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  1. I believe these alternate ways of worship are great for the elderly or the sick that can't make it to Sunday Service. Whether their Pastor visits them at home or they view the services online or Tv, they still get to praise the Lord in their own way.
  2. My favorite quote is 2 Corinthians 5:17 "Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new." (KJV)
  3. I love Christian Romance Novels. There is a great collection coming out in April 2017 called "The Pony Express Romance Collection. Based in the year 1860-1861, It is an outstanding task in the years 1860 to 1861, and only a few are up to the job. Faced with challenges of terrain, weather, hostile natives, sickness, and more, can these adventurous pioneers hold fast, and can they also find lasting love in the midst of daily trials? Find out in this exciting collection of nine.
  4. Although I have many favorite Christian Singers. Jeremy Camp is at the top of my list. My favorite song is Christ In Me. He is a wonderful songwriter, singer and Christian Musician.:) ​
  5. I am Baptist, and Holiday traditions are different all over the world. How we celebrate Christmas varies from culture to country. But one thing remains the same, the focal point of Christmas is that Christ was born this day.
  6. Growing up my family always took the Christmas Decorations down after New Years Day. So now that I'm grown I carry the same tradition of the way my Mother and Father did it.
  7. AngelaMc


    The Bible does state in Leviticus 19:28, "You must not put tattoo markings on yourself." Tattoos are a big trend today, it seems as though people are covering their whole bodies with them. I personally think tattooing becomes addicting to some people and they loose site of what it clearly states in the Bible, or they just don't care.
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