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  1. It's over. Unless something quick is done there are thousands upon thousands illegally pouring in. The numbers are off the charts. Say goodbye to the USA. Build the wall!
  2. Easy there William. She finds out what you just wrote she may shave you bald.
  3. Lesson learned. I can't remember when I had my haircut by someone else. When I did get it cut here in Asia people stared a lot. It is rarely ever a relaxing experience. The cost of a haircut for men in the Philippines......$1.
  4. I had an electric razor so about every 5 weeks or so I would just shave my head.
  5. Because we are so much more advanced in or thinking.😞 I do wonder if somehow if a relative today from one of these remains is able to sue an archeologist who dares make such an offensive gender classification. Lawyer up!
  6. I enjoyed being in Japan, but the prices for things were just outrageous. $30 for a haircut! (1998 rate - not sure what it is now)
  7. I agree for many their English is terrible, but they are far more familiar with English than any other language. We just missed each other by a few years. I left in 1998.
  8. He possesses people in that he is still able to hold some captive to do his will (2 Timothy 2:26). I never asserted that the Father is the Son. Do you not yet know how to read?
  9. The Father dwelt in Jesus as well (John 14:10).
  10. Agree. Context. He was worshiped and they aren't going to worship a helpless being bereft of any power. And since he had given them power proves he had the power to do so.
  11. Christ the power of God (1 Corinthians 1:24).
  12. The class is all non-English majors. They are required to take the course. Since they were all clueless with simple Korean and French words/expressions the average Chinese person on the street would most likely do no better. But they would be far more likely to understand the words and expressions if I wrote them in English. Word's like "milk" and "water." I taught in Japan over 20 years ago and I am almost certain that if you went up to various people and both said the word "milk" in Korean, French and English and had it written in those languages they would be far far more likely to know the English word than the Korean and French words for it. It wouldn't even be close - not by a long shot. Why? ...because English is the international language.
  13. What is an MEP? Some jobs require the ability to communicate in more than one language. I have no beef with that. Learning another language can be fun, but I think there has to be motivation for doing so. I admit I started learning Korean when I first went to South Korea (ages ago) just so I can talk to and impress the ladies there. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't have tried to learn it as much.
  14. Not only is the power of God the Holy Spirit, but the power of God is also Christ (1 Corinthians 1:24) and the Father (Luke 1:35). The power of Satan is himself and his demons. Satan went off to make war and yet he was bound (Revelation 12:17)? He persecuted the church (and still does) according to Revelation 12:13. Since he is able to persecute it doesn't demonstrate that he is fully bound. Satan can still be there even though he gave his power. He simply delegates certain powers to others while he still retains power. Furthermore, if Satan was bound how is he able to delegate his authority (Revelation 13:2)? And in doing so he is worshiped for it (Revelation 13:4). They weren't rendering worship to a fully bound helpless being. He, along with the beast and the false prophet all continue to deceive (Revelation 16:13). If he is fully bound then how is able to perform these signs even as the other two...unless they are also fully bound? It doesn't make sense.
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