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  1. Basically anything that had Michael Landon in it would be good, wholesome entertainment to show your children. "Little House on the Prairie" and "Highway to Heaven" provided good entertainment infused with a strong undercurrent of Christian faith and morality. Although deviating and taking poetic license to the New Testament, the first season of AD was a great show to watch with my wife and three children and brought forth a myriad of questions from my children which served to only strengthen their faith further. Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood was also one of the best Christian shows for children as well.
  2. If you remember, Mr. D'Souza was arrested and tried over trumped-up charges by the Obama administration. If not for the excellent job done by his lawyers, he would be rotting in prison like the filmmaker whom Clinton and Obama fingered as the cause of the Benghazi attack. Mr. D'Souza tells it like it is and is a valuable voice for illuminating the corruption, dishonesty and deceit the infects most of American and Western European society today. Too many people have placed their trust in the tender mercies of Big Government instead of in God's Providence.
  3. The Olympics will always be subject to unnecessary strife as long as the IOC site selection committee can be bought off by the highest bidder. In 2009, Chicago was one of the five finalists for the Summer Olympics in 2016 but they were voted out first in favor of several, less-prepared sites, one of whom become the eventual winner (Rio). The infrastructure and wealth needed to host an Olympics puts a strain on even wealthy countries and can be very damaging to the health and safety of a country who is not as wealthy or established. This corruption is not limited to the Olympics as the decision to award the World Cup to Qatar in 2022 would be perplexing as it lacked the stadiums, climate and history for such an event but money ($$) talked.
  4. As Jesus said in Matthew 24:4-5: “Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many”. Many of these pastors take advantage of the earnest and heartfelt belief of the parishioners and I am sure that a few pastors actually convince themselves that they have the power themselves. There are miracles that occur even in this day and age and we just have to open ourselves to recognize and celebrate them when they occur.
  5. I actually think that there is a positive aspect for my children having a few friends who have different beliefs since it exposes him to other viewpoints that he would not otherwise encounter had they associated himself with people who had very similar beliefs. The Amish tend to be very homogeneous in their beliefs but the problem with that situation is that it resembles an 'echo chamber' in which your beliefs are constantly reinforced and you view people outside of the group with suspicion. Certainly Jesus went out of His way to meet with and talk to people who had different beliefs than Him and His disciples so I feel that is a great example for my family and others to emulate.
  6. It is true that you can pray anywhere (and should) but going to Mass affirms one as being a community of believers and one in Christ. Just as a body has many members, praying and worship together as a community forms the body of the Church with Christ as its head. Besides, Jesus himself affirmed the importance of worshiping as a community of believers during the Last Supper.
  7. Joel Osteen preaches the 'prosperity gospel' and it has a very seductive appeal, especially to those people who live close to the poverty line or who are looking to join a church that makes them feel good and is unremittingly positive. If you have lived a hardscrabble life and are just scraping by, then hearing Joel Osteen pontificating that Jesus wants you to be rich and have good things has got to be very appealing. As a Catholic, we are well known for having the "Catholic guilt" down pat and for people who don't want their conscience troubled, joining Osteen's permissive church is almost like a 'hall pass' justifying their rather immoral behavior.
  8. This question gets into the difference between legality and ethics/morality. States/countries that tend to legalize morality tend to become more autocratic or theocratic in nature as what was seen under Hitler's Germany, Mao's China or most of the Middle Easter countries today. A free and democratic country will tend to be much more permissive than what is taught in the Bible since it has to cater to the believer and non-believer alike. However, just because something is legal doesn't make it moral or ethical. Abortion is murder, essentially, but it is legal in the United States and almost all Western countries and it would never be considered anything but a profoundly immoral act. Euthanasia, gay marriage, pornography, etc. all are legal as well in these same jurisdiction and are profoundly immortal and unethical as well.
  9. Your initial comment inferred that she has not yet moved in with you yet, so keeping separate households should reduce temptation somewhat. If financial or other entanglements make the situation of living apart untenable, then elopement might be the least BAD situation. However, if she respects your faith in Christ and your desire to live chastely until you are married, then she should accept your decision, however grudgingly and not pressure you. One last point, sex is one of the great benefits of marriage and fulfills the command to "be fertile and multiply".
  10. Although Judaism and Christianity can largely co-exist as the New Testament 'builds' upon the teachings and revelation of the Old Testament, Islam can not co-exist due to its significant conflicts with the central tenets of the other two monotheistic faiths. Judaism stresses the covenant that God made with the Jewish people that He would be their God and they would be His people, the importance of keeping God's laws and commandments and the promise of a Messiah to come (this is the thumbnail sketch). Christianity basically accepts the central precepts of Judaism EXCEPT that Jesus is the promised Messiah who came to redeem humanity after their fall in the Garden of Eden. Jesus came to not abolish the law but to fulfill the law. It is not surprising that the Catholic faith, which is the oldest Christian 'sect' having its roots to the time of the apostles, contains many similar elements, teachings and rituals that can be found in Judaism as well. Now, Islam is a much more politically-oriented faith that contradicts many of the elements found in both Christianity and Judaism. The ethos found in the both of these faiths is not present in Islam which is only magnified by the fact that Islam teaches that salvation can be accomplished through personal good works and personal righteousness (Quran 23:101-103) rather than by the grace and mercy of God. Since, Islam states that the Qu'ran is literal word of God copied verbatim by his prophet, Muhammad, there is no room for interpretation so everything that happens is insha'Allah (if God wills).
  11. Before discussing the concept of predestination, one must keep in mind that we are ALL unworthy to enter the Kingdom of God and, to an extent that anyone does, it is through God's mercy and favor. In light of that, the problem of predestination is largely, though not completely addressed, since we would be judged unworthy by a just but unmerciful god so we are 'naturally' predestined to not attain an eternal reward in heaven. Since no 'worthy' person would be excluded, the concept of predestination can not be seen as morally wrong in any sense. Jesus obliquely refers to this in the parable of the laborers in the vineyard (Matthew 20:1-16). Certainly, we as humans, would naturally think that it was not morally right that laborers who toiled for only an hour got the same wage as someone who worked 11-12 hours during the day. The owner/employer states, "Am I not allowed to do what I choose with what belongs to me? Or are you envious because I am generous?" God's ways are not our ways and how He decides to show His mercy is beyond our comprehension.
  12. The Jewish faith does not view God as Triune but rather as very similar to what Christians believe as 'God the Father'. The Jewish concept of God is that of Creator of the universe who has made a special covenant with the Jewish people. There is not a conception of 'God the Son' and 'God the Spirit' in the Jewish faith as, historically, Jews have looked towards a Messiah similar but more powerful than King David who will come from the lineage of David to usher in an era of peace, the restoration of the temple and the rise of Israel as a great nation.
  13. Trump is the equivalent of a 'shot-in-the-dark' for the evangelical community. Evangelicals know that Hillary will be very unfavorable if not intolerant to their belief system as the heavy hand of the government will be imposed upon them to the point that they will be taxed to pay for abortion on demand and officiate gay marriages in their churches. Trump is not a social justice warrior so the hope of evangelicals is that Trump will leave them alone (i.e. the status quo).
  14. The people in the UK should be proud of the vote that they cast for freedom and self-determination from the ever-growing autocracy of the EU. Yes, there may be some short-term pain but as what is seen in Nice, Paris and Istanbul, having the ability to decide who will be allowed to enter the country and gain citizenship is critical in these violent times. The UK will also have the ability to negotiate good trade deals for themselves and, particularly if Trump wins given his Scottish heritage, may even prosper more through advantageous deals will the US, Canada, Australia and other former countries in the Anglosphere.
  15. The problem with people who adhere to the strict creationist interpretation (i.e. the world was created in six, literal days) that the age of the Earth is ~8,000 years old is that it cedes any and all credibility to atheists and those that do not believe in the teachings of Jesus. Given the information that we have obtained via science and reason, we know that there are several constants in the universe such as the speed of light in a vacuum. Given that there are objects that are millions of light years from us, we can only see those objects in the sky as if they were in the past (i.e. the light from an object 25,000 light-years from the past is only reaching us after traveling through space for 25,000 years). Rather than focusing on the exquisite design and order of the universe that could only have been come from the God the Creator, we totally undermine our argument by focusing on very provable incorrect information by taking the literal translation of Creation.
  16. Black Lives Matter is a group based on the hatred of one or more racial and ethnic groups which makes it identical conceptually to the Ku Klux Klan. Groups like the KKK and BLM tend only to metastasize when immoral and ethical leadership exists in Washington DC, particularly in the office of the President. Race hatred heated up in the 1990s under Bill Clinton but cooled considerably under his successor until it erupted in full force under the Obama presidency. When the people see that their leaders are not accountable, it sidelines the more moderate elements of society as the more extremist elements take over. The old proverb, "The fish rots from the head down" is very appropriate for this situation.
  17. The simple and obvious conclusion is that while Trump is certainly unqualified by any measure, there is a chance that he can be somewhat less unqualified over time. Hillary, by the nature of her multiple felonies is just simply disqualified and her complete lack of moral and ethics is far more dangerous to the nation. Already, no matter how many crimes she has committed, no one in Washington DC and any desire or courage to hold her to account.
  18. The jury is still out on the origins of the Shroud of Turin but the images shown on the Shroud is very consistent with a man living in first Century Judea. The Gospels drop very minimal hints on the physical appearances of people mentioned in them (i.e. Zacchaeus was short) but throughout the Bible, if someone had a defining physical characteristic (Samson's hair, Goliath's size), then it was mentioned as worthy of note. Consequently, one would have presumed that if Jesus' physical appearance resembled a pre-1900s Northern European, then there would have been some reference, albeit obliquely, to that fact.
  19. The savage and murderous attack in France tonight by another member of the "Religion of Submission" (Islam) is going to play into Trump's hands as the de facto "law and order" candidate. I do believe that the Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, will probably wind up pulling 4-5% of the vote will Jill Green getting another 1-2%. The events of the past week play strongly to Trump's strengths so I suspect that the election has become his to lose at this point.
  20. I will still give money to panhandlers from time to time since, even if nine times out of ten the money will be used for sinful purpose, the tenth time it could make a positive difference in someone's life and will be used well. Just remember the parable of the woman who lost one of her ten gold coins.
  21. Everyone is invited to become one with the body of Christ so long as they live in harmony and faithfully follow the Gospels, Just as Jesus was the vine and we are the branches, whole we remain one in Christ, we will have Christ's life within us. So yes, gays can DEFINITELY be members of the Church body but they can not be married by the Church as that that goes against the precepts and teachings of Jesus.
  22. I believe that there are homosexuals who are innately gay and would only be attracted to members of the same sex in any and all circumstances. Other people seem to swing between having sexual relations with male and female members so these people choose homosexuality by choice, especially youths and young adults who like to 'experiment' with members of the same sex.
  23. What will happen is that the Bible's original text and meaning will gradually be obscured as more and newer 'apps' with translations that are further and further away from the original truth and meaning of the Bible are put out for public consumption. Shortly thereafter, there will a specific Bible version for everyone and only in the more obscure corners of the internet will the proper text be available. If one looks as the history books from the 1970s era to the current date, you will see a darker and more sinister tone depicting America as no longer a light/beacon shining on a hill but as a sinister and malevolent force who has much to atone for.
  24. It seems to be pretty harmless entertainment and can provide nourishment for the soul so the wisdom of the endeavor will be based on how many people actually pay to see the exhibit. It won't provide the great witness or testimony that the organization hoped for but, in the end, if people have their faith strengthened by attending the exhibit, then it can be considered a win, however small it is.
  25. Yes, prison is a great boon to society PROVIDED that the person who is imprisoned is actually guilty of the crime that was committed. There is a concept of justice, mercy and forgiveness that is literally writ large throughout many of the books of the Bible, both in the Old and New Testaments. The first concept of the law was akin to "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" and that morphed into a more merciful view of justice as espoused by Jesus. In the encounter with Zacchaeus in Luke 19:1-10, Jesus remarked that “Today salvation has come to this house, because this man, too, is a son of Abraham. 10 For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” Now, salvation came in response to the restitution that Zacchaeus promised to pay .. fourfold more than the money he extorted originally. In the same way, restitution and repayment for crimes committed is justice and a prerequisite for a peaceful and tolerant society. Some crimes are serious enough, that the person is a threat to society if he/she were to remain free so prison is the method used to make repayment for the crime(s) committed while safeguarding society.
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