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  1. If Marujana is being used for medicinal use then it comes under the same restrictions as other strong painkillers: e.g. tramadol, codeine and others in that class which all prohibit driving/operating heavy machinery, etc. Therefore the issue of driving on it should not come up. If it does, then the user is abusing their medication and should be treated exactly like a drunk driver.
  2. OK, I'm not that familiar with US politics or electoral system but I stumbled over this: Pelosi: “I Don’t See Anything Inappropriate” In Rigging Primaries As it is not from a journalist I read very often, and nothing's in the news over here is this actually legitimate? Candidate selection here is mainly done within the parties before going to the polls with a candidate, but if a party declared an open selection that allowed people or party members to vote for their candidate (e.g. Labour's leadership election), and was then caught rigging it, they'd be vilified.
  3. While I agree the monitoring is excessive, the people in question were threatening to bomb or brin down the hospital that Alfie is in. While he is still there. So are many other patients, and staff who have nothing to do with this case or decision. Murdering more people won't make Alfie's situation any better, nor will the poor child being trapped in a burning hospital in his condition. While tempers may run high, constructive actions like trying to secure medical equipment, treatment, or helping fund the private murder prosecution would probably be more helpful.
  4. This one is dreadful. Once life support was off and the child survived, there was absolutely no reason not to treat him, or let him go to a hospital that would. It seems the hospital didn't even check on or feed him until hours after life support was disconnected, and the most ridiculous thing is the photos in the paper of supporters rushing medical equipement into a hospital to be used on a child because the hospital wouldn't use their own. He's even been given Italian citizenship. (This isn't Charlie Gard - poor Charlie had a known condition, seizures, and passed away within minutes of life support being removed. Alfie Evans has an unknown condition, no seizures, and is still alive days after life support was turned off) But then this is Alder Hey hospital, notorious for the children's organ scandal of the 80's and 90's already. Most people I know think they should have let Alfie go home or to Italy. After all, what's the worst that can happen? That he wil die? If he stays in that hospital, that's a certainty.
  5. I think you've just destroyed most of the media, gossip magazines, and the profession of spin doctor :) (Wouldn't that be nice?) Sadly, gossip, slander, and libel are things that were a problem even in Biblical times, and there are many prohibitions against it (Leviticus 19:16, Romans 1:28-32). It doesn't stop a certain group, in my experience often older women with too much time on their hands although there are exceptions, from stirring drama up for the sake of it. If you wanted to jail them though, evidence for a court case can be a real problem. The Bible offers one solution: Proverbs 20:19 Whoever goes about slandering reveals secrets; therefore do not associate with a simple babbler.
  6. That's true of any charity e.g. the Motability charity has just hit the headlines for holding £200M funds as "reserves" instead of using them for the people they were intended to help, while their director takes home £1.7M a year salary. Organisations like Charitywatch can help identify this kind of thing when you choose where your funds should go.
  7. - It's also St. Patrick's metaphor to the pagans, using the shamrock, so it is well-established in the church for explaining to people unfamiliar with the concept (History).
  8. I've never been sure why people find the concept of the trinity confusing. Our church used the trefoil (clover) as a metaphor for children: each of the three parts is a leaf in its own right, but the whole is one leaf, not three.
  9. ChatterBox


    I'm not fond of tattooes I will admit, perhaps because it seems there is a degree of pride or vanity in the reasons many people get them. I've also known people who, thanks to thoughtless tattooes on their face or necks as teenagers, have effectively limited their careers and options for life which I can't think is something God wants. My first thought to that was Medical Tattooes. There are medical procedures that require people to get tattoes for alignment, treatment, etc. including radiology and cancer treatment. Don't those tattooes show very much more that this is something God delivered the patient from, and suffering he stood with them as they went through?
  10. I've seen several discussions of this mentioned including claims that he divorced his wife to join the Christian church or that he was widowed, but the only reason I have heard put forward for St. Paul to be married at all is the same one used to claim that Jesus was married: because Rabbis had to have wives. On its own that doesn't seem like strong evidence. After all they both did many things during their days that were not normal for the time. There's a theory I saw in one book which suggested that Paul was young at the time of his conversion on the road to Damascus, and therefore had not married yet as he was building his standing so he could make an appropriate match to further his station in the community. When he converted, everything changed.
  11. I thought the preferred belief among the secular world now was that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene? It's popped up in everything from the Da Vinchi code to comic books, and I've heard people say that the wedding at Canna was Jesus' own. I haven't seen much scriptural support for that view in the Bible though.
  12. I just thought it was strange that with the left painting itself as the party of compassion and what they present as Christian values (vaguely defined as love, compassion, tolerance) the majority of actual practicing Christians seem to be voting on the right? This isn't just in the US, as the article below shows it is also happening in Britain and I have seen similar things mentioned across Europe. In general I think it is because the Bible and Christian faith puts restrictions on the way people live, while many on the Left think that there should be no restrictions - even to the extent that you can hurt others if that's the way you want to live. So if the left are truly compassionate, why are Christians voting right? Is it because the left aren't or is there something else in play?
  13. Honestly I don't care who they think the votes were cast for, a review forcing states to update voter lists and remove dead or duplicated voters can only be to the good. It is some time until the next election, so I wonder how many areas will shift district boundaries in response to the new lists. I would hope the commission would be a cross-party effort though, as that's probably the only way to ensure the commission isn't biased. If a party refuses to take part, then that wouldn't look good on them. The problem is going to be for voters who are removed by error who have to prove they have the right to be back on it. Duplicated names, or blurred addresses, could cause quite some confusion.
  14. Seriously, if you could indent the sub lists or mark the main points as headings it would be easier to read. With some list items on new lines and others on new lines with their bullet point on the line above (check the 'i) sickness and ii) death' layout) I found trying to follow your points rather difficult. The only thing I would query, just to see if I understand your viewpoint, is if you would say that someone who was doing things that indicated they were saved and then does things that mean they are not, was never saved in the first place? As I believe salvation comes from Grace, not works, my view is obviously different.
  15. Isn't also part of the problem that honesty is punished by legality nowadays? To take a trivial example if you are in a car accident, the responsible driver can't say that it was their fault and take responsibility without being penalised by their insurance. The first thing any insurance company says when you take out the insurance is that if you are in an accident say nothing and let the companies sort it out. The drivers strictly aren't even allowed to say that they are sorry if someone got hurt. Then there are politicians and leaders setting the bad example that they must never admit they are wrong or apologise, and that lying is far better. The people who lie, even when it is obvious, get off scot-free while the people who are honest get publicly destroyed by the media.
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