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  1. Why do you say that the UN has no bias? The UN is made up of people, most of whom are very hostile toward the US.
  2. The word, "world" is used to mean many different things, and if you want to hold to a view which is a flood of the entire planet, then you must be consistent. Now, apply it to John 2:2. . .
  3. You said, "however when my father-in-law severed in Africa he did marry many couples who had been 'married' for years, some times it was at their request because they hadn't had a marriage before God" Now, if these people were not actually married, they were fornicating; however, if they were married then your father-in-law, in good service to them, should have advised them of such rather than further confuse them.
  4. You are being more generous with your use of scripture to prove a point (that I suggest, you come to scripture with) than you would ever allow anyone else to be in doing the same.
  5. How have you arrived at the above? Were these people then guilty of fornication?
  6. If a man desired to have sex with 5 year girls, is that desire sinful? If not, why not?
  7. I disagree with subscription for membership because we add people to the Church by adding them to churches (local congregations) and a brand new believer should not be disallowed membership because he doesn't understand the theological concepts of these documents.
  8. Some require more than that! The CRCNA requires "Three Forms of Unity" for membership, an I idea which I completely disagree with.
  9. Yes. There are no such creatures found in the epistles as Christians who arent baptized. The text you quoted helps confirm the point.
  10. No. Christians are baptized, people. There is no such creature found in the epistles who was a Christian and not baptized.
  11. Satire is humorous because it reveals truth. The truth is, Piper is a bit too sanctified for his own good.
  12. Many protestant ministers are worse than the RCC. Would you accept a baptism from a Protestant Liberal church? What about Word of Faith? What about a baptism perfomed by a minister who the very next day after baptising someone left the faith and says that he never was a Christian? It's not the church nor the man, but the God whose name is invoked.
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