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  1. From an Orthodox perspective, Pascal's Wager makes more sense than from a Protestant one. In Orthodoxy faith can grow from a cooperation between humans and God. If humans strive to live righteously, it pleases God, and He might consider revealing Himself (in certain ways) to them, so that they may end up believing and being saved. Of course, this is a very superficial explanation of what is a very complex process.
  2. If someone has unrequited love feelings for a certain person, and keeps praying to God to take them away, but the feelings remain, what should the person do? Should they remain celibate for the rest of their lives? Or should they try to seek a spouse at random, and live together in physical loyalty while being emotionally disloyal?
  3. Duckduckgo is ok-ish, but the search algorithm is inferior to that of other search engines that are concerned with their users' privacy, such as Qwant.com.
  4. According to Romans 2:15, people who don't have God's Law in written form, they still have it in their hearts. Here's an example of an (apparently non-Christian) Indian man who did something that Christ would probably congratulate him for:
  5. Was the sacrifice of Jesus Christ predetermined from the beginning or was there an alternative? Had the Jewish leaders accepted Jesus as the Messiah and crowned Him king, had king Herod accepted to abdicate and to proclaim Jesus as the new king, would Jesus had led all the Jewish people back to their promised land and reigned over them forever without His sacrifice taking place?
  6. Technically, yes. I was baptized in the Eastern-Orthodox faith, but I don't necessarily agree with all of the Eastern-orthodox teachings. May I ask why?
  7. I disagree. Being righteous does please God. Maybe not enough as to allow us into Paradise, but being righteous definitely pleases God. I mean, a large part of The Old Testament (many of the Psalms, the Proverbs, Ecclesiastess, Ezekiel etc.) advise people to live righteous lives because that's what God wants from us.
  8. Yes, but I don't know if you accept the Eastern-Orthodox baptism through sprinkling to be valid.
  9. Is it possible for someone who struggles with a habitual sin (such as an addiction) to repent after every time they commit the sin, even if it happens several times a day, and still be forgiven? Or does the fact that they are struggling with the same sin mean that they are not saved?
  10. So it wasn't God The Father The One Who created everything through Jesus?
  11. I've noticed that this idea of decentralized internet seems to be increasing in popularity lately. There are sites that try to compete with the big names out there in terms of decentralization (e.g.: Bitchute as an alternative for YouTube, Minds as an alternative for Twitter). I don't know how to feel about Mr. Berners-Lee's plans. There are a bunch of issues that I'm not quite sure I understand about them.
  12. Great article! Very useful for some of us who are single and struggling with temptation. Forgive me, God, for I am a sinner. 😢
  13. Actually, the Qur'an does acknowledge Jesus as The Messiah and even refers to Him by that name. What Islam denies is His divinity and His death.
  14. That's an assumption that the person believes in the accuracy of The Bible.
  15. One can still lack faith in someone's actions even if they have certainty of His existence. Are you sure that Heb. 11:6 refers to faith in God's existence, rather than faith in God's promises?
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