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  1. I studied in a Jesuit school so all my expectations of a church and the community surrounds their ideology. I like attending modern celebrations and listening to a priest who is as progressive as me. I would sometimes listen to Latin masses as well because of the beauty of the choir. My expectations for a church group are simple really in that the people are kind, loving and open who don't judge others or bring in negative energy during celebrations.
  2. Yep it's certainly shocking to hear that from a head of state but Filipinos are tired of the corruption and drugs in the Philippines and they believe that only a tough President like Rodrigo Duterte than clean up the country. There's no excuse for violence here but drug pushers and corrupt politicians only understand persuasion through violence. I only hope his war is righteous.
  3. I watched the movie Les Miserables where he played Jean Valjean. The scene where he said, "To love another person is to see the face of God." These lines reverberated throughout my body, the truth of it hurt and I was deeply moved by his performance and by the writer Victor Hugo who believed in God. Good to know he is a devout Christian I hope to see more of his films.
  4. I don't have a schedule when it comes to praying but I think I should just so I can include everyone in my prayers. I'll pray before eating ofcourse and before I go to sleep but when occasions like accidents, hospital visits, celebrations and such I make sure to offer a prayer or two.
  5. That's cool of you to say my friend although I never thought about ending with no organs at all, kind like organ harvesting already huh?. I guess it would still be okay since I will be dead anyway and have no say but still, I'm sticking to donating every part of my body as long as it's usable and put to good use. Maybe I'll get a shot at heaven then, right? LOL, kidding. God bless everyone! :)
  6. I think we're intrigued by beautiful faces but attracted to beautiful minds, especially when it comes to young Christian singles. Today, beauty may be more prominently shown in the media but the youth are smart enough to know that substance and spiritually is all that matters. Love, God and faith for me are the three values we Christian singles should abide by. Look for someone to start a family with and not someone who you could date for fun because you can definitely find that in anyone.
  7. Organ donation is a non-issue for me as well as I've always thought that if I can help someone even in my death then I'd be happy and fulfilled even if I'm missing some organs. LOL. I'll get cremated anyway so this is good although some religions don't have the same opinion.
  8. Well, it would be easy to simplify the situation like this but the truth is, I think panhandling is primarily caused by poverty created by a social system that's whacked. These people are either uneducated, have some sort of mental disability or just plain homeless due to domestic abuse. Instead of helping them with panhandled money you should lead these people to a home where they can be rehabilitated and return to society with confidence.
  9. Corinthian


    Can you clarify? Jesus healed a man on the Sabbath because he couldn't go to the healing pool because of his illness. There were many acts of Jesus that were considered compassionate but did his act, healing someone on the day of God more compassionate? Can you expound on this? Thanks.
  10. Well I'm Asian and KDramas and Asian Dramas are life! I'm currently watching Descendants of the Sun-- you'll like it if you're into men and women in uniform. I've been meaning to watch Doctors which is a show about my favorite Asian actors and actresses in their quest to be a great doctor, I love the drama and the action. One female doctor kicks butt! I'm not so familiar with Taiwanese drama but I do know Mario Maurer.
  11. Reading the Song of Songs always made me feel better. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's loss I'll be praying for her. I also read the different parables in the New Testament when I'm feeling down, a good story is great for the heart.
  12. I think tattoos are cool when they're created with art, purpose or for remembrance. People who choose to have them who have a sound mind and body usually have a lot of sentimental significance with their art. Many civilizations in the past enjoy using art as symbols and marks of identity. If you love something enough you take it everywhere. In my church tattoos are only looked down upon by old people and that's because of culture.
  13. Sorry to hear you have OCD, have you tried getting help for it? Talking to someone helps especially if they're a professional. Why do you think you're going to hell? Do you feel anxious a lot? It seems to me that you're a good person and you're trying to seek a cure for whatever you're going through and in that case if science can't help I hope faith and love will. I'm praying for you.
  14. I think the penal system will help a lot of convicts if the system is just fair and not used for profit. Prison is supposed to be a rehabilitation center for criminals and not a business big corporations profit from. I believe in the penal system but not the death penalty, there are dangerous people out there that deserve to be locked up but at the same time the government should try to curb criminality through the social welfare system.
  15. Your stance is quite scientific but the argument isn't sound. I can argue that we came from organic matter or atoms and that will be the end of that. From a personal perspective I think God is female but that's because I'm a feminist. Before I used to think he was male too because of the priests in our town.
  16. First off I think no one ever gets divorced on a whim. I think when people get divorced it's a combination of unresolved issues, hurt feelings and sense of abandonment multiples many times over over the course of time. It's something no one ever gets without thinking about for a long time. I think when peoples get divorced they haven't signified that they quit but how the relationship isn't one of love anymore. I think God will understand when love is involved, afterall God is love.
  17. I think we already have. Some members are closeted homosexuals, they are so because they're afraid of not being accepted in their Church or community. I think we should start having an open heart and an open mind about homosexuality and homosexuals. Pope Francis has already called out for love maybe we should too.
  18. Well, from a personal perspective I pray to Mary because of what my mother said many years ago when I was just a young catholic. She said when we pray to Mary, she delivers all those prayers and thoughts to Jesus or God because she has their ear and their love. She's blessed in my eyes. I do call her Mary, Mother of God but not the Queen of Heaven.
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