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  1. I have also struggled with forgiveness in my past, and I found that my life was really going the wrong direction because of all the anger and resentment that I had bottled up inside of me. It was eating me up inside and I knew that the only way I was going to move forward with my life was to release all that anger and forgive the people that had hurt me. It took me quite a while and I tried so many different techniques to help me learn to forgive, but eventually I managed to release all the negative emotions that I had been feeling. One technique I used was to forgive myself first. Sometimes it's hard to forgive someone when you haven't forgiven yourself.
  2. There are enough people in this universe to satisfy all our diverse relationship needs and desires, and I've always felt that if a relationship doesn't work, then you have to move on. A lot of us try to change the people that they are in a relationship with into something that they think is ideal, but in my experience, this is never a good idea. It always invariably fails. People don't change, at least not for someone else, they need to make the decision for themselves. If a guy doesn't want to get married and you somehow convince him to change his mind, then you might be happy in the short term, but he will undoubtedly become restless and miserable in the marriage unless he made the choice himself.
  3. I have always believed that what we resist persists, and the more we focus on something, the bigger it gets. With all these people focusing and directing so much of their energy on this matter, it will only get worse. The wars that we wage on poverty, disease, teenage drug use, terrorism, hunger and so on have only served to perpetuate those things in our world. Even Mother Teresa understood this and that is why she said that people should never invite her to an 'anti-war' rally, but rather to a 'peace' rally. She also understood that if we want peace in our world then we need to focus on the thing that we want, and not the absence of it.
  4. I think this comes down to individual feelings. You either feel good when you give money to panhandlers or you don't, in which case, you shouldn't do it. Personally, I always give them money if I can spare it. It's not for me to judge and play the part of God and decide whether or not the person will spend the money wisely. If they ask me, and I have it, I lose nothing by giving it to them. I have a friend of mine who used to say that she wouldn't ever give them money, but she might buy them food and although I get her reasoning, I don't believe that everyone who asks me for money is going to use that money for drugs or alcohol. Some might genuinely be in need, and I would hate to refuse to give money to someone who really needed it all because I was suspicious about what they would do with the money.
  5. I truly believe that God is everywhere and I've never felt guilty about missing church. I have felt guilty about not praying and not expressing my gratitude every day, but as for church, when I can't make it for whatever reason, I never feel guilty at all because I can still pray wherever I am. It is easy to backslide when you miss church on a regular basis, but I always try to make sure that I don't miss two consecutive weeks of church.
  6. I think polyandry is fine if all parties are going into it voluntarily. Of course everyone has different views about it, and even though some may be all for allowing people the freedom to do what they wish with their lives, they themselves would never be part of such a practice. I am one of those people. I do not believe in having more than one partner, whether you are a man or woman, but I do think that we should allow others to make that choice for themselves. It all comes down to individual preferences and we cannot make this choice for others any more than we can live their lives for them. This is a very important topic especially in my part of the world, South Africa, where according to the official statistics almost eighty percent of all married men have at least one mistress on the side.
  7. I try not to restrict my daughter and instead I teach her about the value of all the different opinions and beliefs in this universe. She must always understand that our way is our way, but it isn't the only way. Others might be of a different view, and that is alright, and we can still live together in harmony. Our world is big enough to support all the diverse religions of all the different people and we don't have to judge or discriminate against anyone on the basis of their faith. I think I am doing a pretty good job teaching these values to my daughter and I hope that she understands that she can live a great life being who she is and believing what she chooses, while at the same time allowing others to be who they choose to be and to believe in what they want to believe.
  8. I personally think the marriage vows should be amended to read: As long as we both shall 'love'. The truth is that people change as they progress through life, and they grow and develop a whole new world view, and as their perspective of life changes, so does their relationship evolve. Unfortunately, couples don't always change at the same rate or even going toward the same direction in life and they tend to grow apart. I was married for close to ten years and at the end of it, I could hardly recognize my husband as the same fun loving, funny, kind and caring man that I had married. He changed so much in the space of those ten years that it was as if someone flipped a switch. When we made the decision to divorce, it was mutual and I'm sure that it was the best thing that we could have done.
  9. I have also been to a church like that where the pastor and some other church people were going around the whole congregation praying for them and laying hands on them. There was another part of the service where everyone was praying at the same time in loud voices and some were speaking in tongues. It was really creepy. I was with a couple of friends of mine and when I tried to listen to what they were saying, I realized that they kept repeating the same words over and over again. It just sounded like they made up a couple of nonsense words that they then repeated over and over. It was all I could do not to burst out laughing. I'm sorry but it was extremely comical. I know they truly believe that these things work and who am I to take that away from them?
  10. I think that we should all make a daily ritual of reading something inspirational every morning before we leave to take on another day. This makes a world of difference in how you interact and respond and perceive the things that are happening around you. I have found that when I start my day off with an inspirational quote, I tend to be in a more positive mood or attitude right through the day as long as I don't let anything derail me. Thank you for the inspiration.
  11. The results that we get in our lives are the reflection of the five closest people in our life. Meaning that if your five closest friends are lazy, broke and sick - then chances are you will end up the same, but if they are hard-working, wealthy and healthy and successful, then the odds are in your favor that you will end up the same way. So as a christian you need to decide how important it is to you for you to remain one, and adjust the people in your environment accordingly because they will influence you whether you are conscious of it or not,.
  12. What a wonderful story. Children can teach us a thing or two about giving selflessly. You must be so proud of your daughter. You have instilled in her the right values and she will live a blessed life. We all need to always remember that there is more joy in giving than in receiving. So few people know this, let along understand what it means.
  13. That is a really wonderful explanation. I have always had the same kind of belief that we are all vibrational or spiritual beings and that when we die, we become one with the non-physical source of all things, we become one with God. In that situation, there is no need for marriage, or relationships or anything like that because we are all one. It's the law of Divine Oneness.
  14. What a coincidence, the swimming events are my favorite too. Our athletes also almost didn't get to go to Rio because of everything that is happening there. Thankfully in the end it was decided to let them go. I hope we can bag a few gold medals this time around. I intend to watch all the events. This is such an exciting time and it never fails to lift my spirits when I watch these kind of events.
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