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  1. Hello everyone I've been a christian for 2 years now and have had what I consider to be spiritual experiences as well as quite compelling answers to prayer. However, like a lot of Christians, I struggle with the possibility that some answers to prayer are mere coincidences and some spiritual experiences are purely psychological in nature. I would like to share an anecdote with you and perhaps Christians more mature and more experienced than I can shed light on it. A few months ago I asked God in prayer, very earnestly, if he loves me. When I returned to work I passed a sandwich board written in English (I live in Japan) which read "Theo loves you". I had been studying Greek in the last two years so I knew that the root word of "Theo" was "Theos" or "God". I had never noticed this sign before despite passing the shop to which it belonged every single day for 6 months so I presume it had only just been put out. It was not sitting outside a church where you'd expect to see signs like this, although probably written in Japanese. It was an advert for a brand of glasses called Theo, sitting outside an opticians. The sandwich board changed after a few days and I don't recall seeing anything even remotely like it anywhere I frequent in Japan since then, even outside churches. If we are to call this a coincidence it seems like a pretty huge one. The advert had a christian theme in a christian minority country, it was written in English (although that's fashionable in Japan to be honest), it was right next door to my workplace and on my way to my local convenience store, it was nowhere near a church, it appeared the day after I had asked God if he loves me and seemed to respond directly to my question, it was then taken away quite soon after I had read it and in the three or four months since it happened I haven't seen anything like it anywhere. Am I reading too much into this? Maybe I only noticed the sign because it suddenly had more significance. Having said that, I'm a very devout Christian who would have noticed a Christian themed advert had it been there beforehand. I would have probably picked up on any similar adverts I'd seen around Japan before and after I had asked this question in prayer. I don't recall doing so.
  2. Hi Since I became a Christian last year I believe God has helped me overcome depression and immorality but I still struggle with anger and hatefulness. Please pray to God asking him to relieve me from this negativity. Thank you!
  3. Hi Meg. I think the only person hassling me is...me. So does the change come from the influence of the Bible? For me the changes began before I started reading the Bible. I have also not entirely changed despite desperately wanting certain things about me to change. I find myself still struggling with these problems. I'm very confused about these issues.
  4. Hi. I have been thinking a lot about the change I have experienced since coming to Christ. I was wondering what the source of this change is. Have I been changed directly by God or has a relationship with Him influenced me to become happier and more moral? Just as good relationships with other people can change you for the better, is it so with God? Or has God reached down and changed me directly? If God has changed me directly, does that not interfere with my free will?
  5. Rob

    Answers to prayer

    Thank you meg
  6. Sorry, I decided to remove what I wrote on here because I feel it was too personal. I'm not sure how to remove the post altogether but I appreciate the feedback I've had.
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    New Christian

    Thanks David. Things seem to be going very well touch wood.
  8. Thank you all so much. Sorry it took so long for me to respond.
  9. Rob

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    Thank you very much
  10. Thank you. That helped a lot. I have read the book of Job and have also heard many people talk about it in relation to suffering. Something I have held onto throughout this journey is the belief that we cannot fully understand God and so we shouldn't jump to conclusions about the way things should be. Sometimes I need reminding of that.
  11. Hi! For those who didn't see my introductory post; I've been a Christian for about 7 months. Many people talk about a transformation taking place when they convert. In my case there was a miraculous transformation in terms of mental health (I was suffering severe depression and paranoia which lessened to the extent that I no longer consider myself to have mental health problems) but I still struggle with anger and negativity toward other people. In many other cases change was slow and unstable. I have slowly become more sexually moral and more compassionate toward the homeless and other people in need. But for two days in a row I have felt like yelling abuse at people for being rude or just getting in my way. If the Holy Spirit is working in me why am I so angry and negative? Why does change have to be so gradual? I find that I slip back to my old ways when I'm having doubts, perhaps the problem is disconnection?
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