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  1. That's a very nice explanation which somehow clarifies my concern. So, I got to the point of thinking that when a new person gets birth, that's God being portrayed on a new person that is probably going to be like God or probably will not, but that's God reborn in one of us, a new person that will be what God wanted the stained ones to be just before they spilled their bodies with sins and many other bad things. That was a good reading, by the way, thank you for sharing it.
  2. I have always had that big concern regarding God's creation. If he created the male body as a reflection of himself, then who did he use to make the woman's body? Why are women beautiful and that sort of thing? I could think that God did not really mean that when saying the "reflection of myself" thing, or was he? Because I do not really understand the whole issue here. I personally think he meant to say it spiritually, but never physically, what do you think?
  3. Well, I personally think that you're somewhat right, but I do not really think that God does it when he's in the "mood" for it, I do not really know whether God has a mood or not, but it's hard to believe. However, I always keep in mind that everybody around me could be God in another person's skin, God is omnipresent, he's everywhere, he's everything, he's the whole universe if you want to see it that way, that's why we have faith in God, God is good. God bless.
  4. Espiritu


    I am currently passing through that situation. My parents are cool with me, but the only thing is that we don't have the confidence for talking about personal stuff, I really would like to talk about absolutely anything that could be happening to me with my dad, but he doesn't help at all, whenever I tell him something that is going on in my life he just acts careless and I do not really like it, he's always like okay, he's so cold with us and that's a con, what do you recommend me?
  5. Espiritu


    From the bottom of my hart, I really see your tattoo's story as something really special, I definitely would keep it for life if I were you. Losing your mother or any close person is really painful and you actually had the opportunity to share a mom-daughter moment with your mom, it's a beautifut thing if you keep that tattoo for life so you can remember your mom and all those moments you spent together, I really wish I had the confidence with my mom to do that sort of thing, believe me, your mom is a blessing. Taking it off your skin with lasser machines would not be a good dea, it's even worse than when you get the tattoo done on your skin, God would not like you to regret what you've done in the past. God bless.
  6. Hmmm, it's quite weird. So basically based on your opinion and the scenario, then I could say that God is already here, so why would we be worried about when he is going to come? God could be the portrayal of a spirit inside your dad, of your mom, of the guy that you hate and whatnot. According to your opinion God could be out there dressing blue jeans and a t-shirt, then he already is around looking at you, probably outside your house or up on your roof, go take a look. God bless.
  7. Espiritu


    You're right, what is done is done and everything that was done was done with areason that we may have ever had back in the days when it was done, it's quite tricky to understand, but that's definitely how it goes, by the way, there are some ways you can remove the tattoo, just in case you've ever thought about doing so, there are many lasser systems that can help you to solve that issue if that's what you really want, but it's your decission, not mine, let God guide your steps. God bless.
  8. Espiritu


    Well, it must be such a beautiful thing the fact you tattooed your body along with your mom, that's definitely going to remain in your memories until your last die, sometimes it's really fine to do things that would make us remember things in the future, there's nothing better than remembering highlights of the most beautiful moments of your life, especially if those moments were lived along with your mom that really goes beyond what the Bible could say, I would actually do the same, that's my opinion though.
  9. Espiritu


    I personally think that tattoos are mostly seen as art than anything else nowadays, if you go out the street and ask any of those kids that have full arm tattoos the reason why they got that tattoo and they probably will not know what to answer, if you find a smart one he will probably tell you something related to art, however, it might depend on the person that has it, tattoos have a thousand plus of meanings, it could mean the most basic thing or the most disturbing thing, we do not really know their meaning until we ask it to the people that have them, I do not really have any problem with tattoos since I do not see them as anything bad, for me, it means something that you want to carry until your last day, that's my opinion though.
  10. I really could believe that God is not a man, how come he's a man if he's the one who apparently created men and women as a reflection of himself, it really is a difficult thing to find out, it's right, the bible talks about him as if talking about a male, but, is there any proof of it? because it seems to be really confusing, and by the way, if he is a spirit, then how come he has a voice, how come spirits can talk, I am really confused right now, sorry.
  11. Well, it's such a difficult thing to answer, I had never thought of a situation like this, however, I personally think that if God ever came to the world, especially my country, which is actually messed up right now, he would help us out, he would definitely ask us to be patient and fight for our rights to be respected, he would also help the poorest people in the country, help us all to get some food to feed our families, guide the government and help them to enhance the economic system, I really think that he would do so many things I could not even imagine right now, I really wish that happened as soon as possible.
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