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John Calvin puts forward a very simple reason why love is the greatest gift: “Because faith and hope are our own: love is diffused among others.” In other words, faith and hope benefit the possessor, but love always benefits another. In John 13:34–35 Jesus says, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” Love always requires an “other” as an object; love cannot remain within itself, and that is part of what makes love the greatest gift.


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  1. listener1987

    War Room

    I do believe the message of the movie is powerful! Prayer is powerful, and it was cool that it "worked" for her character. (Of course it did; it's a movie and it has to end well!) At the time I watched it, I was going through a very difficult time with my husband. It wasn't that we were arguing; in fact, we were getting along fine. It was that he was stubbornly avoiding any relationship with Jesus, though he claimed to be a Christian (and even at this point, I can't judge and don't know whether he is or not.) The problem was that my heart was breaking for him, and he was miserable. He didn't have the same joy in Christ that I had, and it made me so sad to see that. And as far Even now, he's at that point, though I have seen little glimpses of progress in his heart. Not to say I am perfect; FAR from it. I mean, really far from it. ;) But I had complete peace in my heart, from the Holy Spirit, that I was being submissive, prayerful, loving, encouraging, appreciative. But I was kind of mad at the movie, because I felt like it promised a solution to her situation, when no solution is promised by God. I could pray my eyes out for the rest of my life and see no change. This is not a reason not to pray as fervently as she did, but I didn't like the feeling I got from the movie: that if you pray, God will restore your marriage. The truth is, if you pray, you will be changed. That is the only guarantee! And sometimes, through that change, God influences those around you. And sometimes he doesn't! And still you trust in him for the rest of your life, regardless of the results (or lack thereof.)
  2. Hey! I noticed that when I'm in a thread and I want to go back to a category, I can click it on the "path," but it just goes back to the top of the main forum. Here's what I mean: If I click on "Entertainment and Fun," it directs me to the top of the main forum page. It's kind of annoying because it's a LONG way to scroll back down to the bottom category! Is it possible to fix this? Thanks!
  3. listener1987

    Cooking Shows

    I don't watch any cooking shows on TV, but I love binge watching them on Netflix! Since there's not really any plot, I can leave the room to put away laundry and actually get things done while TV is on. At the moment I have every cooking show on Netflix in my queue, though I don't know if all of them are good. My favorite was probably Worst Cooks in America; I also liked Cutthroat Kitchen and Beat Bobby Flay. Now I'm watching Guy's Grocery Games. On Amazon Prime, I can watch America's Test Kitchen videos, which are awesome. No competition, just friendly education and inspiration. I've cooked so many meals inspired by them. My one peeve with Netflix is that they don't seem to have entire seasons of cooking shows. Instead, they pick random episodes (out of order) and shove them into a "collection." And I'm a completionist; I want to finish one series before starting another. So it irks me. Any good cooking shows you've come across? I'm interested!
  4. listener1987

    Why Isn't Christan Music Popular?

    I may be firmly in the millennial age group, but honestly I'll take a hymn any day! I like the original tunes but I can be persuaded to enjoy the words put to new music too ;) For example, this hymn, by Martin Luther, was put to new music by Christopher Miner. I think I have all the words memorized now that I've listened to it at least 50 times...Enjoy! (Sorry it doesn't have the words, but the singer's voice is very clear so it shouldn't be hard to understand)
  5. listener1987

    Why Isn't Christan Music Popular?

    That is catchy! Rap isn't totally my thing, even Christian rap. But even I can recognize that this is catchy stuff. Hilarious (and kind of sad!) that your son and his friends liked the song until they heard the words! I remember being embarrassed by Christian music - I mean, I liked it, but I knew a lot of its quality was sub-par and I didn't want to play it in front of my friends. So glad it's better.
  6. Christian music has improved vastly over time, and I feel like the quality of music should be able to compete with a lot of secular songs. But it doesn't. I've heard people justify listening to songs about drugs and sex by saying, "I listen to the music, not the words." But if that were true, they would be mixing high quality Christian songs in with it. I listen to secular music, I admit. But I do hear the words. And I can't stand listening to music that talks about sex or drugs, or contains foul language, or that objectifies women (or men!). Even if the tune is great, I can't get into it. Is it really possible to "tune out" the words to a song and just enjoy the tune, without it influencing you?
  7. Do you guys watch GA on Netflix or TV? It takes so long to come out on Netflix, but when it does, I (embarrassingly) binge watch like crazy. (Does anyone else feel guilty for watching dumb dramas like this?) As far as the title of this thread - I notice it is from June 2015, which is after Season 12 has aired - and indeed Meredith has a new partner. Interestingly, Martin Henderson apparently wasn't thrilled about his character being paired with her.
  8. listener1987

    Favorite Bible websites

    I'd like to know your favorite websites that contain the whole of Scripture, and your reason for using them. I use Bible Gateway because of its wide availability of versions. My preferred version is ESV, but I teach first graders in an after-school program at our church, and I find NIRV is the best for explaining in terms kids can understand. (Many of the kids come from unbelieving homes, so it's important Scripture is as clear as possible so they'll remember it.) As a child, I memorized a lot of passages in NIV, so sometimes I give myself a refresher by looking them up in NIV on Bible Gateway. I print out a lot of passages for the after-school program, and I like Bible Gateway because it has a quick print option that formats the material for a printer. It's intuitive. Often, instead of going straight to the site, I'll google the passage I want followed by "bible gateway." Saves a few seconds! What Bible sites do you use, and why do you like them?
  9. listener1987

    The Third Commandment

    Good point. I don't know the parents and I don't know the boys' names. Our church is large and does have a youth group, but it only runs for first service. We've gone through a few youth pastors in the last few years, unfortunately! =( Clearly our church has some growing to do! I think they're in the market for a youth pastor now...hopefully they'll find one who can handle our kids.
  10. listener1987

    "If the Moon Were Only 1 Pixel"

    "If the Moon Were Only 1 Pixel: A Tediously Accurate Scale Model of the Solar System" I love aids for trying to grasp just how complex and big the universe really is! The tool I link above lets you scroll sideways through a scale model of the solar system. And if you scroll through the whole way, it takes about 17 minutes, hence the "tediously accurate" portion of the title. After you take a look at that, read creator Josh Worth's FAQ for this gem: Q: How big am I on the map? A: 1/46 millionth of a pixel. But you’re the most important 1/46th millionth of a pixel. I'd love to hear about any other aids that attempt to help us grasp the size or complexity of the universe!
  11. listener1987

    The Third Commandment

    While reading this post, the word "sacraments" stuck out to me. A few weeks ago, two junior-high boys sat in front of me during the church service. The whole time they were jabbing each other, giggling, and whispering. During the worship music, they mouthed the words in exaggerated fashion and made faces. Then we got to communion, and their behavior was sickening. While they waited to partake with the congregation, they stuck their tongues into the cup and pretended to gag on the taste. One held it in two fingers and pretended to smoke with it. The other held the cracker on his tongue, sticking out, waiting for the pastor to say "let us partake." When they did, they stuck their tongues into the empty cups and showed each other. They exaggeratedly chomped on their crackers and made eyes at each other. You can believe that after the service I grabbed them both and gave them a STERN talking to about both distracting people trying to worship and learn, and "eating and drinking judgment on oneself." Am I too young to say "kids these days?" (I'm 29.) Anyway, this answer in the Westminster Catechism beautifully shows that the name of "God" isn't simply three letters that have been attached together
  12. listener1987

    When is it acceptable to get a divorce?

    I am surprised to see a post that begins with "As a Christian" and ends with "you can't just rely on the Bible today." Do you think that when God inspired the Bible's authors, he didn't know that relationships are complicated? Oh dear - by that logic I should have divorced my husband after the first year! My friend...when a sinner marries a sinner, the relationship won't work. Promises will be broken and expectations will be dashed. When I married my husband, he said he wanted kids. I don't know if that will ever happen now. He won't say yes; he won't say no. He's in this state of addiction to video games, and that's all he cares about. You have no idea the pain in my heart when I sob out to God, "I want a kid so bad." Years of tears, and it gets worse every anniversary. But God. He asks me, "Do you trust Me?" And I say "Yes." And he says "Will you trust me if you remain childless until the day you die?" And I say "I think so..." and he says, "Will you trust me if your husband plays video games 10 hours a day until the day he dies?" And then I realize that I might never get my desire for a godly husband and a house full of kids. But when I look at eternity, I know that I can bear 70 more years of this, if he requires it of me, because he will give me the grace to do it. (And I admit, when I think about bearing this for 70 more years, I tell God I'd like him to just take me now!) He's using this marriage to make me holy. Not happy. 0 of my hopes and expectations for marriage have been fulfilled. But I find this inexplicable joy in knowing I'm right where God wants me to be, even though it's painful. And somehow I feel like a warrior when I fight the temptation to feel sorry for myself or wish I hadn't gotten married. Anyway, I just hope my experience might inform your perspective a little! God bless.
  13. So, Randy Alcorn's The Purity Principle has impacted my life. It's a tiny book the size of your hand, and it delivers Scriptural sledgehammer blows to your conscience in the most freeing and wonderful way. I just re-read it, even though I've been married for six years now, and found it just as enlightening. When I was single, I struggled with mental sexual purity. Now, when I read The Purity Principle for the first time, I was shocked, because I thought I was the only one who experienced depraved thoughts in this area - yet here was a book to all the people just like me! Now that I'm married, I still sometimes struggle with mental sexual purity (which is why I re-read it a few weeks ago.) It's an easy and short read - and if you feel like maybe you don't want to read it, that could be a sign that you need to. If you want to have a pure mind yet are in love with sinful desires, this book is like a bucket of ice water conviction. It's not about making you feel guilty (you already know it's wrong in your heart.) It's about practically explaining what impurity does to you, your relationships, and your God, and then joyfully exploring the tools God gives to resist temptation and become a new creation. Anyone else read this awesome book and found conviction in it?
  14. listener1987

    Seattle Seahawks

    Are there any other 12s out there?! I live near Seattle and I absolutely love my Hawks! Unfortunately I've never been to a game...tickets are hundreds of dollars! I'm saving up to go to a game this season though! Before I start prattling about my predictions for running back performance this year without Marshawn Lynch....am I the only rep for the Hawks on this forum?
  15. listener1987

    MS and Other Autoimmune Disease

    I have MS (multiple sclerosis) and was wondering if anyone else here has MS or another autoimmune disease. I was diagnosed three years ago. I'd been having some weakness in my legs, but I was convinced it was in my head and I just needed to exercise more. Then one morning I woke up and couldn't walk at all. I received my diagnosis soon after. After a lot of physical therapy, medication, and time, I've reached a remission! I can do almost everything I was able to before. I still drive my car with hand controls because my legs can spasm unpredictably, and I keep my wheelchair in my van "just in case." But it is so nice to be healthy and I'll never take it for granted again! There isn't a cure for MS, and it's likely I'll eventually relapse again. My spiritual experience with this journey has been amazing. I, a 26 year old married woman, watched women older than me cleaning my house and cooking for my husband and me. It was heartwarming; it was terribly humbling. You know what's funny? I've never felt the urge to pray for healing. In fact, I am just so filled with gratitude, because God has provided me with every earthly and spiritual tool to get through this to his glory. I'm surrounded by Christian family and friends, full of prayerful, emotional, and practical support. I am so blessed to have experienced what I did, and then get to enjoy this season of good health! I do pray I put it to productive use, though! Do you have an autoimmune disease or a chronic illness? Know someone who does?

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