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  1. Any scientific discovery leads to thank God because it's through his might that we conduct space flight and they become successful. God created everything we see and that can never be credited to man.
  2. I work part time online so I spend like 5hrs. The rest of the day I spend at school studying and also a job at a restaurant. I don't think I would survive without an internet connection.
  3. ptahm22


    I do yoga occasionally and I don't think it has any effects on your christian faith. Your faith isn't physical therefore anything physical shouldn't interfere. If it's true that you get carried away, just stop the practice but know for sure that it's very odd. Our bodies adapt to what e do everyday and I don't think that's spiritual. I stand to be corrected.
  4. Do you avoid your friends who thought believed in Jesus only to realize they actually don't. They may sometimes even become annoying and you have to clean some of their messes. Do you Confront them or do you look for other friends to hang out with? I overheard some group of believers claiming that they wouldn't bother hanging out with a non believer. ​​​​What actions do you take ?
  5. This is a question about Mark 7:24-30 where Jesus has a conversation with a woman. I tried to search the meaning or what was being discussed but am still not very sure. My Pastor told me that the Woman was teaching Jesus a lesson on being too judgmental. The fact that Jesus was being taught a lesson shocked me and since I don't like arguing about the scripture I didn't ask any more questions. What do you think about this scripture?
  6. I think that you are taking it the wrong way. Maybe we interpret that message the way we shouldn't. If we say women shouldn't lead or shouldn't serve as clergy, we fall into the category of sexists. Do you know why women were prohibited from being in the clergy? If it's because of their sinful nature, we too are sinners and God is the only one who should judge. When Jesus Christ first came, his message was only to the Jews then it became available to everyone. Jesus did not come to change the law of Moses but to improve it. Why is it that the law on Women is interpreted as it is in the Old Testament. If a woman is said to have a calling, it's not our right to choose who should and who shouldn't be in the clergy.
  7. The world is changing and Women are always fighting for their rights and also for equity. Sometimes men have no choice but to let them even though it doesn't feel right. The point is, it should be balanced, not a clergy full of just Women. When a clergy is only made up of men, they complain, they too should lead by example. However, I personally have no issue with women being in the clergy.
  8. I work at a top company in my country and we are always very busy. Everyday there alot of challenges to go through.I'm responsible for engineering data collection and I also deal with some production equipments. These responsibilities are so huge but they've given me a co worker. However, he does nothing but chat about Superman and Batman. Other times he is talking about aliens and other movie creatures. The job is so overwhelming but this guy is always at summer time. If I report him to the boss my working will be a nightmare. How do you deal with such situations as a Christian?
  9. This question was asked to some and this is the answer they gave."Can you go to a booth and dial any number and it leads you home ? No, just one number will get you home. All roads don't lead to Rome therefore not all religions will lead to God. Jesus said," I'm the way the truth and the light. No one comes to the Father except through me. In the Bible we read that there are only two roads to Jesus Christ. One that leads to him and one that leads away from him. " However, people can have different opinions. What answer would you give?
  10. Hi guys, I ask this question innocently therefore don't judge me and please don't shut me off. I mentioned Kenneth Hagins in one of my posts in this forum and most people said alot of negative things about him. I'm not saying that they were wrong and am not taking any sides but at a broader view, what are your opinions on Kenneth Hagin's teachings ? I've read some of his books and am still reading some of them. Let's be objective and give our opinions based on facts. It's open for discussion.
  11. ptahm22


    My friend was once agnostic, though with christian leanings. He believed that all good people should go to heaven. This is until he received an epiphany and he realized that this belief was to satisfy his needs. It made him look better than a traditional christian and he was mostly accepted by atheists since they have issues with those thinking they're going to hell. He claims to be a traditional christian but is still inclusive of universalism. His concern is that his belief may have misled other Christians and led them away from their faith. He is afraid that he may be responsible for damning fellow Christians. What are your thoughts on this?
  12. I've read in the book of Revelations that Gog and Magog shall return after 1000 years to deceive the world again only to be quickly destroyed by fire.But what happens after that ? Will every one go to heaven? Will the animal and human race become extinct. Muslims believe that Jesus will defeat the anti christ, marry and die like a normal man. Believers will be taken to heaven and the wicked will be left here till judgment. ​​​​What do Christians believe? This is open to discussion.
  13. There are as many religions in the world as the total world's population. It's a shock how people can differently perceive and interpret one supreme being. Why do you think there are so many religions?
  14. ptahm22

    Wine skins.

    There is a certain verse in the book of Matthew and other gospels. It's about new and old wine skins. I don't clearly get what it means and I need your help to have a better understanding of it.
  15. Speaking from experience, you can totally backslide. I had been prayerful and walked by faith then one day I thought God had not answered my prayers. I stopped praying, reading the Bible, and even going to church. This got worse and. What happens is that you can back slide but you can't be born again twice. If you feel like you're loosing track, repent your sins and God will forgive you. I stand to be corrected.
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