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  1. Cooking shows are extremely addicting to me. Once I subscribed to Netflix, I was introduced to a series of reality television shows. My love for reality television increased and I found an interest for cooking shows- specifically cooking competitions. I have always loved watching competitive gameshows, but had never watched through a good cooking competition. After watching the first season of Cutthroat Kitchen, I found myself addicted to the series. With every new season release on Netflix, I binge the season within a week. I love watching the cook's ideas spring to life, with only a few ingredients and minimal time. It's interesting to see what someone can do with so little. I also love that they add different obstacles for the cooks to compete over. I totally understand your love for cooking shows! The only shows I can't get into are step by step instruction. I don't like watching someone prepare delicious food. I don't mind watching them prep food for a competition, but hate to watch someone cook in order to learn. Id rather follow a recipe.
  2. This is amazing. I love to see real-life results from using your faith to your advantage. God is great and will do amazing things for those who put their trust in him. It's amazing to me that you saw results that quickly. Addiction is something that is very difficult to let go of. I have watched several people in my life suffer with addiction and many have yet to give up their addictions. I wonder if they have faith in Jesus Christ and have made an effort to ask for help. I don't see many of them seeking guidance from God. Majority of the people I know with addiction issues are seeking help elsewhere or not seeking help at all. My heart goes out to you, with a huge congratulations! I wish you the best on your journey. :)
  3. I don't feel like it's necessary to listen to religious music, so it's hard to pinpoint how often you should listen to it. I listen to all sorts of music. I tend to listen to religious music a few times a week, but it's definitely not the only genre that I listen to. I feel like there is no requirement to listen to music that talks about faith. It's a nice thing to do and it can definitely give you a positive message, rather than a basic message of every day life. I would say if you want to put this type of music into your routine, try and listen to it once a week or so. If anything, you could put a Christian radio station on. There are so many options out there that allow you to get in touch with your faith through music. :)
  4. This is super relevant to me right now. I just got back from Jury Duty and found myself excused within minutes of being there. Part of me was relieved, but another part of me was wanting to spend my day going through a court case and learning about the process. I've heard of people looking for ways to get out of Jury Duty, but I've never heard of people looking for tips to NOT get out of Jury Duty. After opening this thread, I realize this is a story, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to create a list of ways to not get sent home, ha ha. I would never feel the need to argue with a judge. I don't know what someone could be thinking when arguing with a judge, since that just sounds like an all around bad idea. Nowadays I could see this landing you with some serious charges, regardless of now aggressive it is. I could see how a judge would get irritated by someone wanting special treatment. At that point, you might as well take your dismissal.
  5. I don't see any issue with tattoos. I'm covered in tattoos and feel that it's my right to express myself. I have been told that it's an act of destroying my body, but I couldn't disagree more. I feel as if I'm enhancing my body. My body is a temple, sure, so why not decorate it the way I see fit? If I'm going to be condemned for having ink on my body, I'd like to think that it's a bit ridiculous. No one should be condemned for making choices for themselves.
  6. You are definitely not alone in feeling this way. Personally, I have experienced an abortion. It is not an easy task. I think people forget that we are human and have said the negative thoughts people spew from their mouths a thousand times over. People already know what they're doing is seen as a terrible thing. Sometimes it's necessary. In my case, I could not financially support a child and I was on birth control while having sex. Things happen and I was not in a position to bring a child into the world. Adoption? Majority of my family is adopted and I came from a pretty terrible situation. Putting a child into the system is terrible.
  7. Weird Al would be a pretty fantastic choice for the Super Bowl halftime show. I don't usually care for the performers. I will sit in to watch the half time show, but normally it's not something I look forward to. If Adele were to perform during halftime, I think a lot more people would tune in to watch. I love Adele and wouldn't mind seeing them feature someone with raw talent. As much as I don't care for football, I'd love to see her perform. :)
  8. I try my best to give when I can. This includes when pan handlers are asking for money. I used to ignore the fact that people were asking for money and continue walking, but after meeting my fiance, my thoughts have differed. My fiance used to travel across the US by train and was completely homeless. My mind always goes to knowing that somewhere, these people have families and people that care about them. If it were someone I knew, I would hope that someone would offer to help. If I have the ability to help others, I am always more than glad to help panhandlers. I will usually offer to bring them inside and buy them some food. If I'm in a hurry, I will hand them cash and tell them to have a good day. I truly believe that God would want me to help others in the best way I could- regardless of how the person is going to use the money. It might be kindness that changes someone's state of mind.
  9. I couldn't believe my eyes when watching the videos last night. There was absolutely no reason to attack innocent people by helicopter. Our world seems so corrupt at the moment. It hurts my heart to see different places in the world struggling to make ends meet. The fact that their military felt the need to break away makes me wonder what kinds of problems their facing, but at the same time there is never an excuse to hurt innocent people. I am keeping Turkey in my prayers and hoping that they can overcome this. My heart truly goes out to those that were injured during all of this.
  10. I am not familiar with "Calvinist," but this trailer made me more open to looking into it. It'd be interesting to look into something new. I'm assuming that if they are willing to create a documentary about it, that it must be interesting enough to investigate. Someone above mentioned reformed theology. Is a Calvinist someone that follows reformed theology? I know I could do a quick google search, but I really enjoy hearing facts and opinions from direct sources. It'd be awesome if someone could enlighten me on this. :)
  11. I am neither here nor there with Hillary, but I do believe that her actions are very wrong. The fact that there were so many things left untouched bothers me. I cannot stand the fact that she was not held accountable for her actions. It goes to prove that money speaks volumes when you're facing trouble. This woman has gone out of her way to hide information from the American people. This isn't someone I want running for office- though I don't want to see Trump run either. This whole election seems so played out and is honestly hard to watch. I'm not looking forward to seeing where we stand during elections.
  12. You took the words right out of my mouth. When opening this thread, my thoughts were exactly this. If there is a worry or concern about what race Jesus Christ was, then there are bigger issues at hand. I do not care what race Jesus Christ was, but that he gave his life for me. Race has absolutely no role in what I believe and will have no effect on my love for Jesus. It's so odd to me that people put so much emphasis on his race.
  13. It makes me sad to know that my little brother and sister are going to grow up in this world. The news of tragic events seem to be much more frequent today. Every time I open my laptop and make my way to Google news, there are a series of tragedies going on in the world. I have been praying like crazy and just hoping to see some good in the world. The amount of racism, terrorism, etc. is just too much to bare at times. The children of the world know nothing different and hopefully, are ignorant to the situations going on at the moment. It just makes me sad to know that they might grow up in a world that shows nothing but hatred for one another.
  14. Sadly, I have come across numerous Trump supporters. I am surprised at how many of my friends have jumped onto the Trump train and are looking forward to putting their votes in. To be honest, it's scaring me. The idea that Trump might very well be our next President is absolutely terrifying. The man comes off as a nut job, though he has managed to bring every single racist to the surface, making them feel better about themselves. He has convinced the racist agenda that it's not racist at all, but realistic. I'm hoping for the best, but I am expecting the worst.
  15. I always wondered why my grandmother took the words of the Pope so seriously growing up. My grandmother took the Pope's words as scripture. I remember watching various television shows featuring the Pope and as a child, I saw him in the same light that I saw Jesus. I thought that he was a living prophet. Now that I'm older, I understand that he is just a man with a bit of power over the Catholic church. The current Pope is actually pretty great, when listening to what he says. I don't take his words as concrete, but I do like some of the things he has to say.
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