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John Calvin puts forward a very simple reason why love is the greatest gift: “Because faith and hope are our own: love is diffused among others.” In other words, faith and hope benefit the possessor, but love always benefits another. In John 13:34–35 Jesus says, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” Love always requires an “other” as an object; love cannot remain within itself, and that is part of what makes love the greatest gift.


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  1. Tuesday


    Hi! Thank you so much for writing to me. I was raised in the church and also went to a Christian school for a few years in high school but while I had knowledge of it all I never really accepted until my early 30's I came out of the new age movement (much to my surprise upon research that I'd even fallen into it) and I became a fully born again at that point in time. I was so upset by just how easily deceived I was even though I'd been raised and taught the bible. The Spirit, since being born again and justified, continues to work in me and God is faithfully gentle and loving as I read the scriptures with "fresh eyes" if you will. This has lead me to really study, go deeper and to question things that needed further answers. I've found that, while I respect so many pastors and elders and teachers, that a few things just didn't seem to add up for me. So I'm letting God lead me in scripture and really really reflecting on it. I don't always come to the same "worldly" conclusion. I saw your post on the sun vs earth rotation and I'm fairly certain we could very well have further things to discuss which I would love. I have found myself leaning more and more on geocentricity (just one example of what I'm reading and learning about) which is something I never expected...but...it just gels. So I'd love to hear more about the things you're reexamining of you'd ever like to share :)
  2. Tuesday

    Does the earth revolve around the sun?

    I've never actually met anyone who's also interested in and learns about geocentricity so I rarely get many opportunities to discuss it. How long have you been looking into it?
  3. Tuesday

    Does the earth revolve around the sun?

    I've looked into geocentricity a lot lately and find a lot of it to be extremely interesting and rather...biblical as well as observable if you disregard nasa cgi images of space. A lot of what you said resonates with what I've looked into. It's a topic I enjoy with those (few seemingly) who are open to it
  4. Tuesday

    Also from England, not as aggressive as Michael!

    Welcome! I also started to seek. In mine I was raised in the church but went sideways in rebellion about any God for 3 years. Something just started to nag (a better word doesn't exist) at me that something was wrong with my path. So I started looking for God. Any, if I'm honest. It was with all my heart, mind and devotion God answered me and there was no mistaking who He was and that night I actually became a follower of Christ and the one true God for the first time. Even though I'd been raised in the church it wasn't until much later in life that I became a true follower. It's the most beautiful relationship I've ever had or will have. Glad to have you here
  5. Tuesday

    Does the earth revolve around the sun?

    I'm not really commenting yet on the sun but just looking for a little clarification as to what your terms of "Christian" education and Anglo ancestry? Not to be combative just for clarification ;) Do you mean schools nation wide as being "Christian" (where?) Or churches...and only Anglo-Saxon having held this belief?
  6. Tuesday

    Israel being gathered

    Thank you I'm reading through both suggestions. My biggest struggle, or two rather, would be the 7 year agreement that's broken from Daniel 9 in the description of the 70 weeks. Is this a breaking with an established, national and quite literally located with boundaries type of Israel? This part seems to muddy my understanding the most between covenant and dispensation. The second is the absolute devotion to the modern nation of Israel by many Christians as if they are separate when, in my eyes, they are pretty Godless and still reject in large part Christ Who's getting this 7 year split?? Sorry, I'm still very much learning this topic
  7. I'm just looking for others to either shed light, to give their understanding or who have more experience with these scriptures that concern the regathering of Israel and if modern day Israel is a full or partial (or no) fulfillment of scripture. I know that there are those who are covenant or dispensation or those who don't really seem to care one way or the other and have heard both from covenant and dispensation. To be honest, I'm not sure either way on this matter so just looking for some further insight. It seems there are die hard's on both sides of the issue What appears to be a second gathering? AND...go ;)
  8. Tuesday

    Evolution: Fact or Fantasy?

    Evolution is anti-God. Sure, a person can believe in the work of Jesus and salvation while still believing in evolution but that does not make evolution in line with Scripture. God does not describe His creation as one that is evolutionary but one that is instant and within 6 days on which He rested the 7th. The text of Genesis is not poetic, it's straight forward and to the point. On the first day, God created "this" and God saw it was good and there was evening and morning. It continues this way for 6 days. If you want to read where God is more poetic about His creation just look at the end of Job from chapter 38 onward. In fact, God is in a full rebuke of Job at this point until Job repents after 4 chapters of God asking Job so many things about creation. Can man explain to God how God created the world? This is the gist of these 4 chapters (38 onwards) Here you can see a drastic difference in the wording God has used for creation. Phrases such as "the skirts of the earth" or "when I made clouds its garment and thick darkness its swaddling band" are poetic. It isn't "On this day God created this. On this day God created this." Genesis is very literal. I don't think, nor believe, that the Creator of all and the one and only God would inspire the canon of the Bible to open with poetry but He'd hit us with hard fact to establish just who He is from the beginning. If it doesn't align with "logic" is it all poetry then? For example -- Joshua asks God to still the sun in the sky so that he might have more daylight to defeat his enemies. This defies logic and science...is it poetry? (Joshua 10) -- The Red Sea is split so that the Israelite's can pass through the sea at the start of the Exodus to escape Pharaoh. This defies logic...is it poetic? (Exodus 14) -- Lot's wife is turned to a pillar of salt because she looked back at the burning city of Sodom when she was told not to look back. This defies logic...poetry? (Genesis 19) --Lazarus is raised from the dead by Jesus after being dead 72 hours...poetry? (John 11) None of the above, and many other examples of the supernatural, cannot be described by science nor logic. If we have a supernatural God why is it so far a stretch to say that He created in a supernatural way and there is no science or logic that we can use to find or determine it. I do however hold that the flood provides many observable and testable things to give proofs for a young earth. I'm just speaking of the 6 days in Genesis. Should we dump all things that go beyond our logic...or would we get a rebuke like Job? It's dangerous, in my very strong opinion, to lay the words of Darwin who (no good fruit comes from a bad tree)... -- enjoyed hammering the heads of birds for fun -- beat puppies because he enjoyed the power of hurting them -- was an advocate for eugenics and genocide ...and to place Darwin's words (or any other evolutionist) over the word of God as being authoritative or even accurate. I think it's really well summed up in Proverbs 30: 5-6
  9. Tuesday

    Evolution: Fact or Fantasy?

    Creation is one of my favorite topics so I think about it a lot and I've done a lot of research into the topic. For some time I gave evolution a nod like, "well, if evolution is real then God did it." I didn't agree even with myself as I said that but it was just easier than doing any real research into either topic be it evolution or the Genesis account of young earth. Through a chain of events I suddenly had an intense need to understand both sides more deeply and my approach is likely not the standard. So I'll take the commendation. ;) Darwin was not a Christian from cradle to grave. [ATTACH=CONFIG]n19950[/ATTACH] Darwin, himself, gave up on God as a result of Evolution (be it his additions to the existing theory or not). So, again, evolution can easily lead one away from God. Why did Darwin give up God? A quote by Darwin about Charles Lyell, who wrote the book Principles of Geology, (which mocks the idea of the flood as recorded in Genesis) upon Lyell's death had this to say So, no, Darwin was not a Christian. His own theory along with his doubts about the account in Genesis to be true killed his faith. It does it to people today and it did it to people before Darwin as he isn't the founder of anything new but is sort of the poster boy for some and the more popular evolutionary theories. I'd say doubting Genesis can be a dangerous thing to a persons faith which I've stated before and still stand behind. As for the issue of time and if it's illogical, superstitious or laughable to believe that God created within a six day time frame and the earth is indeed young...well let's examine a few things. 1. How long did it take for Jesus to raise Lazarus back from the dead? When He spoke, Lazarus came back to life. 2. How long did it take Jesus to heal lepers, the blind, the deaf and mute? When He touched them. 3. How long did it take for Jesus to feed the multitudes with the fish and bread? A few moments Now, I know you recognized already that it's within the power of God to create something so quickly but yet still reject Genesis to be accurate God, the triune Godhead, lives outside of space and time. He's God eternal without beginning or end. God doesn't need time to operate but man does. Man needs time so God created time along with space and matter right in the beginning. Right here, in Gen 1, you see a dividing of time with the first morning and the first evening. There is a difference between Day and Night. Furthermore in Genesis 1 (14-19) we read about God placing the sun, moon, and stars in the expanse and He says they are for This is all prior to mankind so time existed on earth. Man, Adam, was born into a system of time. Adam would have had a clear concept of time as would Noah as would Abraham as would Moses as do we. There was no reason to muddle the account of Genesis with a 6 day creation if we have the ability to already conceptualize 10 million days by comparison to 6 days. I found this to be very interesting in my study of creation and it could be that you might as well. It's a very, very short video about sonoluminescence aka the ability for sound to create light. If we can recreate this, how much powerful is God to create??
  10. Tuesday

    Evolution: Fact or Fantasy?

    Genesis 2:7 (which I'll return to at the end of my post) I've seen debates and have been in debates concerning evolution both from scripture and from observable science as well as historical beliefs. I would only agree that atheists are associated, largely, with evolutionary theory as most are left without any other explanation for the origins of life. If the a large majority of non-believers do believe in evolution then I think we have to take a critical look at why it appeals to a set of people who disregard any kind of god/God/gods or intelligence within design. Furthermore, evolution is by no means a new or modern theory since the days of Darwin. The roots of Evolution come from centuries of pagan beliefs most notably found in eastern religions such as Hinduism and these beliefs were carried on through the likes of Pythagoras, Plato and others on right up to Darwin. So Darwin discovered nothing but the old pagan belief system of evolution. He wasn't some super scientist at all and stole most of his ideas from his grandfather. He was more a collector of ideas than he was of scientific evidence as he himself agreed there was no fossil record in his day. Pagan Roots: Hindu Origin- "He (Brahma, the creative principle) becomes the size of an atomic particle and...brings life to this whole universe." (Laws of Manu 1:56-57) Here's your big bang theory for evolution Hindu Reincarnation/Evolution-- While reincarnation is often described best in the Hindu caste system, to say that one will return as another form in order to achieve full enlightenment/nirvana and to become a god there are also biological beliefs as well to say that with each reincarnation a biological shift happens. Essentially...evolution as we call it today "These (creative processes) in succession acquire the attributes of the immediately preceding ones from which they have originated. Each has not only it's own special attribute but each succeeding one has the attributes of all the previous ones." (As earlier source: 8:239:179). Pythagoras got much of his learning from the Hindus, for he travelled very widely, "Pythagoras travelled widely, studying esoteric teachings of the Egyptians, Assyrians, and even the Brahmins." (Lamblichus, Biography of Pythagoras). According to Professor H.G. Rawlinson, "It is more likely that Pythagoras was influenced by India than by Egypt. Almost all the theories, religious, philosophical and mathematical teachings of the Pythagoreans were known in India in the sixth century BC." 'Natural Selection' has been detected in Pythagoras and, as is well known, Plato built upon Pythagoras: "These are the principles on which living creatures change and have changed into one another, the transformation depending on the loss or gain of understanding or folly." (Plato, Timaeus 49: 80-108). This is Brahmin evolutionary thought - now occurring among the Greeks, and many hundreds of years before Darwin! Aristotle (384-322BC) already held a form of evolutionary theory. Anaximander (610-540BC) believed that people had evolved from fish (Hippolytus, Refutation of all Heresies, 1:6;1-7) Empedocles (490-430BC), stated, "The greater part of the members of animals came but by chance." We now move much further toward our own day. Voltaire, in his 'Dictionary of Philosophy', 1764, 1st edition, wrote, "When I first read Plato and came upon the gradation of beings which rises from the lightest atom to the supreme being, I was struck with admiration." Voltaire was, of course a major leader in the enlightenment's persistent undermining of Christianity. Around the same time, James Burnet (Lord Monbaddo) was active. He was later called the 'Scottish Father of Evolution' and he lived 1714-1799. All the essentials of Darwinism were already present in Burnet. He believed that humans had developed from orang utans, and that they were a link between men and monkeys. Again, this was over 60 years before Darwin's 1859 book, Origin of Species. Burnet wrote, "There are, I know, many who will think this progress of man, from a quadruped and an orang utan to men such as we now see them, very disgraceful to the species. but they should consider their own progress as an individual in the womb, man is no better than a vegetable..." (Burnet, Metaphysics, Vol. IV, p32, 1795). ---Burnett would be right as we have more in common with a tobacco plant, genetically 98%, than any mammal. So it's not like Darwin went to the Galapagos and had some light bulb go off in his mind while observing birds. Much of this work was already in place and his Grandfather, Erasmus Darwin (1731-1802), already had pretty much developed a full theory of evolution. Evolution has been a theory, and that's all it remains to be, for a long time. It has most of its roots in pagan beliefs in the many gods of Hinduism and reincarnation. Now, if we look at Genesis 2:7 In the "closer look" at creation found in Genesis 2 it says that God breathed life into Adam. It does not say this about the whale, the tree, the banana, the lizard or anything else. He did something uniquely special with Adam, giving him life in this way. If you believe in the single cell primordial soup theory of evolution then you have to at some point find where God would have breathed life into man because if God breathed this specific Genesis 2 life into that single cell then you give merit Pantheism (which is pagan and hip these days) and not to God, the Godhead or Trinity. Romans 1 warns against this very thing. It's a strong warning and I think worth looking at a few times. More can be found at http://www.ukapologetics.net/09/1holden.htm
  11. Tuesday

    Evolution: Fact or Fantasy?

    Oh I fully agree with the presuppositions and perceptions. I've found that creation and the flood have softened many to, at minimum, investigate the scriptures and in a few cases to full salvation. I'd be glad to take a look at the book you suggested, so thank you for...well, suggesting it ;)
  12. Tuesday

    Evolution: Fact or Fantasy?

    I've found creation, and those willing to investigate/learn young earth creation as well as the flood, to be extremely helpful for atheists and their coming to trust in the bible if not fully come to salvation. The word of God is faithful to truth. I have to disagree that it lessens credibility but has been of extreme value to atheists and others
  13. Tuesday

    Evolution: Fact or Fantasy?

    Personally know a number of people who have accepted evolution as the far gone conclusion and this leads them away from God. If they don't trust Genesis to be accurate they don't trust the rest of the bible to include Jesus and his sacrifice. If they disagree with Genesis they don't agree with John 3:16. Jesus himself backs the claim that "in the beginning" not some time later but in the very beginning we were created Was Jesus confused about Creation, He who created all things as recorded in John 1, and it being in the beginning? He's quoting Genesis 1 to be true. So is it academia or God who is right about how, who/what and when He created?
  14. Tuesday

    Evolution: Fact or Fantasy?

    This is a very unfortunate and sad truth about so many people who've been through the education of evolution. It gives enough wiggle room for people to find themselves not rooted in truth and worse at odds with the word of God. I'm so grateful to the faithfulness of God to pull people out of this lie and into His truth which will always prevail. I believed in evolution of some kind for about two years and God was faithful to show me truth as well and to provoke me to study further into the subject.
  15. Tuesday

    Evolution: Fact or Fantasy?

    Don't apologize for writing a long post ;) we're all just discussing. I would say it's fair that, no, evolution doesn't disprove God. My point is that God disproves evolution. Perhaps God didn't go into the mechanics of creation (this is how I made DNA) or why fossil records are found where they are but He says so much about Himself, to include the creation account in Genesis 1, to disprove evolution. 1. God is not the author of confusion Evolution has lead to some serious confusion and dare I say dangerous notions about mankind and our "ability" to evolve even further. There are movements for transhumansism which is man merging with machine, there are those who claim we are on a path to a new enlightenment and we will evolve into a new spiritual "something" be it a new sense such as telekinesis. It has allowed for the idea that aliens of some kind planted us on earth. No one knows when evolution stops because it's assumed it's ongoing as that is the way the science of evolution breaks down...we are still evolving. This has lead to a lot of confusion about mankind's future 2. The idea of continued evolution does not grant Free Will and God has granted mankind free will. Naturalism, an aspect of evolution, is that we are fizzing chemicals that are just going to continue to evolve into the next stage of whatever it is we will become. We have no say in what we become according to evolution thus we have no free will and are slaves to our chemical composition and whatever it decides to do next. 3. God made mankind in His likeness. So did God breathe life into a single cell that evolved over time until it started to look like Him? Or...did God immediately create man in His likeness. To no other creature, none, did God create in the likeness of Himself except man. This is special to man, unique and with clear purpose. 4. Jesus not only came as a human male but He has been seen by several people in the Bible who record seeing "one who looks like a Son of Man at the right hand of God" and the description is that of a glorified man (not ape or banana or whale or toad or whatever) So His likeness is as ours but He's clearly in glorified form as seen in just one account in the book of Daniel. 5. Everything is made after it's own kind. In Gen 1 this is repeated so many times it's almost as if God is trying to drill it in our heads that only things of their kind will reproduce the same thing. Dogs will give birth to dogs and chickens to chickens and so humans to humans...nothing evolves into a more complex being. For example: So in essence what my point is, God disproves evolution. Evolution doesn't prove or disprove God either way, again God disproves evolution. 1. He is not the author of confusion 2. He gave us free will which is not something granted in the process of naturalism and evolution 3. We are made in His likeness and no other creature was ever given such a precious gift 4. The Son of God has both come as a human and is described as a glorified version of man, or the likeness of man, when He is seated at the right hand of God (the Father) He makes some really BOLD claims about who He is, what he's done, what He is NOT and who we ARE. As for the teaching of creation vs evolution in school it's my opinion that evolution takes just as much faith as any other "religious" claim and we should teach them in a philosophical setting and not as exact science.

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