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  1. I'm unable to locate the means to delete my acct. Please advise.
  2. You could use some remedial classes in reading comprehension. You completely missed the point. You've missed the point twice now in as many minutes. You're an admin huh?
  3. The misguided Hondurans of the "caravan" forfeited their right to call themselves asylum seeking migrants when they illegally breached the border of Mexico and then turned down its offer of asylum there; the nearest safe harbor from persecution, which is the legal protocol. They have demonstrated that they aren't political refugees but usurpers intent on milking, specifically, the USA for the bloated benefits afforded illegal aliens by the Progressive Leftist agenda. They have shown that they are intent upon storming the US border and overwhelming the system by their numbers. They have defined themselves by their choices as a militant, invading, foreign force. As such they can only be seen as a threat to the safety and sovereignty of the American people. Since the composition of this migration, whether bad actors, black ops mercenaries or civilians is impossible to determine they must be regarded as a foreign, military, invading force who seek to occupy a sovereign nation by whatever means available. The President of the United States has no choice but to use any and all available means to repel this invasion. God bless Donald Trump.
  4. There's nothing that expressly implies that they are believers in Jesus. Though some of the Jews who are warned to flee may have put their faith in Christ the majority have not. If they are, at the time of the abomination and the warning to head for the hills, indeed Christians then they will have forsaken any participation in the temple sacrifices of the Jews.
  5. The rebuilding of the Jew's temple of God during the tribulation is a concession afforded them by the man of sin when he confirms the legitimacy of their claim to the covenental promises made to them by God through their patriarch Abraham. They will then be able to reinstitute their ancient practices of animal sacrifice. This temple will be rebuilt by and exclusively for the Jews and will have nothing whatsoever to do with the beliefs and faith of Christians who, for all intents and purposes, will be observers of those events. At that point in God's redemptive plan the Jews are still unbelievers, and will be until the promised remnant sees Jesus return after the tribulation and then repents.
  6. Wow, what an issue pregnant with meaning. I've encountered this question before and I've kind of gone back and forth about it. On one hand we may have an evil thought, a temptation to sin, and recognizing it for what it is we summon up the faith, and obedience, to withstand the temptation to commit the evil act. So then we are naturally prone to think that we managed to avoid the commission of a sin. That might make us feel pretty good and we may even congratulate ourselves that we were able to suppress . . . . but I digress. On the other side of the question, is it possible for us, as reborn Christians, to never experience having that evil desire to do the wrong thing form in our minds? I think this is what Jesus was getting at when He said that even to feel lustful at the sight of a woman was as sinful as actually fulfilling that lustful desire. I think this is indicative of the fact that we fail to understand how deep the sin nature within ourselves truly is. Everything about us is tainted with sin. For the sake of argument let us say that we never in our lives committed an overt sin. In that case we may appear to be sinless but the fact is that our hearts are wicked and corrupt through and through. In every case fallen man needs to be saved from his irremediable state. And in every case deliverance from sin involves repentance - to recognize that we are sinners deserving of condemnation and that God is able to save us.
  7. mardabo

    hi guys

    Hi erealms, I wonder what you, as an atheist. don't believe about God. You say you understand the mindset . . . and that it's beautiful. In the ignorance of my youth, before I became a believer, I had decided that religion, e.g. Christianity was "a good idea", one to brainwash the masses so as to cause them to fear the consequences of bad behavior in society. And then when I was 21 God spoke to my heart and I instantly believed in Him and I made it my mission to learn His thoughts which, I trusted the bible would teach. I had no mindset to rely upon and as you describe it I can only think if God doesn't exist, and if believers are deluded and believe a fairy tale, then there's really nothing beautiful about that. In fact, if that were the case it would be monstrous.
  8. Hi Faber. Sometimes I remember a particular sin that I confessed in the past and I'll feel the shame of it all over again. So I again ask forgiveness even though I know I was already forgiven. Then I wonder what this says about my faith, although I know, and God knows, and I know He and I both know that weakness is my prime attribute. It's kind of odd. I remind myself the we have this treasure in earthen vessels. Please pray for me, the enemy has a stronghold in my life that I've been struggling with for 40 years. In His Love, amen.
  9. Hi erealmz, is this self-hate that you suffer from a sort of an acquired low self esteem because you've become aware that your personal character traits, and behavior, are such that those with whom you come in contact treat you with well deserved disdain? I suffer from something similar as I have learned that I am no good. Through my life I am constantly reminded that, despite the good that God manifests, of Himself, in me, I am still a sinner and will always be. In contrast to you though, I do believe in God and trust Jesus as savior. Did you know that the definition of repentance, without which there is no salvation, is coming to agreement with God that one is a sinner; unworthy - with no inner goodness to recommend oneself to Him? And also that God bestows forgiveness upon those who call on Him, sincerely, for mercy and salvation. It is also God's providence, that works in us by His calling, to shape circumstances in our lives so that we decide to turn to Him, and to call on Him for mercy. erealmz, I assure you that God is real, as you and I are, and He may very well be calling you to come to Him. I will pray for you. To God be all Glory. God's blessings in Jesus' name.
  10. I have the feeling that Jesus' never knowing them applies, in a big way, to false teachers who were running an ecclesiastical scam with their religion to begin with (though I don't know how anyone could stomach playing church just for the financial benefits). And when these hucksters are faced with an eternal judgment that they didn't even take seriously as an actual eventuality they continue the con and stupidly try to hoodwink the Lord, when, in fact, they never actually prophesied or cast out any demons. When He tells them He never knew THEM He's reminding them that THEY NEVER KNEW Him! And they know that's true. Blessings, Mardabo
  11. A website whose physical presence appears, via the internet, within the borders of Cali.
  12. Yes, Christians, including me, are, in my opinion, compromising their values by supporting a worldling like Trump. That shows how frustrated we are with the tide of filth that is inundating us and the direction our nation is taking. I'm not too concerned though as God is absolutely sovereign; He rules and overrules in the affairs of men and this too He will work to the good for those who love Him and are the called according to His purpose. For now Trump is a balm for what ails us.
  13. Hi William, that was an excellent and well researched article. I'm Historic Premil as well and as I'm new to this forum I am glad to see that the subject is, at least, addressed here. There have been many notable theologians who were and are of the Historic or Classic persuasion. Some of them are Past Notables: F.F. Bruce, Walter Martin, J. Barton Payne, Heny Alford, Theodore Zahn , Francis Schaeffer, John Gill, George Eldon Ladd, Charles H. Spurgeon. Current Notables: John Warwick Montgomery, Roger E. Olson, Wayne Grudem, Millard Erickson, Russell D. Moore, Craig L. Blomberg (Denver Seminary), Gordon Clark, John Piper. If you or any reader would like an extensive list of Post-tribulationists which includes Amillenarians here is the link: http://aboundingjoy.com/posttribbers.htm
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