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  1. I honestly came here to suggest adding a chat function. I can understand why it is a ghost town as it is sort of tucked away out of sight. I think chats are a great function if it is used how it should be. I understand that this is a forum however, sometimes getting an instant reply to a question or concern is more suitable than having to wait for someone to reply to your thread. Maybe in this case the chat should be a little more prominently displayed so it is more frequently used?
  2. Charter schools also take this approach. My cousins both go to a local charter school. They do not get homework, have no tests, and there are no grades. Off the bat this may cause concern but both of them are very smart for their age. The school tries to foster self learning by providing guidance and positive reinforcement to the students. I think public schools are to grade and test driven, I am not saying the charter schools are perfect either though. It has been proven that some students do not test well especially on the standardized tests that are all the rage. One of the downsides I could see with this approach is if the student ends up going to a public school after attending a charter school. I would think it would be very hard to adapt to homework, tests, and grades. I am sure curriculum in the public sector will eventually change. That being said, has anyone tried the new division they do? For the life of me I can't understand it.
  3. As Jesus was a human I am sure he had a favorite food. His diet was probably pretty average for the time period he lived in. Sadly I do not think Jesus ate any Pizza when he was on Earth. There are some religions that do require followers to adhere to certain dietary restrictions. These can be permanent or they can be only for a short time (such as a fast). Bread and fish does seem to come up in multiple places in the Bible as do figs. I am sure Jesus also ate meat but probably not the same type we eat today. The Bible does not restrict us from eating meat at all times, unless I am missing something?
  4. ad.mike2016


    As I have been doing I would ask to please keep the areas affected by the recent 6.2 magnitude earthquake in Italy in your prayers. Sadly there are many people who have been affected by this natural disaster. It has been a few days since the earthquake has hit and the chance of any survivors still being trapped in the rubble alive is dwindling. Please keep anyone that may be trapped and all the people who lost their life and their families in your prayers. Thanks, God bless.
  5. One of my coworkers who has small kids, was talking to me about VidAngel. Apparently, this technology removes cursing and nudity from movies. You basically have to download a program that runs while the movie is playing and then it edits out questionable material. If I remember correctly there was a company a few years back that would also edit movies that you could buy, I think it was called Cleanflix. I do know they went out of business a while back. Has anyone used a program to filter out questionable material from movies? I was wondering how well it worked.
  6. Good afternoon everyone! I was curious if anyone had a suggestion for a good book about the history and principals of Protestantism? It would be best that this book be directed towards beginners in level of knowledge on this topic.I have done a couple Google searches and came up empty handed. I may not be looking in the right place but I couldn't even find a Protestantism for Dummies book. I thought they had books for everything, they do have a book about the Reformation. This book is for me, I am almost in my 30s and a capable reader but if a child's book is a good option please feel free to chime in I won't be offended, I am knowledgeable but want to start reading more about it, any suggestions would be helpful. God bless and best regards.
  7. I do appreciate all the guidance and input for my question in regards to praying for money. I never actually thought about "daily bread" and what it could mean. This could be seen as the means to provide (money) the daily bread (material objects) for myself and my family. I especially liked the response by RevT, it has been liked. I have seriously been conflicted about what I should ask God for. In the grand scheme of life and everyone on this planet and all the issues we face I feel guilty praying to God for money, it seems very trivial although necessary. Even if that money is something that will allow myself the ability to provide a righteous living for my gracious family. Once again, thank you all to responded. I will keep you in my prayers. God Bless!
  8. I pray for the world every night before I go to bed. Praying and trusting in God's plan is all that we can really do.Sometimes it seems like there is not any reason for the pain and suffering but in the end all questions will be answered. It also does not help that our media only focuses on negative situations and acts. Rarely you will see something on a 24 hour news station that shows the better side of humanity. For every wicked act there is an act committed by someone to help their fellow person. That being said, I will pray for the state of world at your request. God Bless!
  9. Prisons serve society well, they separate us from people who are a nuisance to the general population. The problem that prisons do cause is a result of our high incarceration rates. Many times people will go to prison for a nonviolent offense and end up coming out worse than when they went in. In addition, the programs that we offer to ex-cons are not sufficient and do not provide the support needed for re-entry into society. Other than parole and probation, we more or less just release someone back into the community, as in just letting them walk out the front door and be on their own If they do not have the support structure needed chances are they will return to the same lifestyle and decision making process that got them to prison in the first place. I think as a country we focus to much on putting people in prison and not enough on what to do with them once they have served their time and fulfilled their debt to society.
  10. I think that God would not have an issue if you decided to become an organ donor. I am one myself. We must remember that everyone will walk with God in Heaven, including people who have lost legs or their ability to use them. We leave our earthly being and only our souls ascend. I would hope that if I could help extend someones life after I pass that my organs would be put to good use. As for the point William brings up with embryonic research, this is a sticky subject. As an adult I can offer my consent to use my body parts, the same cannot be said for a child. I wonder if there are any chapters in the Bible that could be interpreted to offer guidance on this issue?
  11. This is a difficult situation and I am sorry that you had to deal with this problem in your life. Just take solace in the fact that God has a plan for you and you will become a stronger person because of this. I would talk to your parents and let them know how you feel. This may open their eyes and start the healing process. Just holding any animosity towards them secretly will not help anyone. If you do confront them and they do not show any remorse or understanding I would just move on. It is important to truly forgive them but sometimes people need time to realize the wickedness in their life on their own. Once they do realize how they have hurt you I would assume that they would come around and open a dialogue. Sometimes tough love is the only love. Just keep in mind that God does have a plan and this is a part of it. God Bless, I hope this offers some guidance.
  12. I actually brought up white Jesus in one of my other posts. It truly does not matter what he looked like, Being Jesus is what is important. You need to keep in mind that when people are painting something they haven't seen they will most likely make it something they can relate too or use a model. In this case the model would be a white person. With the explosion of Christianity in Europe having a white Jesus would only be normal. We know He was born in Bethlehem which is in the Middle East. He most likely looked Jewish as most would look being born in this area.
  13. ad.mike2016

    Alien Life

    I would have to believe that there is some sort of life on other planets. God created all that there is and I would believe he also created other life forms that we do not know about in His image as well. I think the question is whether or not the other life forms are intelligent like humans or just single celled organisms. It's also important to remember that the universe is a vast place, intelligent life may have already existed and become extinct many times over on other planets and the likely hood of the human race actually making contact with other intelligent beings is slim to none. Stephen Hawking warns against us broadcasting our location in the solar system into the universe as it may attract unwanted attention. I can understand where he is coming from. It is common sense that you shouldn't walk around a place you are unfamiliar screaming "Hey, I'm right here! Is anyone out there?". An interesting fact, the first signal broadcast from earth is a speech being given by Hitler, if intelligent life can pick up our radio transmissions this would be their first contact from earth, so much for first impressions.
  14. God is a being and not a human as we are. I would say that God being a male came from the male-centrist past in which that idea came to be common place in the present. As humans I feel that we have to relate God into terms that we can comprehend. This is where the white Jesus argument comes into play. Due to the location of where He was born it is probable that Jesus was not a white male, I am not saying he definitely wasn't white but it is a possibility. Making God a male allows us to be able to relate to Him as opposed to just seeing him as an abstract all knowing being that He truly is. I hope this helps a bit answering your questions, let me know if you need any further clarification from me. God Bless!
  15. Giving can be done with material objects and things that are abstract such as time and compassion (including prayer). I think that a lot of times this world we live in promotes the idea that we are out here by ourselves and need to conduct our selves in such ways. If you are blessed enough to be able to give money that's great. If you're not in that situation that's great too you can still give your time by volunteering for an organization that you feel is worthy. Even yet if you find yourself in a situation where giving time or money is not feasible you can always pray for someone or something. Giving time or money has its own benefits and depending on how you do both you may receive recognition whether you want it or not although giving for recognition is not a good reason to give. However when it comes down to it praying for someone/something by yourself is a selfless act. If more people took the time to realize that we are all in this together I think the world would be a better place. Nice post and beautiful quote.
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