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  1. This was posted almost two and one half years ago. Sorry you feel this way but in my experience in ministry this has been proven over many times. Perhaps wher you live the AG churches don't believe that way.
  2. Welcome to CF! Would you be willing to tell us something about you? Like are you a christian, and if so when did this happen? Anything that you feel is important. This is a step you missed, but please fee free to join right in. God Bless.
  3. Prayed for your mom. Please let us know how she now heals. God Bless you dear brother.
  4. I can't express strong enough how much your statement of " Maybe that's what this country needs Another WWII...." makes me very upset. Do you have any idea how many men and some women died back then. Our country was fighting two wars at the same time with Germany and Japan, our resources were taxed to the max, People were rationed on gas, food, and travel was difficult due to limited supply of not only gas but tires and parts for vehicles. Women had to the work of the men who were fighting. The Pearl Harbor attack by the Japanese killed about 3,000 men and some battle ships were destroyed with outer ships needed to fight the war. Perhaps you did not consider how some of us had dads who fought in WWII and we lived with and watched effects the "shell shock". (which now is called PTSD) My Dad was a bombardier in a B-24 and flew so many missions over Italy, his plane was hit in so many missions. He had nightmares, but refused to talk about his experiences, but my family watched his suffering. So think before you say such things. God bless.
  5. Yes Bill The USA is a ship that is taking on more water than the bilge pumps can handle. There are some who are deliberately poking holes in its sides.
  6. Welcome to CF Tony, tells us something about your life and where you serve the Lord, maybe about your family life. Prayer requests?
  7. One thing is clear, you know of Jesus Christ, yet you of your intelligent thinking have stumbled over the ROCK that that is the Truth and WAY. When your alone in your thoughts and considering these philosophy's made by man give you peace and joy, or you still searching for something more? Some people are determined to keep searching and when your time is ended what do you expect? Relying on dead men's thoughts, how many testimonies of those who believe like you have spoken of changed lives and freedom from addictions and slavery to greed, sexual bondage, and lives of misery? The bible says there are two roads mankind will go, one road is wide and most will take the easy smooth way that ends abruptly in eternal disaster. The other road is narrow and most just pass by its entrance because its less traveled, this road ends with Jesus Christ with open arms saying welcome to my Kingdom. I fear you have taken the wide road TABA.
  8. Many of us have been boycotting Target and Walgreens for their PC Obama feces.
  9. Sick, evil, wicked, inspired by Satan himself!
  10. This has become like preaching to a big rock, it absorbs nothing. So it is with some who is cemented solidly to false thinking. But unlike a rock LoveGodsWord keeps responing the same thing over and over without thing of the possibility he just might be wrong. At least a rock does not say things that are offensive but quietly listens to what is said. Maybe its thinking before it responds. Not responding with wrong theology speaks well of the rock.
  11. Has LoveGodsWord changed anyone's mind? He is preaching to some serious students of the WORD, that don't take verses out of context in bits and pieces and make a mistaken false doctrine out of it. Maybe he like all the ones before him, he will move on soon. Its really sad, that this was the only thing he was interested in discussing. He is about the same in his determination to change our minds as the King James Only people. They both are like a tick, Once in a while our dog gets a tick and we don't see it for a while. The ticks dig in and we have to use a Qtip with peroxide on its end and put it right on that stubborn tick so we can use tweezers and pull that wicked tick off our dog. The only difference between these stubborn fokes is we don't have big enough tweezers.
  12. LovesLove Gods Word, Its so important a person can be sure of what they believe, but its also a person be willing to listen to those who think differently, just to make 100% sure that there has been no mistake in what they believe. I do wonder why you brought up this controversial subject in a Calvinistic foorum, knowing few if any hold the position of "falling from grace". I sincerely hope its not to bring disharmony, confusion, or dissention. That would be unfruitful and yes a sinful motive. I sincerely pray your motive is pure. I have listened to so many KJV only people that refuse to see they just might be wrong. No matter what true evidence is presented the KJV Only people stand ignorantly in the false grounds they have twisted the facts. IN CF we have beat this topic to a bloody death. I personally have debated those who do not believe OSAS many times in my ministry. Generally its been Assembly of God fokes that hold fast and cling to a person can walk away from Gods holding power. John 10:28-30 clearly proves that if a person is a true FOLLOWER of Jesus Christ, a genuine BORN AGAIn person is eternal secure in their Salvation as we are being kept securely in the Fathers hand. IMO you have made the mistake of disbelieving what Jesus Himself has said. I know this may seem simple and child like faith in trusting what Jesu has told us, but Jesus told us we must come to Him in child like faith. People who make to choice to reject Jesus Christs words and deny the truth of what Jesus said do so in serious error. I am completely unwilling to dialogue or debate this any further as its a hopeless situation do do so. You have made up your mind and there is nothing anyone here can say to rightly inform you from Scripture of your taken texts out of contexts. Now if you wish to dialogue about anything else that builds a common bound in Jesus Christ I am here to lift up our brotherhood in Jesus Christ.
  13. One great wonderful read is THE SHEPHERD LOOKS AT THE PSALMS, This book goes into details on what a shepherd really does, and gives a us a better picture as to what Jesus was saying and doing. I for one have been carried on a number of occasions by a loving Jesus. I am not too sure if he did not brake my spiritual geg a time or two as well.
  14. You can try to change th lines on a Zebra with soap and water until your hands bleed, the lines and bad thinking won't disappear no matter how hard you try. Give up.
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