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  1. Praying this woman is changed or replaced. Get your prayer lists made out, Saints of God.
  2. Hi and thanks for the comment. If by "job" you mean duty, then of course it is our duty to change society for the good. Good in society will not come forth except through the activities of the Saints of God, such as through preaching, prayer and other means. Has biblical and and extra-biblical history demonstrated otherwise? What do you believe it means to be the salt and light of the earth if not to not only preach the Good News but also to effect positive change in the nations though available means? Of course preaching and prayer is both foundational to and precedes such positive change.
  3. With all due respect, this is hogwash, and is certainly not Biblically supported. Pray for and expect further positive change. God has chosen to work through the prayers and other activities of the Saints to change society for the good. If you are a genuine Christian, that means YOU.
  4. Good. Will be praying that God Almighty directs and inspires his speech.
  5. by "purification" you are referring to trials and hardships occurring to our nation, leading to christian renewal/revival? I was thinking thinking upon a book describing the persecution and hardships of Christians in china in the 80's and 90's. where such hardship and persecution is present, there is apparently less materialistic theology being taught and more love and miracle-centered preaching. lots of motivated preaching.
  6. Will, is it possible to allow more time for correcting/editing posts?
  7. Correction: I guess you are suggesting that the moral climate in the US is steadily decreasing (I mistakenly said "increasing"). I see no proof of increasing national moral decline. In fact the "political miracle" of the 2016 election cycle demonstrates that a reversal has occurred. There are other indicators as well.
  8. I just noticed that my profile box says I am offline right now as I type this.
  9. I understand what you are saying, but even the non-elect can and do have a positive impact on society (I am not positive in how you are defining the "Elect"). Trump is a prime example--assuming he is not genuinely saved. History has other leaders that likewise were apparently not genuinely saved but yet benefited those they ruled. The degree to which God can influence the minds and actions of the non-saved is extensive, depending to a large extent, I believe, on the activity of the Saints (I understand that God has chosen to primarily work through the Saints in bringing to pass His Desirous will). Also, how are you defining "Culture"? I understand "culture" to be the collective beliefs and practices of a society.
  10. HI, deade. I still don't know what you are referring to. "...as more and more people are represented in any given area." I guess you are suggesting that the moral climate in the US is steadily increasing. I see no proof of that. In fact the "political miracle" of the 2016 election cycle demonstrates that a reversal has occurred. There are other indicators as well. US residents are represented. If you are referring to the moral quality of those thus far elected, it is important to understand that there was likley not enough genuine Christian support for one of the other 'more Christian-like' Republican candidates to have taken office. Not with so many Christians not bothering to vote because they erroneously believed that moral evil must increase in our immediate future.
  11. I'm not sure that is an accurate assessment. Those identifying as Christian in relevant polls sits at about 60%. A recent one was more favorable than Pew Research. And of course, as you know, just because some godless group or demographic is very active and vociferous in preaching and attempting to extend their worldview or sentiments does not mean that such groups are more numerous than those holding towards the Right. Also, there was a huge number of Christians that did not bother to vote in the 2016 election cycle. Imagine that same group actually voting this time around. I try to remember to pray every day that God Almighty will send out His laborers in all levels of our society daily. What would be the response if a poll was held on this site asking professing Christians how much time they devoted to praying that same prayer during this month of June or this entire year?
  12. I was just commenting on how funny "reacted" sounds in the context of describing comments. I have not ran across another site that uses that word.
  13. LOL, there sure are a lot of "reactions" on this site. The notifications say this or that person has reacted to this and that.
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