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  1. This seems like a small group of folks who need to read their Book of Concord a little more carefully... whenever Luther would mention rosaries, it was in a negative context, " vain repetition, as useless as it is wicked," going by one quote. Of course, one might call it an adiaphoron if they don't push its use on others.
  2. Yes, yes it is a small world! Happy to make your acquaintance, brother!
  3. Well met, Chemnitz and welcome to the forum!
  4. Wow, this is flipping hilarious! Give me some time to catch my breath, please..
  5. Great. Now we all get to point to an ancestor of an exotic ethnicity ten generations back and ignore the ethnicities we actually belong to! WooHoo!
  6. God bless you too, sir. My morning devotions include saying Dr. Luther's Morning Prayer, reading two chapters out of the Pentateuch, two chapters out of the History, two chapters from the Wisdom Books, two chapters from the Prophets, two chapters from the Gospels, two chapters from the Pauline Epistles and two chapters from the General Epistles. Then, I stand before my Lord and say a personal prayer that includes words of thanksgiving, confession, petition and praise. Then, I read some articles out of the Lutheran Confessions. It takes me about forty- five minutes and is a wonderful start to my day.
  7. Thanks be to God for your little community! When I first started attending Hope Lutheran Church in Jacksonville, FL, it was a tiny church as well ( it was missional. It became a proper parish church about a year after I got back to VA and transferred to Hope Lutheran Church in Manassas, VA), but it just made everybody's participation that much more important. Thank you so much for sharing your current situation with us and may Our Lord continue to guide you in the way of the One, True Faith!
  8. Hello, all! It seems that I've just come down with a minor case of the flu. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated. God's blessings to you all.
  9. Thank you, @deade.. I'm sorry to hear that about your mother.
  10. Thank you all so much! I know that the Lord hears and He'll help. ❤️
  11. An old high school classmate of mine has recently lost her husband to a swift and unexpected death. Her world is in ruins and those closest to her are walking around in a daze. I'm too far removed from the situation personally to do anything other than pray for her, her family and to commend the soul of her husband to God's Fatherly care. I'm going to take a walk and pray silently for those effected by this tragic and terrible loss. Please pray for this wonderful, loving family who lost their provider, their protector and their head. God bless you all today.
  12. Point taken. I suppose the warning should have been implicit in the word fiction, but I thought it was a case of simple misspelling. Oops.
  13. I moved this thread to " Theological Debate."
  14. Excellent points. So, the Congregationalists don't really have any kind of accountability outside their local church and there is no overarching organization to provide checks and balances needed to maintain some sort of Reformed orthodoxy.
  15. Would the Congregationalist Christian expression of Christianity be its own label, or would it be included under the Reformed/ Presbyterian umbrella? http://www.ccccusa.com/about-us/
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