into NK the hard way...
  9. You're welcome William. Thank you for going to so much trouble to keep this forum up. When we thought you'd have to shut this down, I figured that was the last of the reliable Christian forums and that the online Light was close to going out... Keeping you and your family in my prayers.
  10. I think we can probably live without the "Like" button. But that's just my opinion.
  11. Hi Lucian, I mentioned earlier that I had a close friend who wa a homosexual man (he died about 10 years ago). Back in the 1990's, Bruce shared my apartment and was working at a Gay spa. At the time, neither one of us were Christians, so there weren't any moral restrictions on either one of us (no, we weren't intimate, this man was very much a brother to me and I had been trying to help the only way I knew how...) The place he worked at had both public areas where people would mingle freely and some sort of private rooms as well... the walls, it would seem were somewhat on the thin side... After some nights working there Bruce would be sheet white from the shock of what he saw and heard. Now this was an openly Gay man who had partied the bar scene and who had been around... at least what we considered "been around". What he did tell me made me sick. What he didn't tell me made me really wonder what was with some of those people. Because of these things and because "coming out of the closet" resulted in Bruce's heartbreaking descent into methamphetamine addiction insanity and early death (he was 49 when he died), I am anti homosexual. Whatever happened to Mr McNutt that left him with bruises etc would have involved their idea of a "good time". It's a well kept secret among those people, but the depravity runs really deep and really dark. Enough said? The Christian Biblical lifestyle is a lot more than just old fashioned rules. Jesus Christ grants us a unique freedom from the level of self hatred that can make self harm seem like fun. It is just tragic that so many people cannot or will not understand what that really means. When Bruce first "came out", we thought we were setting him free. It turned out to be the total opposite of freedom in the worst possible way...
  12. A good test is to examine what the religion in question is teaching, where is this leading? Islam has some really frightening teachings, such as the death sentence for apostasy or atheism and literally cutting off someone's hand for petty theft. It has been pointed out that Buddhism has no God, it is just a philosophy. Both Islam and Buddhism advocate child marriage which is considered justified pedophilia in Western culture. Modern paganism justifies literally anything (such as blood sacrifice) to get what you want. So it really is important to consider where a religion is leading. It would also be wise to consider how a religious faith effects the whole community. Is the religion in question teaching that certain people that belong to this religion are much more important than other people who also belong to this religion? It is really important to look at the whole picture, because what you refuse to admit is there when you are trying to make a decision can really hurt you at some future point. That being said, on thorough examination, just based on Biblical teaching and values alone, Christianity is a really kind and good religion. Now add the fact that Jesus Christ is very much alive, and an speak for Himself. If anyone asks, and is asking with real honesty, Jesus Christ does indeed answer for Himself. There are millions of people from every kind of background, from the most scientifically advanced to the most primitive who all say the same sort of thing, that God has touched their hearts and lives in very real ways and that they are better, happier people because of this. I hope this helps answer your questions.
  13. I had heard about Trace McNutt before, and I am deeply touched by his testimony of redemption. I am also not surprised by his reports of the loneliness as a homosexual and all the trouble he found in that lifestyle. I had a close friend who was homosexual, and his experiences were similar. A lot of what he spoke of in those days was sickening and deeply disturbing. I am seeing posts in this thread that seem to be defending homosexuality, and I find that troubling. First of all, there is a very serious and very genuine spiritual aspect to the deception that has gone unremarked so far. Frequently in the case of homosexuality, there are deceptions and lies at work that mislead the people trapped in that sort of thing that the "reparation therapy" efforts rarely address. I saw a stunning testimony by Sy Rogers on TV that I can only wish I could have recorded at the time, as it has been completely removed from You Tube. That is the one and only time I have ever seen a Christian speaker receive a standing ovation. Rogers spoke of how Jesus Christ showed him the line between sin and his innate personality and brought him to a place of peace with himself and with God. It was an amazing testimony. I think that all too often people are afraid to give holiness a try, and not just in the aspect of homosexuality. People want Salvation, but tend to resist the demands of Sanctifiction, finding it too hard to trust in Christ, and I think also not understanding how to pray an issue through. The church usually doesn't teach that well either. If people would just pray honestly, give things time and give Jesus Christ a chance, I think they would experience what Mr McNutt, Sy Rogers, myself and my husband and so many other people with deeply profound testimonies are trying to explain. There is a deep and holy truth that really does set us free. It doesn't come easy, but it does work and it is very real.
  14. I just got the e-mails that Christforums is staying up and that you're moving to a new server. I thank the Lord that you've ben able to keep this site going, and I am keeping you in my prayers. God bless you deeply in all you're doing both online and off.
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