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  1. Rest in peace, this ongoing persecution has to stop. I truly wish that we would just have peace around the world. We need law and order and prosperity again and this madness to end.
  2. Such as life in Pakistan, it breaks my heart to hear about Christians being treated so unfairly or badly. I really do hope that eventually the ongoing persecution will stop.
  3. I truly find it interesting how the intent of ISIS is arguably to increase/spread Islam and it is having the opposite effect. I just hope that their religious beliefs are not persecuted.
  4. Absolutely, couldn't have said it any better myself. Although I do not mind I do love to hear people coming out and not being afraid to identify their Christian faith and why it is so important to them.
  5. At the same time however I believe people's privacy and liberty should be respected. It is indeed very hard to strike the perfect balance, I do recall the NSA had been very ineffective at any substantial terrorism prevention - Time will tell I guess.
  6. Nice! Should add more hashtags to each post though in order to get more traffic/visitors so we can grow our forum more!
  7. I think most people that are not familiar with heavy metal music would be surprised at just how many Christian bands there are from around the world, two of the bigger Christian metal bands are called August Burns Red and For Today, most have songs with some Christian influence or belief to which a criticism of them has been that they are "too preachy".
  8. Quite disturbing, I do believe that this is just fear mongering though and those on the list do not need to be frightened or worried. It is important to remember the aims of groups like ISIS and not give in to their desires.
  9. I really do wonder if Johnson was included in the debates just how much of the vote he could secure, Hillary's voter base in particular is incredibly low information - I really do believe Johnson's vote could get into the low to mid 20s, I wonder mainly just as to whether that support would be lost more from the Democrat or Republican side.
  10. Absolutely crazy, when will this madness stop and law and order be restored? I really do hope that this will eventually just be put behind us and tensions won't continue to escalate, something has to give.
  11. I'm proud of my family more than anything, it sounds cliche and silly but it's true. Over the years we've well and truly been through a lot but have pulled through, we help each other when we're down and celebrate each other when we're strong. A strong family is the key to happiness and prosperity.
  12. I refuse to give money to panhandlers or the homeless. I don't live in the U.S., I live in a country with quite extensive unemployment/disability benefits with a great deal of social spending. The resources are there for these people but the unfortunate reality is that the vast majority have drug or alcohol addictions for which giving money to them will only put them into the ground earlier.
  13. I was reading the other day about the unfavor-ability ratings of Clinton and Trump, if I recall correctly it was the mid/high 60s for both, Hillary may have been slightly higher. Regardless it's staggering how you can have two candidates which overwhelmingly are looked down upon by the U.S. population yet are each party's candidates.
  14. Very true. The sad reality is that a ridiculous amount of African Americans unfortunately die in inner city areas like Chicago and Detroit mowing each other down in gang related crime on unprecedented levels which in a single month is higher than all blacks killed by white cops in an entire year, very unfortunate. Hopefully the revival of Chicago, Detroit and the like can give people purpose and stop this madness.
  15. Reports of this being a planned inside job, thoughts on such a thing? Link here which I was reading this morning, very interesting/disturbing times we live in: http://www.9news.com.au/world/2016/07/17/11/41/erdogans-gift-from-god-sparks-theories-coup-was-conspiracy
  16. Welcome to the forum, great to have you as a new member here I'm relatively new still but have been enjoying my time here.
  17. We should extend this prayer to those innocent civilians who died in the attempted coup in Turkey and got caught in the crossfire, what is happening in the world? Black lives matter killing people, terrorists killing people and governments nearly being toppled - The world is going crazy! Pray for stability!
  18. Although signing the petition is a good idea I honestly doubt it'll achieve anything, Hillary has many friends in high places. The best way of stopping Hillary is to vote Trump 2016!!
  19. Better to be a populist for the people than a Wall Street corporate puppet in my opinion, Hillary still hasn't released the speeches she made to those investment banks.
  20. Saw this morning with the Turkish CNN studios getting stormed, pretty crazy. Ultimately I wonder what it will do for the region and the military who was involved in the coup.
  21. turnb43

    White Jesus

    Couldn't have said it better myself. It is strange that if you look in the U.S. with the racial tensions there how much our ethnicity and races only seek to divide each other, this is not only ironic but counter-productive as Jesus wanted to bring us together.
  22. Speaking of Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party it really will be interesting to see how much of the vote they get. A lot of the Bernie people as well as #nottrump conservatives will probably flock to him, wouldn't be surprised if we saw him polling double digits.
  23. Praying is all we really can do, it is unfortunate that so many turn to violence in all aspects of our world today whether its terrorism or assault. It is important to remember the non-violent teachings of Christ and apply them to our everyday lives.
  24. I agree. I think you'll find that a lot of the people that want a collapse or the "end times" to occur are those that are at the bottom of society and so have the least to lose and a fresh start to get it all back together again. Does anyone remember 2000 and 2012 doomsday prophecies?
  25. I disagree. Although Christianity is very progressive and modern to suit society's wider 21st values it very clearly states in the bible which is the word of god, that it is not acceptable.
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