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  1. As Jesus was a human I am sure he had a favorite food. His diet was probably pretty average for the time period he lived in. Sadly I do not think Jesus ate any Pizza when he was on Earth. There are some religions that do require followers to adhere to certain dietary restrictions. These can be permanent or they can be only for a short time (such as a fast). Bread and fish does seem to come up in multiple places in the Bible as do figs. I am sure Jesus also ate meat but probably not the same type we eat today. The Bible does not restrict us from eating meat at all times, unless I am missing something?
  2. God is a being and not a human as we are. I would say that God being a male came from the male-centrist past in which that idea came to be common place in the present. As humans I feel that we have to relate God into terms that we can comprehend. This is where the white Jesus argument comes into play. Due to the location of where He was born it is probable that Jesus was not a white male, I am not saying he definitely wasn't white but it is a possibility. Making God a male allows us to be able to relate to Him as opposed to just seeing him as an abstract all knowing being that He truly is. I hope this helps a bit answering your questions, let me know if you need any further clarification from me. God Bless!
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