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  1. I think it's wonderful and amazing just how many different opinions you get when you ask a question such as that. I love just how diverse the answers and the points of view are. Personally, I think that my idea of a friendly and fun loving Jesus works for me. The God of my upbringing was not a friendly person to go to when you had a problem and now that my awareness has shifted, I see God as a friendly, approachable guy who loves me unconditionally and will do anything to help me stay on the right path and teach me the lessons that I need to learn in my life.
  2. I have always believed that what we resist persists. In our world today, have you noticed that the war against poverty has created more poverty, and the war against terrorism has created more terrorism? The war against drugs, teenage pregnancy, illiteracy and world hunger has only served to perpetuate these things in our world. You cannot get rid of something by fighting it. If we want to see positive change, then we all have to focus on the thing that we want, not what we do not want. When you are cold, you do not focus on the cold, but rather on how to get warm. When it's dart, you look for light.
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