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  1. How comes you don't hear this in a church service? The bible says; "Kill any family member which changes religion". Wtf?! There's something I found on the Internet called; CHERRY PICKING. (Taking the 'best bits') and leaving certain parts which a person doesn't like.
  2. Thank you. I'm never right, Just find answers which go against what others think, It's just how I am. I won't just be happy with the one answer, I will keep going. It's in my nature. I have lost a lot of friends due to this, They don't like what I say, or post online, Eg, Facebook.
  3. When you mean WE who do you mean? Just because the media and NASA don't tell you this, Doesn't mean that they haven't done already. The astronaut suit and the space shuttle are acient alien tech. NASA, The media, Education, Religion, All tell you, "THERE'S NO SUCH THING!" Because it's a part of keeping the mass population in the dark, About who we are, And where we really come from. There's no such thing as aliens, But I believe that there's a magical man that lives in the sky? Come on, Don't you think that sounds a bit silly?
  4. I knew a johova witness, and his bible was different. Do you about the 'book of enoch'? And why it was taken out of the bible?
  5. Is it true that there was more then one version of the bible that king James could of chosen from?
  6. Thank you. It was real, As I am dominantly left handed. It's also why I don't fit in, People still confuse me now. They don't make sense. They get upset if you go against what they think, Not just religious people, I mean EVERYBODY! I can't help it. I question everything. That why I can't understand religion. Any of it. I've tried.. But I question why all the time.... Even if GOD, Or any other religion gods, Higher consciousness, Came all told me how everything came into being, After being told, The question would be...... 'WHY?' can't help it.
  7. I've been seeking to find out who, and why I am here, Not just in the physical form, which you would see if I was standing in front of you, But spirituality as well. This world still confuses me, Even after 41 years. I just cannot for some reason understand the bible, Not that I'm on here to mock or upset member's of this forum, I'm not like that, I don't want to be surrounded by people that think the same as me, How am I going to learn anything? I can take any idea and opinion and come up with my own conclusion, And still have many questions, Even if I know the answers. When I say this, I'm not trying to offend, But, I cannot limit my mind to just one idea, I have too many questions, To limit my way of thinking. I still don't understand why no one has commented on my post, about what happened to me in 1974? Was it god?
  8. No, not really. As with what happened to me in 1974, Something you wouldn't understand. It's okay. You don't have answers, Neither do I.
  9. Up until this happened I was dominantly right handed, Now I am dominantly left handed. Are you all ignoring this?!
  10. Why I don't study. It makes me feel sick. It doesn't make sense to me. And this; its 1974. a happy, go lucky, normal 5 year old. not started school, yet. (Can't remember the day, or date) i'm standing in the kitchen, Its a bright sunny day, Light is streaming in through the window, I'm in the kitchen with my dad, When suddenly, with out warning, Every atom and molicule is vibrating, Shaking inside, Can't move, There feels like a large splinter is being pushed into the back of my head, As this splinter is pushed into my head, A voice, not mine is speaking, Calm, Firm, Not threatening, "THERES SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE WORLD AROUND YOU". then as suddenly as it started, It stopped. I wasn't scared never needed to be, Never told anyone, Didn't need too, I knew, No one would understand, I've told people online, But thats all, 1 year ago, I told my partner, As i've always known, She didn't believe me. Thats okay, I've always been different. Wouldn't want to be any thing else. I've posted this before on here, Im still waiting for a reply from any member on this forum, As to what could of happened that day.
  11. Do you really believe that we all come from just two people? As you know incest is wrong, even outside of religion, And if Adam and Eve had two boys, Surly the human race wouldn't be here? I've also read that not only did they have the two boys, there was a daughter; 'Luluwa', And I've also read that Adam and Eve had three sons; Cain, Able, and Seth. And where do the Africans, Eskimos, aborigines etc, Come from?
  12. I still can't believe that GOD is singular, or a man. Makes my head go funny. The problem I have is this; Everything we have learned through out our lives, Is second hand, Everything we know has been written by others, Wether its; Education, History, Science, Religion. How do you know any of it is true? What if all of what been written is a lie? Just because it's taught in school's, Or where ever, Doesn't mean it's true.
  13. So........ Someone some where has been lying about our origin, In the bible it states, That GOD made man ADAM, then created woman EVE, from Adams rib. Yet, In real life, All life in its first 5 to 6 weeks starts out as female. WHO'S TELLING THE TRUTH?! this is why religion makes me ill. Not that I'm blaming anyone on this forum, It's not your fault, I like it that you've got a different opinion from me, How else am I going to learn?
  14. I've never ever believed that GOD is male, Just the thought of GOD being male makes me feel physically sick. I just can't understand how GOD is a man, How can one man create every thing you can see all around you. The word GOD as you should know is a plural, meaning more then one. As it says in the bible; "WE will make man in OUR image".
  15. Sorry, Didn't mean that to sound agresive. It's just that you only know this through a book, written by MEN, If the bible was written by WOMEN would GOD be female?
  16. How do you know this? When no one has seen GOD? If GOD is indeed a 'man' where do 'his' parents live?
  17. How can GOD be male when all life starts as female?
  18. The Gregorian calander came into use, 306 years before the year was reset back to one, I've already posted this!
  19. Thank you for all your comments! Fascinating reading. I sometimes talk in question. At, William, No, Not the technology to detect that the earth is flat! The ancient technology that was taken away, and then rediscovered by 'modern society ', Rocket engines, Electric power, Flight, Astronomy, Astrology, Nuclear power. Lifting incredibly large stone blocks high onto the air, Knowledge of our planets. And so on. Oh, And if they lived in caves, with just a fire to keep them warm, How did they know about leap years? The Mayans knew this, when they created their infamous calender. And, It's what I've been lead to believe, That it was the Christians that made the earth flat, Maybe it wasn't, Because, I've read most of this technology is hidden in basements under the Vatican. It's also fascinating that you don't why the calender was reset? This is why I came here, To find answers. And you don't know either. Maybe, we've all been fooled. Someone must know.
  20. How did the Christian religion convince the north European population that the earth was flat? For over 1000 years? How did they remove all the advanced ancient technology? And why was the calender reset? I know that it was the birth of JESUS, But, there's a slight problem, We celibrated the millennium in 2000, But, The Hebrew and roman numerical systems didn't have a zero, They started at one. And, The 12 month calendar was brought in 306 years before the birth of Christ. So, What was the number of the year, that they reset the calender. Because, Even using common era or before common era, Or using B.C or A.D, When we talk about events before the year 1, Everything is in minus figures. So, how old is the earth?
  21. Hopefully you've read my post, 'hello', and, 'am I the only one'. It's just that I've known for a long time now that there's something wrong with the world around me, No one else can see it. It's like I'm the only one who hasn't been given an instruction book. I've always been outside looking in, Everybody is following a pattern, A predetermined path, No one's stopping and thinking 'WHY?'. Imagine that everyone is walking slowly to the edge of a cliff, and your the only one that knows this, and no matter who you tell, no one is listening, because it's, 'okay', and your the weirdo, because your the only one who speaks like this. goes against what people see as real. as you've probably seen in my posts on here, Sorry if I offended anyone, That's not my intention, But I'm only trying to find answers. no, I haven't read the bible, Not for a long time, As its something that really confused me, Growing up, And doesn't make any sense now. But, If that's the life you want to lead, Then good, I like it when people have different opinions to me, How else am I going to learn?
  22. It's not a complaint about churches, It's an explanation of why I don't under them, And that's why I asked this question.
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