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  1. If Marujana is being used for medicinal use then it comes under the same restrictions as other strong painkillers: e.g. tramadol, codeine and others in that class which all prohibit driving/operating heavy machinery, etc. Therefore the issue of driving on it should not come up. If it does, then the user is abusing their medication and should be treated exactly like a drunk driver.
  2. One doctor was struck off in the UK. No jail time was served. The fallout was still going on in 2008, so the 1999 date is misleading. Certain members of the hospital board, including the Medical Director, were in place during both Alfie Evans' sad treatment and the fallout of the scandal.
  3. This case is less socialised medicine and more a hospital with a bad reputation already: Sadly this is not the first time Alder Hey has been in the news for the depraved treatment of children. The last time involved a mass burial in 2008, ten years after the 1999 scandal was uncovered and the hospital officials had to be prevented by law from approaching the families involved to avoid causing distress. It is now ten years after that, and you'd think they would have learned some compassion. Remains of 10,000 children to be laid to rest in Alder Hey Hospital scandal mass burial - Telegraph 2008 "Under laws introduced following the scandal, officials were forbidden from approaching relatives themselves." To make it quite clear about how bad this scandal was, this report on the BBC named them for selling children's organs and organ harvesting: "had given Thymus glands, removed during heart surgery from live children, to a pharmaceutical company for research. They then received cash donations from the company involved. " - (BBC 2001 - click to read full article).
  4. I think it is very telling that these people who truly deserve asylum want to rebuild and return to their own homes. The least we can do is provide them with all the halp available to build a safe and thriving town, although the Red Cross appeal for them seems to have closed.
  5. Err... aside from the issue with LGBT therapies, the lawmakers are aware that the phrasing above would ban therapy for harmful orientations and pathologies, like (at the most extreme end) pedophilia. From what I have seen this ban would also prevent someone voluntarily seeking to change their own orientation, but surely if what a consenting adult does to themselves is their business, the law should not prohibit them? The main justification I have seen for the law is objecting to people sending children across state lines to outright abusive camps to try to change their orientation/make them fall into line/not dye their hair/insert reason here. If that is the problem, why aren't the lawmakers focusing on criminalising that exact thing through the existing laws against kidnapping, child abuse, medical treatment and therapy without a licence, and criminal assault?
  6. An absolute tragedy, and such a disgrace the hospital wouldn't let him go home. Once the life support was detached, he survived, and the hospital was no longer treating him, they should not have had any further say in his treatment as they weren't providing any!
  7. It is mixed news. Of the 800 families that lived there, only 300 have been able to return so far and 300 more may not return at all. However they are reciving support from Christian groups worldwide. Update 2018 April 24th However in areas like Qaraqosh church services have resumed, and the city is slowly recovering. https://www.opendoorsuk.org/news/stories/iraq-180426/
  8. OK, I'm not that familiar with US politics or electoral system but I stumbled over this: Pelosi: “I Don’t See Anything Inappropriate” In Rigging Primaries As it is not from a journalist I read very often, and nothing's in the news over here is this actually legitimate? Candidate selection here is mainly done within the parties before going to the polls with a candidate, but if a party declared an open selection that allowed people or party members to vote for their candidate (e.g. Labour's leadership election), and was then caught rigging it, they'd be vilified.
  9. While I agree the monitoring is excessive, the people in question were threatening to bomb or brin down the hospital that Alfie is in. While he is still there. So are many other patients, and staff who have nothing to do with this case or decision. Murdering more people won't make Alfie's situation any better, nor will the poor child being trapped in a burning hospital in his condition. While tempers may run high, constructive actions like trying to secure medical equipment, treatment, or helping fund the private murder prosecution would probably be more helpful.
  10. The problem is that we have anti-perjury laws which should make there be consequences for false accusations and lying in court. Victims don't normally tell malicious lies in court, while false witnesses will. The problem is that these never seem to be enforced, and the penalties inflicted are so low that people don't seem to think twice about it.
  11. This one is dreadful. Once life support was off and the child survived, there was absolutely no reason not to treat him, or let him go to a hospital that would. It seems the hospital didn't even check on or feed him until hours after life support was disconnected, and the most ridiculous thing is the photos in the paper of supporters rushing medical equipement into a hospital to be used on a child because the hospital wouldn't use their own. He's even been given Italian citizenship. (This isn't Charlie Gard - poor Charlie had a known condition, seizures, and passed away within minutes of life support being removed. Alfie Evans has an unknown condition, no seizures, and is still alive days after life support was turned off) But then this is Alder Hey hospital, notorious for the children's organ scandal of the 80's and 90's already. Most people I know think they should have let Alfie go home or to Italy. After all, what's the worst that can happen? That he wil die? If he stays in that hospital, that's a certainty.
  12. I know I haven't been around much, and this is kind of why. We lost someone in January far too young. It looks like we may lose another family member soon. On the work front I finally found a job and income, only to have this look like it is going to end soon because of a change in regulations that means the company will have to off-shore everything, and my husband's job might be changing. It seems like it is one step forward, two steps back constantly and we're just trying to get through it. Please could we have some prayers for help, support, and to just keep going until this is over?
  13. The BBC thinks he's done dreadfully, so he's probably done rather well. (If you want to see biased reporting look at their Opinions retrospective: Multiple Palestinian opinions on recognising Jerusalam, only one from Israel, horror that he withdrew from climate change accords, and condemning him for introducing sanctions without mentioning why those sanctions are in place.) From an external point of view, he's not alienating the US traditional allies as much as his predecessor (which isn't hard). He's chronically unpopular with the left and career politicians, but then he doesn't need to rely on them to stay in charge so they have less say than they are used to and that breeds resentment. It has definitely been a shake-up: he's out of the Paris accords, recognised Jerusalem, and his tax reforms will help businesses at all levels. He tried to repeal/revise Obamacare, but it was blocked. Multiple people have been swapped in and out of government, which gives a lack of stability, but also means that for the first time in a while the people at the top know they aren't untouchable and that is a step towards accountability.
  14. I think you've just destroyed most of the media, gossip magazines, and the profession of spin doctor :) (Wouldn't that be nice?) Sadly, gossip, slander, and libel are things that were a problem even in Biblical times, and there are many prohibitions against it (Leviticus 19:16, Romans 1:28-32). It doesn't stop a certain group, in my experience often older women with too much time on their hands although there are exceptions, from stirring drama up for the sake of it. If you wanted to jail them though, evidence for a court case can be a real problem. The Bible offers one solution: Proverbs 20:19 Whoever goes about slandering reveals secrets; therefore do not associate with a simple babbler.
  15. I don't believe God requires us to leave openings, as his Will is supreme when he exercises it. Sarah had children well passed the age of bearing as it was His will. If God truly intended a couple to be childless, IVF would not change that. It may be different in the UK, but as part of cancer treatment samples are taken from the patient before chemotherapy as a routine part of treatment and IVF is available on the NHS in any such cases (and a restricted number of others). This might skew it compared to the US figures, but means that the treatment is not limited to the wealthy. What has caused a recent row over here is the insistance by certain groups that children born through IVF have no souls and are automatically damned. I'd have thought any sin in the situation lay with the parents, not the child who had no say in the decision.
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