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  1. There is no such thing as "Born that way", it is a made up belief of secularism. Humans are designed to reproduce.
  2. Thank you for the welcome peppermint! This seems like an up and coming website, I am guessing it will be slow at first, but it is sort of exciting joining a forum while it is in its infancy. It means that we can foster relationships without all the drama of a bigger forum. :)
  3. Thank you for the warm welcome, William!
  4. Good afternoon brothers and sisters. I agree with peppermint, "Roman Catholic" is a very commonly used term but it is not entirely accurate. In some cases it can be offensive! You have to remember that the Catholic Church is a full union of 24 "churches", and each church has different traditions and history but a common theology. Calling all Catholics "Roman" would be like calling all Baptists "Southern", it is simply not good practice. :p
  5. SeekingJesus


    I got lured here by an advertisement. :) I am a Catholic Christian who is looking to grow a meaningful relationship with Christ. I believe all people who accept Christ are Christians, it pains me when people shun me because I am Catholic. I am very happy that this site is accepting of people from all walks of life, I naturally feel a draw.
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