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  1. There is so much to wonder about Adam & Eve. We don't know how long they lived in the Garden, if they were sexually mature, and other things. We do know they had the ability to stay from eating what ever it was that God said not to eat. ( was that free will?) I wonder how equipped they were to fend for themselves, or because of the time spent in the Garden did they have the skills required to provide for themselves? Or did they learn much on their own? One effect on sin entering their nature was sin between each other like lies, and lust, and as we know murder, and sin bloomed and it continues to grow wider each day. As in Romans 1 people invent ways to sin. I call it the OSN, old sinful nature, I do battle with my sinful nature, and because of 1 John 1:9 I am able to stay clean before my LORD.
  2. YEC. In order for someone to say OEC I see no way out but to involve some kind of evolution. I have never heard of anyone explaining the OEC that relied on the Genesis account just as its recorded in Scripture, there is ALWAYS some outside resource that is used. Either the Bible is Gods very WORD and can be trusted in every word or it isn't, there just is no in between. No one explains how sea shells are found on the tops of the worlds highest mountains, Gods WORD does.
  3. Satan is not bound but he is limited. Job is a good example how God limits Satan. Satan still seeks those he may destroy. For the Christian Satan can do only what God allows. Satan can not possess a Christian, but he can oppress, whereas a unbeliever Satan can possess.such a person. Oppression can be a serious trial in a Christians life.
  4. I think LightWay (SBC) did this pol sometime ago, or one very much like it. Its alarming that people believe God created Jesus, That completely destroys the Doctrine of Trinity. Churches in Sunday School and pastors are missing theology in their preaching and material. This is how false teaching grows into false doctrine.
  5. I say yes. But for me there is some uncertainty in saying yes. I admit I have not does what I call serious study on the possibility of the temple being rebuilt.
  6. There is only Unforgivable sin. Rejecting Jesus Christ, in other words not being one of the Elect. All other sins are able to be forgiven.
  7. William, I am in the very center of His will for my life. I am in the Father's hand held solidly and securely for today and all my tomorrows here and into eternity. Praise God.
  8. I am of the belief that God knew from the start of my life that I would endure this cancer. I put my life in His hands. Thank you for your concern.
  9. Thank you all for your prayers. I had a pet scan on April 30th to see if cancer was elsewhere in my body, and the results turned out to be there is no cancer no any where else! Now it looks like I can have radiation treatment for the prostrate cancer that has invaded my bladder. This is very good and an answer to many peoples prayers. Praise God!
  10. In 2 Timothy 3:15 it says Timothy knew from childhood the sacred Scriptures. Are not the Scriptures he learned from the Old Testament Scriptures? I understand from verse 16 that (ALL) Old Testament Scriptures were what this refers to, as at this point in time the New Testament was not gathered into a book. Rev. Andy Stanley recently stated that we should be involved in the Old Testament, but in the New Testament. (my words) Andy Stanley disturbs me when he suggest this. I believe Paul clearly is saying that all the Scripture they had at that time was"Inspired by God". What are your thoughts on this?
  11. I have not read all the posts in this thread, and most likely someone has already said what I want to point out, but what I am going to say is worthwhile either saying or repeating. (wow now that's is a run on sentence if ever I saw one) Galatians 1:1 Paul clearly states he is an Apostle by Jesus Christ. We know all Scripture is "God breathed" "Inspired by God almighty" Scripture with out any errors in the original manuscripts. We can see by the multitudes or copies of the Old and and New Testaments that the copies remain true one to the others. If you so daringly wish to tackle the Christian Orthodox Doctrine that all books of the Bible are complete and accurate that is a very flaw in your thinking. I reality you are saying you do not believe the Bible is trustworthy and accurate.
  12. I think some just come with a topic they want an answer for and them just move on. Of the ones I have seen banned, some were here just to mock and cause disturbance, some were crazy as a loon. I seen grace given over and over again and if a person was banned they earned it.
  13. Its amazing how God helps us adjust to whatever circumstances we find our selves in. Praise God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I am in the keeping Hands of Jesus Christ.
  14. JLB, First I find it interesting that there are those who disagree with John 3:16 let alone John 10:27-30. There is no one who is sinless, and to think that Gods Holding power as well as the Holy Spirit being deposited in the believer, that anyone can believe that a genuine believer could loose their salvation. If it is within the believers ability to remover themselves from Jesus and the Fathers holding power that brings even more questions as to the Authority and Infallibility of the Holy Scriptures. The one group that comes to mind the holds that a person can fall from Grace is the Assemblies of God Churches. If a person holds to this view they can twist the Scriptures that point in the direction of saved persons are the ones that hold themselves and not God Almighty. If God can not keep a person secure in His hand as He states in the Scripture I provided, than one of two things are presented. One God has truly stated His power to hold and secure our salvation; or someone add the verses and they should be removed. JLB IMO you are doubting the Authority and and Infallibility of Scripture. This saddens me as you will continue to teach a false doctrine and mislead many to believe a lie from the father of lies Satan the Evil one, Someone some place tought you a lie, I wish and pray God will make the truth know to you. I have responded to this thread twice and I have sail all i can.
  15. God has once again showed me more Grace and Mercy. The cancer is an extension of my prostrate cancer. Its treatable and no surgery is needed. This is the very best possible out come. It seems I keep thanking you all for your faithful prayers, and I do deeply cherish your prayers on my behalf. God bless you for being my brothers and sisters in Christ. His Follower, Just Mike.
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