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John Calvin puts forward a very simple reason why love is the greatest gift: “Because faith and hope are our own: love is diffused among others.” In other words, faith and hope benefit the possessor, but love always benefits another. In John 13:34–35 Jesus says, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” Love always requires an “other” as an object; love cannot remain within itself, and that is part of what makes love the greatest gift.


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  1. whysewserious

    Random - Did Animals Talk in the Garden of Eden?

    I will take a look at the links provided, thank you! I always find the outside of the canonical texts to be interesting. As with any source of written work, the validation of authentication is interesting - but that is probably another post for another thread!
  2. whysewserious

    Angel Suicide?

    David, thank you once again for your response. I try to research a bit on my own, but sometimes having a personal perspective from a living, breathing human being helps as well. I will be honest - I do not know what I make of that verse. I might have to read the surrounding chapters as well. I have actually never heard of IOW, nor the denomination you are part of (there are so many!), but I do find it interesting that it accepts both trains of thought! And to piggy back off of this idea, why would some people be chosen and others not? Appreciate you!
  3. Thank you for supporting your statements with scriptural reference to back it up. I am in no way saying we should ignore a sin or dismiss it as acceptable just because culture and society have deemed an action otherwise. What I am saying is that the world we live in is a very broken place, full of extremely broken, hurting people (and often times, believers are among them). There is a time for being truthful and firm, and there is a time to be truthful, but with a delicate approach. Non-believers are not going to have the same moral standards as someone who is a believer. When you begin a new job with policies you have never had to follow, do you learn to adhere to them better by your employer screaming at you, leaving passive-aggressive post it notes on your desk about how a task you performed was incorrect, or being put down in front of your new coworkers? Or is it more effective to be pulled aside and gently corrected when a mistake is made? How long would it take before you were exhausted and did not want to be a part of this group anymore? If you heard of a company that followed the former example as a way to coach its workers, would you even want to work there? The aggressive, angry attitudes from people who claimed to follow a loving God, people who followed in a way that met their personal prerogative, were part of why I became disenchanted with church and faith to begin with. It took someone who loved me enough to be honest with me about some things, but not in a harsh way - that would have pushed me away further - to even get me to set foot in a church again.
  4. It seems like there is quite a lot of anger coming from this...cast the first stone, please. I have done no condemning of any kind, and certainly did not "warmly accept" an abortion. My words are being twisted and manipulated. We can speak rebuke to someone until we are exhausted from it, but if truth falls on deaf ears, what then? People are going to make choices outside of what is right, and after a certain point, there is nothing more to be done about it. Would you rather have me been hateful to a woman who was already hurting and missed an opportunity to talk to her about God because I was on some sort of self-righteous kick?
  5. whysewserious

    Random - Did Animals Talk in the Garden of Eden?

    May I ask another question? I have never heard of Jubilees; where is that located?
  6. Bare with me here! One of my earliest memories of church was when my kindergarten Sunday school teacher got really upset with my because I asked if animals talked in the Garden of Eden. I was told I was no longer allowed to ask silly questions, and to just not ask any questions any more at all. My child like thinking was that if Eve was walking through and a serpent started speaking with her, the Bible does not indicate that she showed any surprise at this. I know the garden was a far different environment than any we have now, so either it was normal to converse with animals, or she had no reason to fear this new activity so she "rolled with it", so to speak. While I realize this is probably still a silly question, it is one that has sat in my mind for almost thirty years and I felt like this was a safe place to ask it again!
  7. whysewserious

    Angel Suicide?

    Thank you for jumping in, and of course it is ok! I hope it helps to understand I am coming from a place of rebuilding my faith after struggling with it for so many years. I think that time period brought up a lot of questions that made me uncomfortable to ask, but I feel like they are also important things to discuss. The concept of predestination is one that has always gotten me a little hung up. I know several people believe that the reason the forbidden tree was placed in the garden of Eden was to establish the concept of free will. But after that point, God knows who will believe in Him, but does he pick, and if He does, is it still free will? Thank you for your patience with me. I never mean any of my questions in a disrespectful or contrary way, but they are ones I genuinely have. I appreciate you all.
  8. whysewserious


    Be patient. I am now an adult, and it took some doing before my dad came to accept me as a grown woman rather than the little girl he raised, and that he will always partially see me as. I also think there are some things that parents are probably uncomfortable talking with their children about, regardless of their age. I think a good way around this for me has been to ask for advice in areas where I know he has valuable insight - if you can get them talking, it will start to be easier. I also asked my mom a lot of easy to answer questions about her childhood - cliche things like what she wanted to be when she grew up. It was different than what she ended up actually doing, so that was yet another question. Really listen, these types of stories often lend themselves to more questions. When did your parents grow up? Mine did in the 60's and 70's so there were historical things we talked about (my mom lived in the rural south when desegregation was happening, so hearing how she did not understand why she could not play with the new kids in her school was very telling of her character). I do not know you or your family personally, so it is hard to gauge without that valuable piece of information. But people do love to pass on their knowledge, and that was definitely helpful for me in building a relationship with my parents.
  9. I can't tell if you are being confrontational or not because it is hard to tell via reading text what someone means behind a written statement. Why are you assuming that I have deemed certain sins as "ok/acceptable"?
  10. No, it is not hateful to disagree or point something out. I am a firm believer in it is not what yo say, but how you say it. Protesting with signs that say "God hates f**s" is hateful. I think when someone believes passionately in what they are doing, it has to be handled with diplomacy to tell them what you think about it. I had a friend who got pregnant many years ago and wanted to have an abortion. She wanted to know what I thought. I told her that I loved her, she was dear to me, and that abortion was NOT something I agreed with because that is already a human life. It was a delicate conversation with lots of tears, but she appreciated my honesty and that I didn't "hate on her" for wanting to do something I disagreed with. Something important to realize too - that friend did up having the abortion. She avoided me for a while because she thought I was going to be angry with her. We finally ran into each other and I could have shamed her for something that was already done, or I could CHOSE to treat her like a human being. My reaction to the situation actually made her open up to talking about God for the first time. She said she expected Christians to be spiteful when people do bad things, and my reaction to her - while I did not accept her actions as right - showed her a new side to faith she had never experienced before. So let me ask you, do you think people want to love a God that has followers that bellow hate?
  11. whysewserious

    Buried or Cremated

    This is not a topic I had considered to check with biblical resources, so thank you for bringing it up. Apparently there are pods out there that are like giant seed starters you can be buried in. As you decay, you provide nutrients to it and a tree grows where you are buried. I rather like that idea - from dust to dust, and leaving both something those left behind can visit and giving of my body one final time back to the earth. As far as cremation goes, I believe during the rapture "those who have gone on before" will be taken up first, and I doubt that a God that can bring all his people home, or create the universe, will have any problem gathering up the ashes that are scattered about. I know death can be a hard topic for people to think about, but it does not bother me as much as some I suppose. To me it is something that is pretty inevitable for most of us (unless rapture happens first); why fret or fear that which we cannot change?
  12. whysewserious


    It really was an amazing experience. and I hate to admit that had my mom not been ill with a terminal disease, I may have never been as close to her as I was. I know this is a bit of a side bar, but I would encourage anyone who is in a broken relationship with family...patch it, if you can, BEFORE something drastic like that happens. Sometimes it takes a lot of swallowing pride (I know I had to); but some genuine "I'm sorry" moments are not as painful as living a life wondering "what if". Do it!
  13. whysewserious

    Thinking About Sins

    I think telling God that you have the desire to right a certain behavior is a HUGE first step. We have to acknowledge a problem exists before we can fix it. I think it is also important to realize that we are flawed beings, too. That is not an excuse, but when we make mistakes to not let them drag us down. Repent for it, and keep trying. God knows where our hearts are, and He will always be there to guide us, if we let Him.
  14. Yikes! The word "slave" is definitely a frightening one. I know quality of education can vary depending on how the quality of life if in an area. It's a broken system, much like most of the systems in this country. I do know that every teacher I know does their absolute best (I am sure this cannot be applied to every teacher, some who are either lazy or burnt out by the system they work in); my friends often feel limited in what they can do by the regulations they are held to.
  15. whysewserious

    Angel Suicide?

    I am definitely trying to follow along. if every being was elected for some reason or another, would not this include the rebels to? it would not have come as a surprise to God that they acted out, right?

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