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  1. Forget the Bible, anyone who supports SSM isn't even a good person by any measure. Sotomayor summed it up when she asked how can the government function if it can't be tyrannical. Or, words to that effect. Yes, they cover their support of perversion and tyranny with euphemisms like "equal rights" and maybe even declarations that they don't personally approve of that which they want the government to shove down our throats , but evil by any other name is still evil and still stinks of passing wind. Anyway, don't mind me, or the antichrists on the Supreme Court, there are Muslims to be chasing, even if they have no political power here.
  2. Our Supreme Court represents Apartheid, a racist minority ruling over the majority...
  3. I have an old i7 gaming laptop (dual hard drive, dedicated video card, 17.?" screen) with Windows 7. The fans in no longer work, so I have it partially disassembled, with the keyboard/base in the air and the monitor/lid flat on its back, and with a 6" clip-on fan to cool it. I use it with an external keyboard, mouse, speakers, and monitor. Even the AC adapter (an identical replacement for the original) is truly the size and weight of a standard building brick, so I have no interest lugging it around, anyway.
  4. Luke wrote in a more sophisticated Greek style. Paul wrote with greater knowledge of scripture. If between their own handwritten works, there would never be a question of who wrote what. But, what if Luke wrote Paul's sermon? I doubt Luke would reword Paul's sermon. I'm confidant Hebrews was accepted as canon in the days of the Apostles, so it belongs in the Bible, regardless of who wrote it. For the sake of tradition, I'll attribute it to Paul. And, Hebrews lacks the Greek sophistication of Luke's writing.
  5. Trent, if your dad is like most dads, he loves you very much, even more than his own life. All you have to do is show you love God by how you live and your dad will want to support you in that, because he supports you in all that you do. Be reverent and do what is right.
  6. The early church was composed mostly of jewish converts. How could they not have thought of baptism as analogous to circumcision? So much so that there would be no reason to explicitly say infants raised Christian should be baptized. If infants weren't to be baptized, that would be something that would needed to be said, especially given the teaching of households being baptized. Baptists misunderstand baptism. They believe it to be window dressing upon the first confession of faith. But, it's a symbol of a covenant relationship, exactly as circumcision. Christians do not raise their children as non-believers, waiting for the day their children choose to convert to Christianity, at which time the children would be baptized as the examples of converts in the NT. Christians raise their children as Christians, just as OT Jews raised their children as Jews.
  7. The Baptist view is indefensible, other than the lack of explicit examples of infant baptism in the Bible. That's really their whole case. But, the implicit case for infant baptism is strong.
  8. I wonder by what logic the judge decided to ban Christianity, instead of the other way around (the UK still has a state church, and it isn't Islamic), or simply staying out of it ("The court has no jurisdiction over the faith parents want to teach their children..."). Unless the judge himself is Muslim, which I doubt, how could he possibly think it's in the child's interest to force the dad to let the child be raised in a religion the judge believes to be false.
  9. Aside from the nonsense that Jews are a race (it's a religion), consider what the OT says: Isaiah 56:3a, "Let not the foreigner who has joined himself to the LORD say, “The LORD will surely separate me from his people.” Everybody who has faith in God is the chosen people. And, no one without faith in God is a member of the chosen people. No, they didn't feel they had a right... God told them to, because the Canaanite population was exceeding wicked and cruel. And, God gave them life so it was his to take away, and it was an act of kindness for all the innocent on whom the Canaanites would have preyed on.
  10. There are people who view God as utterly racist ( dispies), but God is not racist. Faithful followers of God are the Apple of God's eye, the chosen people. As with Christians today, you can't be saved simply by being baptized, in the OT you couldn't be the Chosen People simply by the first birth. When Israel was not faithful, God said to the whole kingdom "You are not my people and I am not your God". When the Israelites worshiped a golden calf in the desert, God said they are not his children, and he barred them from the Promised Land (symbolic of the home of His people). False teachers refuse to distinguish between faithful and unfaithful Israelites, and what God said of each of them. False teachers also refuse to acknowledge that ancient Israel was made up of all races, a mixed multitude, according to the Bible. When the slaves were freedom from Egypt, Moses didn't check genealogies of those he led out. When someone converted to the religion of Abraham and chose to follow the Law of Moses, "becoming a Jew", they were as much the apple of God's eye as anyone else. Then there's what the NT teaches, just in case the OT isn't clear enough.
  11. Yes, and if we were raised speaking good English, we'd have trouble speaking bad English.
  12. Cornelius


    Being circumcised and raised a Jew, and never leaving the religion, makes Herod 100% a Jew. His background meets the requirements to make him a Jew, even if he wasn't always a very observant Jew. Jewish according to race is no more meaningful than Christian according to race.
  13. Cornelius


    Herod the Great was an Idumaean Jew, and king of the Jews.
  14. Cornelius


    "I did not find this man guilty of any of your charges against him. Neither did Herod." - Pontius Pilate. Why didn't they release him? Jews, that's why. "I will therefore punish and release him.” Pilate went on to say, but the Jews cried out, “Away with this man". The Jews continued to scream and incite violence, Pilate addressed them once more, desiring to release Jesus, but they kept shouting, “Crucify, crucify him!” A third time he said to them, “Why, what evil has he done? I have found in him no guilt deserving death." The Jews killed Jesus for being Christ, and they held over Pilate the threat of turning the region into a bloody war (which happened 40 years later, anyway) if Pilate didn't do the Jews' bidding, but yet the Jews were too cowardly to do their own bidding (executing people themselves was illegal under Roman law).
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