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  1. She must be given a chance? No, she mustn't That isn't how it works. You don't just hand the keys over to somebody because they want a chance. Some people clearly don't deserve it and are clearly note a good choice. Clinton & Trump are both terrible choices for different reasons. We don't have to give either of them a chance. There is no reason we can't just vote our conscience and pick one of the many other candidates that will be on the ballot come election day.
  2. There is nothing stopping people from just writing a different republican in on their ballot in most states. it isn't like you have to vote for Trump if you are republican. If you don't like Trump, don't vote for him. Same goes with Hillary Clinton. Don't fall for the wasted vote myth. Lesser of two evils is a terrible way to vote and choose a leader.
  3. Petitions make no difference. They just point out a well known issue that will still get ignored or will not be acted on. They rarely get anywhere. I'm not conservative, nor am I a republican. That said, I would rather have Cruz when faced with Trump or Clinton. I wish Cruz had fought a little harder, I might have voted for him in a general election on principle.
  4. I have had to defend myself many times in life from dangerous and violent attackers. I have never killed. It helps to use a non-lethal weapon. The degree of marksmanship you refer to comes from using a lethal weapon to disable rather than kill. There are multiple options to choose from that many officers already carry. When you are taught to reach for the lethal option first and receive more training on the lethal weapon people are going to die. Current technology also has a lot of answers to efficient non-lethal weapons that need more focus and funding to become mainstream. There are things out there that could make somebody just wish they were dead when they come to instead of shooting them with a gun and killing them.
  5. I am not a conservative in many manners. That said, I can see the logic in Scalia's stance on religion and government. It is very clear by what is printed on our money and many other traditions and rituals where government is involved that a true separation of church and state was not meant to be a separation of religion and state. Our founding fathers didn't want government dictating the ways of one particular denomination, they wanted people to be free to choose. It was about allowing religious freedom , not about stripping religion from government. Anyhow, thank you for sharing the article. It was interesting.
  6. I don't think this is representative of every major U,S, city, as the USA is large and there are many different cultural considerations that change with location. I will concede that several cities are facing issues similar to Baton Rouge and things could erupt in violence. We need to reexamine our police departments, not only acknowledge the presence of and effect the removal of bad cops, but to acknowledge and reward the good ones. All lives matter, police use of lethal force needs examination though. You can defend yourself by disabling your target instead of killing your target.
  7. Trump has a very secular presence. He certainly doesn't portray a very Christian image. It isn't an image that Evangelical Christians should attach to at least. It may not be about image though. It may be about what Trump is willing to do. Getting backing by Evangelical lobbyist groups for governing in ways they agree with or by making exceptions for them in certain areas does not seem right to me. The church should be separate from the state and openly backing a clearly secular individual does not seem right.
  8. nytegeek

    White Jesus

    To be closer to Jesus is to be closer to God. Our way to salvation, God, and Heaven is Jesus. Some level of fascination from those that believe with what he was like is to be expected if you realize this truth. Beyond that Jesus is a well known figure historically and symbolically by people of all sorts of beliefs. What color Jesus is may not be important, but it is human nature to dwell on such details whether it be a way to get a bit closer to Jesus or just to a broader truth. Ultimately it is a minor detail. We just want to be able to visualize something and someone so powerful and important. We don't have a photograph so maybe we should focus on his word rather than his appearance. His word is the way to everything that matters so it is best not to lose focus.
  9. I'm trying to refocus by going back to the OP and responding directly. It is my understanding that Catholics are supposed to treat the Pope is infallible. Many people were not comfortable with this and it played a large part into the Lutheran church breaking away. Many other denominations broke away from various churches after that over various differences over how the church should be run or over differences in interpretation of scripture. That said, many denominations are still close enough to catholic beliefs and ways that the Pope's word still carries weight. The Pope is a powerful central figure for Christianity, not just Catholicism and there will always be people even outside Catholicism that value his word.
  10. I wouldn't go back 100 years. Arguably the most violent time of Human history with the most enormous life loss imaginable ended 70 years ago with WWII. Russia used soldiers as tank fodder. The Russian government had no problems with "winning" by throwing more soldiers at the problem and ignoring the death toll on their side. We have enjoyed a long period of peace since the world wars that started in Europe do to the creation of organisations like the UN designed to prevent another world war by preventing the domino effect that started in Europe twice and resulted in world war twice after hundreds of years of smaller wars between European nations. Up to and through WWII the world was a much more violent place. The wars we deal with now are minor spats to compared to WWII and most wars preceding it. All of this said, yes, you are right. We need to focus on the here and now. The needs are different, but very real. Instead of nations fighting over resources or treaties we have crazy people raising armies across border lines to terrorize those with differing religious ideals. The death toll may be lower, but the fear factor world wide is higher. The feeling that anybody at any time could be a target is hard to shake. This world still needs healing. There will always be a need in our lives for God and his word, and modern times while different are no exception.
  11. I wouldn't call the successful coups prior to this failed attempt several coup attempts. You might want to read up on Turkish history.
  12. That is bad advice. Cancel one bad option out with an equally bad option? Contrary to popular belief there are more than 2 people running. Most states allow a write in as well.
  13. Honestly, look at history. You will find that despite recent events the world is pretty stable right now.
  14. nytegeek

    White Jesus

    A focus on race or color is a waste of time. If that is your concern you already have the wrong idea about things.
  15. I'm not impressed by Trump, but I don't think resorting to name calling is a very good way to make a point or support an opinion. You haven't cited any specific foreign or domestic policy items that you would dispute with him. Also, experience as a politician doesn't have anything to do with an ability to lead and isn't necessarily a good thing. If you could articulate an argument against Trump based on facts instead of name-calling and emotional response you would be doing those that don't support him more of a service.
  16. No I didn't, but I don't think that most people would have either. There are better ways to express what you were saying I think. Precision of language is important in both directions. That aside, I agree that being inclusive is important.
  17. What are you talking about? That is how any belief starts.
  18. Some sources on both sides use biased delivery and public ignorance to their favor. All of the sources publish some factual news, it's just that they make the line between news and opinion pieces fuzzy. The evening news on CBS, ABC, and NBC that runs before or after the local broadcast is usually neutral. It's all the other crap like cable news channels etc... that are bad sources.
  19. The biggest issue is the public reading, viewing or hearing something that is clearly editorial in nature and citing it as fact in arguments or discussions.
  20. I can't speak for everyone else, but catholicity is not a goal for me nor do I see it as a good direction to be steered towards,
  21. True, but they aren't any further off base than conservative sources like Fox News.
  22. I don't know what you are watching or reading. I see that people assume this, but I don't see the media reporting it that way. We need to quit blaming the media for how we choose to see the world.
  23. Having money is not the same as allowing it to rule you. This verse warns you about allowing money to rule you, not about having it.
  24. Even with the obvious blunders regarding the constitution made by Mr. Trump according to The Washington Post he still could have read it at some point. .It would be interesting to put all of our elected leaders and candidates to an unannounced mandatory test on the content of the US constitution.
  25. I was not speaking about Carlos' reply, and at the time I checked the question mark appeared to be missing from the topic title and I was only talking about the title to begin with. At any rate this level of nit-pickyness from either of us is useless and detracts from the conversation so I'm done.
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