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pastor marty

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livin' 4 Jesus; Dyin' 2 go 2 Heaven


Putting Bible tracts (hand drawn) into the hands of heathens everywhere.

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A living Apostle\Disciple 2 tell me if I'm doin' this right

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    livin' 4 Jesus; Dyin' 2 go 2 Heaven
  • Who am I looking for
    A living Apostle\Disciple 2 tell me if I'm doin' this right
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    Putting Bible tracts (hand drawn) into the hands of heathens everywhere.

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  1. pastor marty

    Four positions.jpg

    With Gods guidance ! Yea ! Why's that wrong .. I oughta here. ! Yer great at browbeating but lousy at teaching .. God love ya anyway !
  2. pastor marty

    Four positions.jpg

    William, Sorry to upset you all. Tried accessing that PDF 3 times and failed. Not real good at computers. Only got refered back to previous pages and gave up.I'm not trying to be dense, I really don't get the issue. I leave with an apology for wasting your time. I'm as Christian as I know how to be. At least that puts me way ahead of the Jihadis and Jehovah Witless ! I still think Jesus will never reject me ;I read that ; it must be so... PAX !
  3. pastor marty

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    I don't know atunonimous (whatever) or what libertarian means or why they're bad. Nor do I get what picking out my t-shirt color has to do with Eve. To my uncultuered mind I get to decide how to act, to serve God or not,and that's my free will to do so.I want to rule myself with Gods blessing which is what I thought its all about.I choose to do good rather than be some robot drone pinball bouncing off predestined bumpers. I thought the whole thing about repenting/baptism/changing yer ways was my free choice .That GOD knew I would sooner or later don't change the fact that it was me picked up that bible. I sure didn't know. I just don't get what you're trying to point out ??? Can you dumb the explanation down for me ??
  4. pastor marty

    Four positions.jpg

    So ,I think I choose and to me that's true ; and that GOD always knew I would is fine,HE loves me so I don't see the issue.I think I have free will and it amuses HIM to let me ? & yes; GOD found me; HE wasn't lost & I found HIM .I laugh when Christians tell me how they finally found GOD. Like HE's an easter egg or something ! This is very confusing ...
  5. pastor marty

    Four positions.jpg

    Why is I choose & GOD knew wrong ?
  6. pastor marty


    Luther must have done "stand-up " Christian comedy in the bar he owned...mix gospel with humor....ingeneous !
  7. pastor marty

    John Newton.png

    Can I share this on facebook ?
  8. Homeland Sec./patriot act....you sure can be locked away for suspision of being suspicious or politically incorrect.May not be facist but it ain't American,neither
  9. Well Matthew; Jonestown / Waco / even the Haleybop Comet kids were true believers in carefully concocted lies. The number of dead were small compared to the millions who perished (and depending on whether you ascribe to Luther or the Pope) and ended in Hell or Purgatory for giving their souls to Hitler / Stalin / etc.(the list of is endless). Whether you're a gangbanger under a pimp with a crew of two;ordered to kill a rival drug-pusher for his corner spot or one of a legion of demon fueled Hutu's commiting genocide on the Tutsi tribe in Africa makes no difference. False prophets have the gift of mass-hypnosis(what else can I call it ?) "Hey;Joe, quit yer job;leave yer family, and come help me murder the folks in the next suburb and steal all their stuff ! " (answer) :DUH ! OK Mr. Lucifer;lemmie go git ma gun !" Yes natural disasters are escalating. One area in Oklahoma went from 6 or so minor earthquakes a year to 60+ in the last 30 yrs. Hurricanes have gone from beachfront wreckers and fish in your engine compartment to millions being evacuated/relocated from Louisiana and Bangladeshs 250,000 dead from raging waters.Yes ,too, the decline in Bible teaching for the young. Faith;morals,ethics,social responsibility are all politically incorrect today. Fake news and corrupt govt. have been around since Cain said;"What brother ?"The devil seems to have a thousand little plans which are all coming together in the 21st. century. Mother Theresa said she quit praying for GOD to fix things and started asking for the strength to make changes herself ! There's a lesson there;I think. 4 presidents sent troops to Afganistan and they never burned hundreds of Christian churches with the worshippers still inside,(per TIME mag) like the Jehadi's do in Syria.Work for sanity/change locally / pray for those suffering globally / and hope GOD will bless our efforts. What else can we do ?
  10. 99% of Muslims aren't Jehadi terrorists/ 99% of all terrorists are Muslim Jehadis.If you think New Mexico is their only US training camp,you're delusional. 1% of a bil. Islamists is one million fanatics. One fanatic killed 60 kids in Florida. Do the math. One New Years eve 300+ German women were raped/took at least 1000 guys to pull that off/Media wrote it off as a prank . Then the Paris bombings. Add it up and tell me how wrong the president is for being afraid to let any more potential killers into the country.If you can't tell a poisonous snake from a harmless one;don't allow any in your back yard. That's not bias or predjudice/it's a survival skill ! Easy way to invade a country/walk in looking pitiful and say;"HELP !"
  11. have we the right to tell non-Christians they can't abort their crack babies or zika fetusus ??At the risk of being stoned by "right to lifers" I believe in a womans right to choose ; the descision is between her& GOD; not any of us..
  12. Greetings,Rabbi ! U need 2 have a , GODNOSE radio show er sumptin' An 2 think how much I shelled out 4 boring perfessors who mumbled & stood 4 nuthin' but hot coffee in their laps.& ya' CALVIN is on my hero list. How about 1000 or so yrs. 2 late a ray of hope. Pope grudgingly admits maybe Caths were occaisionally a bit left of center.And ISIS admits 2 covering embassy in toilet paper !!Ya gotta luv em; PAX.....marty
  13. Br. Will; in a nut/bomb shell; the Marine Corps hymn has a verse about kicking the crap out o'Musselmens' (@ the time the term for Islamis )Something abt' "the shores of Tripoly". UR right on (again) & I rest yer' case !! ...marty P.S. I can't access a comment U made 2 me because I'm not cleared for sensitive data, (per C.F. prog. algorithim/homeland sec. ok, or letter of recommendation from Pope...Unclear !) Still can't access normal (unclassified) replies, either. Unless I'm emailed I am as effectivly incommunicado as a user in Beijing trying 2 get on 'facebook' (Commies control/censor contacts ) THE?END...PAX
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