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  1. Rat poison is 99% real food. Hinn is 99% spiritual rat poison.
  2. IMO there is nothing whatsoever to be pleased about Hinn's hucksterism. Hinn's lifestyle is completely contrary to what Jesus taught His genuine Followers would be like. Hinn's love of excess in vehicles, houses, clothing, all point to his love for things rather than loving God and people. Biblical ignorance of those seeking psychical healings, as well those seeking quick fixes for financial hardships are the people Hinn seeks, Like an eagle swooping from the sky with talons full extended looking for some food, Hinn has eyes on the lookout for the lost sheep whose discouraged fearful soul is at wits end, with fear of physical pain and death or financial devastation. Hinn is unethical, miniplates the words of Scripture for financial gain. One has to wonder why any Bible believing Follower could see any redeeming value in Hinn's so called ministry.
  3. This video clip only addresses that he won't ask for specific amounts of money. Hinn will still continue to "slay people" down to the floor. Hinn is a master show person that is extremely wealthy, and that wealth came about by the giving of desperate people seeking physical healings or promising poor almost bankrupt people will see money come from nowhere in abundant amounts to make them wealthy too. False hope given to broken souls, who will sink deeper into completely shipwrecking the faith in God. For Hinn to truly repent would require Hinn to confess his sinful life and leave his sham of a so called ministry. Hinn has damaged many peoples lives, but his wealthy life style requires a constant flow of gullible souls who have neglected the true source of finding direction for healing their brokenness, the Bible and finding Jesus Christ who is able to touch their soul for eternity.
  4. Bill in 2012 I was in a wheelchair, I needed a wheelchair carrier that hooked into the trailer hitch on our car, the cost was less that $700. As a 100% service connected home bound vet, the VA said I was fully qualified for the wheelchair carrie, the VA told me how to apply. I applied and after some months later, I got a notice that I did not qualify, but no reason was given. Eventually I was able to get my ability to walk after two surgeries. I am pretty much ok now, but use those self drive scooters like Wal Mart has in every store we go to. In places that rent them in places of interest I always do so. I am limited as to how far and long I can walk now. Climbing chairs is a slow go. But I am blessed, and the LORD is to be praised foooor how much He loves and cares for me. All I can say is God is SO GOOD! I am praying for you Bill.
  5. The VA is full of incompetent care less people. They are there for a pay check only. There have been recent times when the VA owed me over $700. in travel pay. I have had to wait way beyond a month to have the VA nickle and dime me back pay. Bill contact your Senators and call the VA in Washing DC. Its a up hill battle all the time. On march 23rd I needed emergency surgery. The VA drug their heels out with redundant paper work that someone had sitting on their desk and some how just did not get around to looking at it. Finally on Apri; 2nd I got the surgery done. The VA is socialized medicine and much like Canada it takes the hand of God to get things done. I am praying for you dear brother.
  6. I find that there are some who have "bully pulpits", meaning they have one or two topics that they select to squeeze the very spiritual life out of out of a sinner that's failed, but not where they have. By all means select people who have experienced such a traumatic event that is as close to death of a husband or wife, that event is divorce, By all means twist the true intent of Jesus' words to mean that divorce is an unforgivable sin, and those who have been divorced should go back to a partner who for whatever reason failed in that relationship. Not taking into account that the ex spouse might have been a rapid fire adulterer, or some other truly abusive or even dangerous personality defects. If those of you who stand strongly in saying divorced persons are "second class christians" may I remind you that 1 John 1:9 has no exceptions on forgiveness, as ALL sinning is forgivable, all sin is forgiven in the very same way, beginning with confession and repentance. The facts are more than 70% of most men in a church are addicted to porn and more that 50% of all clergy are involved in porn too. That too I remind you is adultery so says Jesus Christ the Master and LORD GOD of our Salvation. Yet those with sins hidden deep within the dark side of their heart do their best to hide their sins. If those of you who seek to condemn and belittle those who have gone to hell and back in the pain and suffering of divorce, may I suggest you search the difference between 'divorce" and "putting away" as described in the Old testament and carried into what Jesus taught. Divorce always has as its root cause "hardness of heart" and my experience in ministry has proven many times over that "hardness of heart" goes far beyond the marriage relationship and often is the cause for church splits and the disharmony within many church bodies. Jesus taught in John 13:34,35 that the world sees HIM in the way we treat each other, right? If we can not extend love, grace, mercy and forgiveness to all of those who have sinned and failed, just like God truly has, the we fail God. Just what gives anyone the right condemn and shame those who carry the big letter "D" on their hearts, with scars that often take the rest of the life to barely heal? I have seen in the past that one man who had been so harsh and unforgiving toward divorced people, wound up being divorced himself a few years latter. Give this some prayer and deeper reading of the WORD.
  7. I think you mis Gods Grace, Mercy and forgiveness.
  8. Even in Old Testament times cities had walls for protection. imo not having border walls leaves the US wide open to just about any wicked person or persons evil intentions. Border walls are a no brainer.
  9. Iam Me. I ask my self why a person who holds such unorthodox views, say nothing about attacking the divinity of Jesus Christ would want to be here on CF. Clearly you are not here to seek more information about Christ Jesus, as you hold firmly that He is not Divine the Only Son Of God. The reason more than likely is you seek to disrupt and cause dissention, and for that reason you should never return.
  10. I think LightWay (SBC) did this pol sometime ago, or one very much like it. Its alarming that people believe God created Jesus, That completely destroys the Doctrine of Trinity. Churches in Sunday School and pastors are missing theology in their preaching and material. This is how false teaching grows into false doctrine.
  11. JLb as I said when I answered your private message, Be kind and show the attitude of Christ and go your way if you are so upset with William. As I said this is Calvinist site and if you fins that you can fit in then go quietly. William pays the Bills and you are allowed to stay at those who are in control. I would think the gracious, kind and respectful thing to do would be to just move on. In the big picture of eternity and living for Christ and showing non-believers that Christs love overshadows disagreements its best to leave with kind words than hurt feelings. Again John 13:34,35 are Jesus' commands that we are to love one another; that is proof that Christ is our LORD and we are His Followers. Now go in peace.
  12. You believe in sinless perfection? 1 John 1:9,10 clearly says we are all sinners untin wh are with in in heaven.
  13. Just Mike


    Long before I was in Ministry my heart was already involved in Evangelism from my youth, from my teen years and even while in the Navy. My first date with my wife was to a Christian music, preaching event. When we went on dates that took time to get where we were going she read Scripture and Christian literature out loud. We often prayed on our dates. Christ has been our focus from the start of our relationship. Christ was the center of our marriage ceremony. and in our almost 50 years. When we felt Gods call to ministry, it had to be where we both knew that God was calling. Unless both husband and wife know the Call of God is genuine. For us obeying the "Call" started with going to a College that was Christian. After college then we went to Seminary. God called me to do as He said in Matthew 28:19. To be even more effective in doing His of work of Evangelism especially so in Ministry I earned a MAR degree in Missionology, and a M. Div in Pastoral Care. Both degrees have Theology at the core of their degrees. I promised and am bound my Ordination to do as Matthew 28:19 says I am to do, and I have done. Sharing Jesus Christ has been my focus most all my life. This is Evangelism. Before I was Licensed for Ministry I met with fifty deacons at North Phoenix Baptist Church in a special questioning time. Nothing was more thrilling that answering questions by those deacons for over an hour. I was Licensed with the Pastor presenting me the Certificate. For Ordination I presented a fifty page dissertation on The Theology of the Scriptures. The Ordination Council consisted some in long time respected ministry and Theological Professors, and some lay people, in all there were about 15 members of the council. The council received Theological dissertation few weeks before the actual council questioning with me. Each member was given a subject to question me on. The council meeting lasted a day, and their recommendation was forwarded on with the denomination of the council members. The results could show any of three results; 1 Further study is needed in a particular area. 2. There is insufficient Theological understanding with the evidence presented and further study is required Ordination was denied at this time 3. Theological evidence and understanding presented in the dissertation meets the requirements of the Ordinance council and Ordination was approved for the Ordination Ceremony at the church. I was given a 94% approval. I was complemented on my lifestyle of evangelism and what it took for me to enter ministery at 37 years of age. Long before I received Gods call, my life was profoundly influenced by Scripture. I loved the Bible from a early age, I remember taking my Bible to school back in the eighth grade. I witnessed to my classmates, friends and family. I used to visit older people in the hospital and their homes before I could drive, I road my bike. As I look back, Gods call upon me as youngster.. For me I've had a heart of Evangelism most all my life, its just as natural as breathing. Not that I have to prove to anyone that I have the correct Theology or that Evangelism is not at the core of my being, I am willing to stand before all in CF and state I have more than just words typed in this thread. I have been to Bolivia twice. This took much more than you could possibly imagine, how difficult it was to breathe in a 14,000 foot elevation. Both times it extraordinarily difficult getting to the places where I went . The food was disagreeable with my digestive system, and on my first trip as soon as I got home I was hospitalized. The second trip I had to sleep with oxygen due to the high elevation, when I got home I had serious sores in my nose for weeks. The hardships were many but the results where overwhelming! Altogether over 600 men, women and children came to receive Christ and they were assigned Christians to disciple them. I have been to Mexico at least six times and ministered to families in the remotest areas where vehicles had a difficult time in reaching the people. I spent time sharing Christ's love, and witnessing, giving Bible as well things that are basic to human survival. I shared Jesus Christ in places that were dangerous, and not always seeing the threat.. All these trips and materials I took were done at my own expense. I preached over a hundred times in Arizona, in the mountains where they didn't have flushing toilets, and places where it was over 120 degrees. I preached at the men's rescue missions many times to reach the souls of those who had given up, telling thent Jesus Christ was their only hope. I was part of a Monday night visitation for North Phoenix Baptist Church, and had one miserable man who had been running from the law for ten years, confessed murder to me. To make a long true story much shorter, I was able to find out the man whom he thought he had killed, was not dead and no charges were against him. He repented and confessed Jesus Christ as Lord and he was reunited with his family. I saw each of his family receive Jesus Christ and witnessed them baptized. Evangelism is my life. As a pastor I have not kept count of the people whom I had the high privilege of introducing Jesus Christ, as those I baptized. I have ministered to so many in hospitals. some near death, some I was with when they passed. I have been with three families who lost infants, and shared Jesus Christ and ministered to them all in the name of Jesus Christ. I can't recall how many times when a person called and said there was an family member going to the hospital with a serious emergency. I oftren got at the hospital before the ambulance arrived. This too is Theology in action. Most everyone who knows me, had the Gospel exposed or preached to them, not only in words but deeds and actions. I have left the Gospels of John in hospitals that number in the hundreds. I have given out literally several hundred Bibles, some to those who didn't have one, some for the Clergy in hospitals to hand out, some for people in different languages than my own. I have no idea how many people whom I ran across in my normal traffic pattern of life, that I been witness to. But at almost 74 years of age I know my life has effected a number of people for Christ. William your mistaken is saying ".I consider you the opposition in our Great Commission", My life has been dedicated to Jesus Christ and His "Great Commission" The focus of my life is Totally and Completely on and about Jesus Christ. I have felt welcomed here, and had the remoteness thought you considered me to be an enemy. For almost seventy four years I've lived my life without knowing anything about either Calvinism or Arminianisn. I have shared with hundreds of people, that God so loved them that He gave His One and Only Son Jesus Chris that If they would trust and believe and follow Him that that would have eternal life. My way of saying John 3:16 so that it is personal. This alone has been my main focus. I have no idea whom God has "called or chosen" only the Holy Spirit does. Those who are genuine Followers of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior, do as He commanded us in John 13:34,35. My "battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the world powers of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavens." Ephesians 6:12 HCSB I only go to battle when I am called to resist evil. I have heard the roarer of the evil one disguised as a lion, his breath I've felt on my neck as he went in for the kill. But I will fear no evil as He is with me. I have the sword of God Almighty, I have the full armor of God on me, I am prepared for battle, I stand firm upon the very WORD of God. The helmet of salvation is on my heard. The shield of God is in my hand. But I shall NEVER take up the spiritual weapons of war against those who are Followers Of Jesus Christ. Unless there is a life of spiritual fruit, Theology and and Evangelism are just words typed out somewhere. William, as Christ commands me to do, I love you my brother. What matters to me is a persons relationship with Jesus Christ. Should you ever be convinced in your mind that I am your enemy, I would leave. God be with you.
  14. Just Mike


    I think its important to remember that those who have chosen either side or those who have not heard of either side, that they too are Christ Followers and not an enemy. For me I had never heard of Calvinism before joining CF. In all honesty I am not totally a 5 point Calvinists but am in a very deep study of each point, which has taken me a good while to to have the time . I don't argue about things I am not fully educated scriptural on. But I assure I am totally a Follower of Jesus Christ.
  15. Truthfrees. Let me give my response.. OSAS is true for those who are genuine Followers of Jesus Christ. True Followers are not exempt from sin, as there is no such thing as sinless perfection. (1 John 1:10) Those who are genuinely Followers of Jesus Christ have the Holy Spirit who convicts us of sin, they have a desire to please God and not sin. When a Follower of Jesus Christ sins God has provided a way for forgiveness (1 John 1:9). a "Saved" person seeks to please the Lord and live a life worthy of the name "Christian". I believe in a life as I describe, and that means "O"nce I have been genuinely "S"aved, that means I will be "A"lways be "S"aved based on my being one of His sheep who knows my Masters voice. He knows me, and I follow Him. He gives me eternal life, so that I might not perish. He is keeping me securely safe in His hand. The Father gave me to Jesus Christ, and the Father is greater than all, and no one can snatch the saved ones out of the Fathers hand. This is how I understand what John 10:27-29. OSAS. Anyone who "thinks" they are a Christian, and live any ol way they want, believing in "OSAS" has made a seriously flawed foolish spiritually deadly mistake. There are people that believe that once they said the sinners prayer and been baptized, that assured then of heaven. This is what some false preachers proclaim and grow large churches.
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