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    Hey, i'm wondering what is the bibical, and what is your personal opinion about Weed? I know that the bible discusses mind altering drugs, but not weed specificaly and it has been scientifically proven that Weed isn't that bad for you at all, it actually helps recreating brain cells and stops and in some cases even heals cancer. I'm not trying to encourage anyone to use it, i'm just curious about it.
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    Hey, I just registered on this forums pretty much all of curiousity. But before i'd start reacting/creating all sorts of posts i figured lets first introduce myself. I'm Joël and im only 14 years old at this moment. I am an Atheist (even though one side of my family is purely Catholic and the other side is Jehovah's Witness) but i've always been interested in religion and with that especially the view of different (groups of) people on certain subjects. Not very much else is there to tell about me that could be of any interest.
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