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  1. It is true that you can pray anywhere (and should) but going to Mass affirms one as being a community of believers and one in Christ. Just as a body has many members, praying and worship together as a community forms the body of the Church with Christ as its head. Besides, Jesus himself affirmed the importance of worshiping as a community of believers during the Last Supper.
  2. This question gets into the difference between legality and ethics/morality. States/countries that tend to legalize morality tend to become more autocratic or theocratic in nature as what was seen under Hitler's Germany, Mao's China or most of the Middle Easter countries today. A free and democratic country will tend to be much more permissive than what is taught in the Bible since it has to cater to the believer and non-believer alike. However, just because something is legal doesn't make it moral or ethical. Abortion is murder, essentially, but it is legal in the United States and almost all Western countries and it would never be considered anything but a profoundly immoral act. Euthanasia, gay marriage, pornography, etc. all are legal as well in these same jurisdiction and are profoundly immortal and unethical as well.
  3. Your initial comment inferred that she has not yet moved in with you yet, so keeping separate households should reduce temptation somewhat. If financial or other entanglements make the situation of living apart untenable, then elopement might be the least BAD situation. However, if she respects your faith in Christ and your desire to live chastely until you are married, then she should accept your decision, however grudgingly and not pressure you. One last point, sex is one of the great benefits of marriage and fulfills the command to "be fertile and multiply".
  4. Before discussing the concept of predestination, one must keep in mind that we are ALL unworthy to enter the Kingdom of God and, to an extent that anyone does, it is through God's mercy and favor. In light of that, the problem of predestination is largely, though not completely addressed, since we would be judged unworthy by a just but unmerciful god so we are 'naturally' predestined to not attain an eternal reward in heaven. Since no 'worthy' person would be excluded, the concept of predestination can not be seen as morally wrong in any sense. Jesus obliquely refers to this in the parable of the laborers in the vineyard (Matthew 20:1-16). Certainly, we as humans, would naturally think that it was not morally right that laborers who toiled for only an hour got the same wage as someone who worked 11-12 hours during the day. The owner/employer states, "Am I not allowed to do what I choose with what belongs to me? Or are you envious because I am generous?" God's ways are not our ways and how He decides to show His mercy is beyond our comprehension.
  5. Everyone is invited to become one with the body of Christ so long as they live in harmony and faithfully follow the Gospels, Just as Jesus was the vine and we are the branches, whole we remain one in Christ, we will have Christ's life within us. So yes, gays can DEFINITELY be members of the Church body but they can not be married by the Church as that that goes against the precepts and teachings of Jesus.
  6. Those 2,000 perpetrators were primary followers of Islam and, by extension, Sharia law. Sexual abusing non-Muslim women is condoned in the Qu'ran in verses 23:5-6 as a method to humiliate the enemies of Islam (basically any non-believers). It is shocking that progressive politicians support and are champions of Islam when the teachings of this faith contradict almost everything that they hold dear.
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