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    Up until now, I didn't realize that there were actually bible verses that prohibits having tattoo markings. My family has always been conservative and tattoos were never talked about much but we know that we're not supposed to have them. When I was a child, I actually thought that people who had them were prisoners or ex-convicts. Of course I know better now that for people who have them, tattoos are forms of art or self-expression. That doesn't mean though that I'll be expressing myself with a tattoo anytime soon. Making a canvass out of my body is just unnatural and I believe that my body is too precious to be turned into a canvass.
  2. Jesus is the perfect teacher for me. He clarified every doubt that a human being can have about life, God's relationship with man and vice-versa, and man's relationship with each other. There are a lot of controversial issues confronting the world today, and yet we only have to look back to the scripture to know what God would have told us.
  3. I am a sinner, too, so I can't cast the first stone. God condemns homosexual acts, not the homosexual. If a homosexual will repent and depart from homosexual ways through discipleship and church guidance, that is certainly God at work. I pray that many more will be converted and turn to God, but that will not start happening unless we start opening the doors of the church.
  4. Although this pastor-friend assures me that I can pray anywhere because God is everywhere, I still feel guilty about not attending church service. This is specially so because I don't want to miss the worship part with fellow believers and the preaching which all help to increase my faith. It is so easy to backslide, really. Christians have different schools of thought about regularly attending Church, and I think it might be because of the type of Church or fellowship they're into. Conservative, old churches usually puts value on regular church attendance and the communion of believers while new ones mostly focus on building a personal relationship with Jesus.
  5. I'd like to go back to the basic and what is fundamental or written in the bible which says we should look at marriage as a lifetime commitment and that whoever divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another, will be guilty of adultery. Not getting a divorce doesn't mean you're not following the laws of your country, it simply means honoring a commitment you made before God and men. If you start a marriage with the view that you can get a divorce if you find that the relationship is no longer working, then you're starting the marriage on the wrong foot. We should look at marriage as a lifelong commitment and consciously work on keeping it alive and happy.
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