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  1. The law used to say it was okay for a man or woman to be united with the same sex but not married. My personal opinion is keep God out of it. Why can't these people be with who they want without getting God involved. When someone gets married, they're unifying themselves with God. So same sex couples should be allowed a civil union but not marriage in my opinion. Anyways marrying a laptop takes the cake on this one. I wonder if "he gets to keep the laptop" when they get divorced, lol.
  2. Welcome to ChristForums!
  3. The bible says, Christians will be persecuted and there faith will be tested in the end times. These are the end times and it should come as no surprise that other people want to test your faith. You just need to stick with your beliefs and not let them get to you because you know what's right and you don't need other people putting you down. Christians will be tested in these times. It's in the bible. Welcome to ChristForums!
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    "Do not go where the path may lead, instead go where there is no path and leave a trail" - Ralph Waldo Emerson
  6. I hate to chime in after all the posts but I will. "Saved from what". Saved from Hell. Saved from ourselves. Saved from sin (temporarily) and saved from the "2nd Death" as the poster above me decided to write. Your saved from Hell. It's as simple as that. Does it mean your going to Hell just because you didn't pray? No, the bible says we are judged by God when we get to Heaven. He either says "Come on in" or "Depart from me". But as you are judged, if you are saved you are guaranteed Heaven. Rather then having your life be the deciding factor. I hope that makes sense to you.
  7. Not sure what your missing as I can't see the situation myself. But I would suggest possibly approaching her in conversation with a sense of confidence. Woman are usually drawn to a mans confidence. Just don't be overconfident and be humble at the same time in respect to the way you treat her. However I also suggest seeing if she is in any church group/functions like William suggests. Whatever it would take to get more time with her in person. It may be God that was drawing her to you and that's why she doesn't respond all the time on facebook. Facebook seems to be a very small way to communicate with woman. A lot of times it works but it may also take something more along the lines of approaching her in person or giving her a confident invitation to hang out outside of church. If she's interested or not, I can't say like I said in the beginning of this response as I wouldn't know but if you can get her number than from what you are saying she more than likely would be if she offered it to you.
  8. Just a thought. I was thinking about this today. Have you ever seen the movie the Book of Eli and at the end you find out the book he's protecting is really the bible. The last King James Version bible in existence. What a shame this world would be if there was only one bible that existed. For those of you that haven't seen the movie, a man sets out on a journey to protect a book. No one knows what it is at first. It's just a book he protects. He's attacked by all kinds of people who go after the book. At the very end you find out it was the only bible left in existence. Leave your thoughts below.
  9. You can try a media query if you find the right code to put in it. I wouldn't know myself right off hand. It would work just the same in css_additional.css Anyways though you may not like it, I actually think it looks better myself to be honest. But thanks for your response. I will keep posting on Christ Forums. Quite a community you've got here now.
  10. No, I do not believe it is flawed in the least bit. Not in the eyes of God. However how one may perceive it could be flawed to ones own perception. That's all I was saying. The way the bible is in English is how God intended it to be. I believe that with my whole heart.
  11. Oh nice. Well looks good @William. Site's looking great. I plan on being active here too btw. Good luck. Also, are you preparing the new flat theme sultan theme made? Just wondering if there's a specific reason you had the forum closed down to barebones only. You should make an announcement giving the users a sneak peak to create suspense if that's true.
  12. My take on these situations is just don't get involved. It is a bad move on his part for simply opening his mouth. If someone supports gay marriage or if they don't, who really cares? Your a business putting yourself out there to make money and you don't need to show off to everyone thinking your bad just because your a liberal watch tower. It's ridiculous.
  13. Just a few things I wanted to point out for the barebones style. The Today's posts and New topics area is not on the style and also you can't change back styles when you enable it. Not sure how it happened but wanted to point out the issue. This is the style I plan on using while on I'm the site so that's why I wanted to let you know. It's much easier to navigate through the forums this way. Pretty sure adding the new topics and todays posts will be easy. However not sure what happened to the style chooser once you've enabled it. Strange behavior isn't it?
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    Welcome to Christ Forums Cindy! This is a great place to share and discuss your beliefs in a mature environment. I hope you will stick around and share your experiences with others as they do the same. God bless!
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