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  1. Having money is not the same as allowing it to rule you. This verse warns you about allowing money to rule you, not about having it.
  2. I had forgotten about this. I don't know if it always applies. I don't think it is a suggestion that we should all live in poverty. I think of it as a warning against greed.
  3. Keeping a day for family and God is a good way to keep from overworking yourself. Everybody needs some downtime. It may not be a sin if you don't observe the sabbath, but other problems that are sins can result from not observing it.
  4. Lying really isn't okay though. When you start making exceptions based on your ideas of severity it gets easier to lie. I don't think God makes exceptions like that. Making exceptions for sinful behavior is essentially lying to yourself which is not a healthy thing to do. how can you seek forgiveness for your sins if you can't be honest about them?
  5. Thank you for clearing this up so nicely. This is what I had thought, but wasn't completely sure of.
  6. I think concerning yourself with sin and the right way to live is part of what needs to be done to care for your life needs and your family. The commandment not to work on the Sabbath may be part of the old testament laws that no longer apply since Jesus died for us, but I'm not sure. I know there are some old testament rules that changed with the coming and crucifixion of Jesus, I just don't have a good handle on what all of them were.
  7. It's nice that you recognize the problem in the equation is human choices not the tool. :)
  8. I'm guilty of working 7 day weeks. I don't know if the commandment carries over to new testament law or not. If it does I have been breaking it for a long time.
  9. I think it is a matter of consciously choosing to be aware of what you are doing and taking responsibility for it. If you know you have a tendency to lie when you meet people you should be better able to stop yourself from doing it. Whatever it was you read made you aware of the problem, so now there is less excuse for continuing the behavior. As for people that did not read about this or see the article, they still aren't off the hook. Anyone if they truly want to can make the choice to be honest and ask God for the strength to do so.
  10. I think it depends on what is in your heart and what you do with the money. Money can be a great tool to do good with. Maybe God blessed you with wealth so that you may do his will with it. I don't think poverty is nessacary to be a good Christian.
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