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  1. You're an unrighteous and a false man.
  2. Frankly I find this a bit sacrilegious.
  3. Illegal immigration is at the lowest rate it's been in 40 years, despite Trump's fear mongering, largely because Mexico's economy is doing well. Not exactly the best time to damage their economy by forcing them to foot the bill for a $15 billion wall, which will in turn increase the illegal immigration the wall is a symbolic defense against. Symbolic because there are large swaths of territory where building a wall will be virtually physically impossible. "The Wall" is like an idea a not particularly precocious eight-year-old might come up with.
  4. Whoever the current President is, at any given point in time, someone somewhere is convinced they're the anti-Christ.
  5. Or maybe they're protesting a President who boasted about sexually assaulting women. It's not that head-scratching or difficult to understand.
  6. Of course a person can decide to no longer be a Christian, just as a person can choose to become a Christian.
  7. Put simply, a Christian is someone who professes their faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Being a Christian doesn't make you "better" than "a nice, non-religious person", but it means you accept that Christ is The Way and profess him in your heart as your Savior.. As for whether it's a "must" to attend church, Christ himself said that wherever people gather in His name, He is there, which doesn't necessarily denote a church. If you do wish to attend, is it possible to find anyone who could give you a ride or even walk with you?
  8. Absolutely a Christian can backslide. None of us are perfect or without sin, and we all struggle with matters of faith. One can lose one's faith, but God holds the door open for us and forgives us if we come to him.
  9. I think Star Wars fans will find more to appreciate than casual moviegoers. I won't spoil them, but lots of Easter Eggs, nods, callbacks, cameos, etc. Old locations from A New Hope meticulously recreated that look exactly the same forty years ago. I definitely had my share of geek out moments.
  10. Is there a daily quota of "Democrats are evil" threads to be met here? Because it seems so.
  11. I enjoyed Rogue One but I think I enjoyed The Force Awakens more. TFA has more memorable characters and propels the "main" storyline forward, while Rogue One is kind of a footnote to A New Hope.
  12. I know some people who are too physically unwell to attend services use Skype and conference calls and such, similar to how students watch lectures while taking their classes online.
  13. What does that have to do with the GOP attacking healthcare coverage?
  14. The GOP worships corporations as their gods and attack poor people at every turn. Being against abortion and same-sex marriage are not the only prerequisites for being "Christian". Just the other night they took the first steps toward dismantling health coverage for millions of Americans, including children, people with preexisting conditions, and veterans. They bear far more resemblance to the Pharisees than they do to Christ.
  15. I have some strong words I could see about morally deprived so-called evangelicals fawning over a lying adulterating sexually abusing godless man like Donald Trump like those who forgot God and worshiped the Golden Calf. Do you explain your vote for Trump to your children? Do you tell them not to sexually abuse women, or lie, or have affairs, or cheat people? Those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. You're a charlatan.
  16. People have to choose their faith of their own free will. It's meaningless if they're coerced into it. We, like God, can only leave the door open, we can't force people to step through it. But we can do our best to make sure the doorway is open and welcoming and inviting.
  17. To sin is human; to forgive is holy. There's forgiveness if you ask for it, and trust in Him to know what's best. A lot of it is letting go of human arrogance.
  18. The answer to the OP question is "both" like every other Christian. But no Christian would refer to himself as "the last servant being used by the Lord". The OP is either a troll or delusional.
  19. I'm afraid I can't share in your happiness, and I see nothing reflecting Christian values about Trump's mockery of a disabled man, his sexual abuse of women, his xenophobic fear-mongering, or his pathological lying. I see nothing Christian about supporting a lying adulterer. That is not a statement of support for Hillary Clinton, it is a statement on Trump. I think evangelicals frankly soiled themselves by fawning over him like the golden calf.
  20. This was the kind of extreme situation that I was talking about, where the child will either die during birth, placing the mother's life in danger as well, or the child will be born with no quality of life and be in extreme agony or in an unsurvivable condition with absolutely no viable life expectancy. Developing without a brain or a head, or Glass Baby Syndrome, where prolonging the "life" is not only pointless, but pointlessly cruel. In such a case, as harsh as this sounds, and as sure as I am that some will not take kindly to it, an abortion is a mercy. Forcing the mother to carry such a child to term is cruel, and I am not ashamed of stating so. No, I am not talking about a child born with a missing limb, or Downs Syndrome, or etc. I am talking about an unviable condition where a brain literally did not develop, or something similarly extreme, where there is no hope.
  21. I try to embrace a pragmatic view of politicians. Sometimes you have to hold your nose and go with the one who best represents and supports your priority issues, whether they do it sincerely or because it's politically expedient. Or, while some will strongly reject this, choose which one is likely to be less disastrous.
  22. Just because society does not return to the basics does not mean we ourselves cannot. In fact, we are called in some ways to stand apart from the world. And I do think religion is purer when kept simple and to its basics. Too much bureaucracy IMO gets in the way of the true spiritual relationship.
  23. I don't really hold grudges in general. I can forgive smaller slights pretty easily. But I don't know that I could forgive someone who murdered or raped my wife or daughter, but there are other people who have, and all I can say is they're bigger people or perhaps better Christians than me.
  24. Of course a converted Christian can be just as true to Christ as one born into it. If anything, in some cases their faith may be even stronger, because they chose to come into it of their own will and were not born/raised with it.
  25. I wouldn't go so far as to say I "condone" abortion, but I believe in exceptions in cases of rape or incest, or if the mother's life is in danger, or if the child has severe deformities or other issues and will have no quality of life. I do find it extremely distasteful to say the least to use abortion as a form of birth control, and that people with unwanted pregnancies should be strongly encouraged to give the child up for adoption. There are problems in the foster system, but there are also loving families who are incapable of having biological children for one reason or another who would give a child a loving home. I also don't believe overturning Roe v Wade is something that is ever realistically going to happen.
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