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    Recovering from cancer, cancer free now, believer in Christ, like to go out, although use wheelchair, I go by my self, drive, load and unload my own chair. Looking to move into a nice apt soon as house is sold. I like to discuss politics, do crafts, travel, etc.
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    Really just a companion, someone who understands life at age 60's, likes to get out not sit around and complain, someone willing to enjoy life, travel, see what this country has and meet others.


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    Jewelry, adult coloring


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    Program manager


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  1. True goid comparison. I can only hope that like Saul she wakes up sees the light before darkness .
  2. Please all understand this is my only venue to talk. Never did I think my son would treat me this way. It's all my DIL. This is a woman who when her own mother asked to visit was told the police would be called. Whatever hurt was done to her it is so deep and Satan has her so firmly in his grasp I don't think she wants to be saved. She is in petal of her soul but refuses to acknowledge it. Rehardless my son should not be permitting this to go on. It's Zruined Christmas. They are downstairs opening gifts THAT I PAID FOR, kids not allowed to come up. My gifts sit under my tree in opened. Son cooking breakfast I but NONE for me. But using food ft I'm my fridge. Hurt no devastated. They won't leave no one will have them And I pray and pray it just gets worse. So for me it would be better to be dead. No I won't do anything as a believer I cannot. But I truly need God to step in here and save me. I cannot take anymore.
  3. I know I need as a Christian to practice forgive. But today was?my birthday. I got no card, a two word happy Birthday and absolutely NO interaction with my grand children who live down stairs. They were not even permitted to come up to say Happy Birthday to me. No excuse. They no ed all gifts to their part of the house left my 4 ( because I paid for all theirs) upstairs. Frankly to me folks that is about as nasty as you can get. Hurt, yes devastated I've never been treated this way in my life. My son has no excuse. My Dial is just a hurtful selfish nasty evil person without any Christian values. I'm done.
  4. Thanks Clyde I a really Do, but Satan has her in his clutches and frankly I don't think she wants saving. But I try anyway.
  5. Thank you. I am trying to be strong. I'm scared and my son knows exactly what he is doing. Tomorrow is my birthday and he just told me he's done with me. Maybe I just need to go to a hotel. I don't care about this house it's ruined anyway. I am trying so hard not to hurt the children. But even that he is chastising me on. I told them get their act together I intend to retire in tgbree years that started this whole situation. Then I basically told hikm get a job be a man. That did it a nd I won't now down anymore. Your respi nses are helping I hate even having to talk about this but I have no where else to go.
  6. I wish it were that easy but I am 68 years old in a wheel chair. My son knows better he was raised a Christian his?wife is the grand daughter of a bishop for churches. But she is wihout any Christian humanity at all. I made a promise I would not throw them out due to kids. Fine but I can move out. sins. She has walked out numerous times, she will again. I don't have to support them once I am gone and what will they do. I so wish God would touch him or maybe shake him awake. I cannot even use my van they have a car seat in it so I cannotvload my wheelchair. I am afraid I don't know what she will do. My furnace hot water etc is in basement.
  7. Your words have wisdom thank u but today to give you an example my son and his wife took all the kids out for picture eith Santa. I was not invited although I paid for it. In fact I was not even allowed to see them in their outfits but my son took my bank card and used it for gas. I begged to see them my DIL deliberately took them around the house. To me that is just cruel. I have to get out of here. Yes I know it leaves them stranded but I don't care. My DILis totally without any soul. She is wicked to the core. My son follows her every lead why because she will take the kids. My heart is broken my own son has tired against me. Why because I refused to give them more money and told him get a job Also that I was leaving in three years or sooner. Too lazy to work but not too lazy to let me work 12 hours a day at 68. I need a church with a pastor and elders who are not afraid to stand up and help me get out. I've tried two churches but neither has been what they claim. It's to the point I have prayed for God to just take me home. I just cannot live here.
  8. I have come to realize without God there is nothing. I need prayers beca use God is the only hope left, an only God can solve the situation. My son and family live here, situation is horrible, I so need God's guidance in what to do I just cannot go on. We now no longer speak, I tried to talk openly to he and his?wife. They are bankrupting me. There is no respect. They run me and I cannot stop them. I'm so afraid I need to get out but how. I dfont s keep I don't eat on verge of just giving up. Please prayed are so needed.
  9. Absolutely. It must not happen. Unfortunately I have seen the results of The State involved with raising children. Bottom line is each time a child is taken that County gets a lot if state and federal funding. The people chosen as foster families in many instances are lazy, immoral, people who are in it for the money. Not everyone is, there are those thst really care, but I know in PA as an example people use it to supplement income. 4 children equals around 3k a month, plus incom ed tax benefits, etc. I've personally seen foster families where the home is worse than where the children were. Ag as in not all are bad, but it creates a situation where the State comes in your tell you how to raise your children and many of these social workers are a joke. Seriously telling you what color you should paint your kids rooms? YES go in where there is absolutely abuse, where kids are not fed, where they are beaten, mental abuse, etc. But it's being used as a way for people to retaliate against someone, or in the case of divorce.
  10. Please join with me in praying for our Lord to guide and protect our new President. Lord God now more than ever we need your guidance and knowledge, we need you hand of patience, and understanding to ensure that our new President follows your will. Lord we,are a divided nation, but our people have spoken and we now must heal. Lord only you can do this, only you can guide this new leader. Turn and keep his heart with you, soften others. It is a scary and uncertain time, but you have spoken. Lord we humbly ask that you continue to make your will known. We pray this in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  11. I just cannot fathom what to do if Hillary wins, a demon in the Oval Office.
  12. Lord God, please if it be thy will, let not Satan put his hand on our leadership, please Lord direct us in the right path, and guide our choice in the path of righteousness before it is too late. Lord my heart tells me we face a demon who is Satan's aide, who will lead your people I n to corruption. Stay Satan's hand Lord. I pray for your guidance and truth, Father.
  13. I have had only one occasion where I am sure God, or Christ, or Holy Spirit was present. I was on the verge of seriously considering taking my life. I could not shake the feeling at all, it got worse and worse. I remember one bad evening I prayed for God to just take over my life, as I could not do it anymore. All of a sudden I felt a warmth flow over me, and I share, I felt a hand on my shoulder, as clear as a bell. There was no voice, but that h as ND stayed only a moment, but I knew I would be ok. That feeling good I cannot find words to describe, it was as if I was flooded with light. And I am not someone else prone to hear I ng voices or anything.
  14. I tend to believe sin is sin, and degree which man established has no bearing. I do believe in what William pointed out regarding the Holy Spirit is not forgivable, BUT, no pastor has ever explained it so it was clear. Maybe a new topic.
  15. Good response. Does the act of salvation when requested of God in the name of Jesus forgive all sins regardless of what they were?
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