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  1. No, not yet, sorry, I wasn't aware of "Mark 7:14-19, "You are not defiled by what you eat; you are defiled by what you say and do!" Then Jesus went into a house to get away from the crowds, and his disciples asked him what he meant by the statement he had made. "Don't you understand either?" he asked. "Can't you see that what you eat won't defile you? Food doesn't come in contact with your heart, but only passes through the stomach and then comes out again." I was referring to the old testament, so I'm sorry for my mistake.
  2. I think that is because no one can really follow all laws, specially in today's world, that's completely different from the time when the bible was written. For instance, the bible says not to eat pork, but this isn't something we all follow simply because pork is so widespread and normal today that we don't even remember that it's actually considered a sin in the bible. I'm sure most people will disagree with me but I think that it is okay to adapt the bible to your current life, as not all of us can live the way they lived in the B.C. times.
  3. Completely agree with you. I believe anyone can be whoever they want but let's not act like there is a third gender, simply because there is no third genitalia. If gender is something that's "in your mind", why not just call it a personality? There's a Tumblr blog listing more than 300 different genders and that's just ridiculous. A man is a man and a woman is a woman and there is nothing in between. A man can be a man and feel like he's both woman and man (or something somewhere in between) but in reality this is just about personality, not really sexuality. I think people are so crazily against gender norms that they're rather be called another gender than simply say that they don't accept gender norms. Girls can wear blue and boys can wear pink, that doesn't mean they're any different from anyone else.
  4. I'm not really familiar with the Armed Forces but if it's the same as in my home country, transgender people should be allowed to join the military, but let's not forget that there don't seem to be lots of women serving. In my country this is because we aren't allowed to serve (only as doctors and other jobs that have nothing to do with actual physical exercises) so why deal with the transgender problem before even dealing with an issue that affects the majority (which, even if this isn't super moral, is still the most relevant when it comes to a democracy.)
  5. This is a perspective from someone who isn't from the United States so I might be completely wrong, but I think if Trump wins, the country will really be affected. There are two possible scenarios if Trump is elected: he'll either bring the United States out of its economy crisis, as Trump is undeniably a great economist and he knows how to deal with technical issues. The second scenario is he will turn the country into a wave of unmorality and protesters will impeach him. But IMO, not one of the candidates look promising.
  6. Honestly, I don't think prison really solves anything when it comes to "fixing" the criminals, but it is the best choice when it comes to protecting the outside world from those people. I think we shouldn't focus on finding another type of institution to put criminals in, but to make prisons even better (which they are already becoming.) The US have the best prisons if I've correctly. In my country prisons are governmental and they're really really awful, the US did a great thing by privatizing them. Anyways, I think prisons should offer more psychological care and fight criminality behind bars as well.
  7. I think evolution is a fact, but like everything, we still have to study way more. But I do think it's the most plausible answer to where we come from. There are so many fossils that prove how our species have changed over the years, and how animals evolved differently because they migrated to different areas of the world. It's plausible to say that polar bears evolved to be polar bears because it gave them an advantage with the environment. Of course we can't just affirm something because everything is possible, but I do think evolution is the closest theory we've discovered yet.
  8. I'm the least homophobic person in the world, I fight for equal rights, but I really don't think people are born gay, same way as I don't believe people with social/cultural psychological differences aren't born like that. There is absolutely no proof that there's any gene out there that changes one's DNA so it likes the same sex. I think being gay is purely about upbringing and cultural, and while equal rights should be supported, I don't think anyone should try and prove that homosexuality has anything to do with genetics. It's an undeniable truth that society changes people, so we don't have to rely on science to explain every single thing. Homosexuality is about psychology (not that it's an illness!!!) and not genetics.
  9. I'm a feminist and even with that, I really question abortion. Is it really that moral, is it really about freedom of choice? If I were to get pregnant with a baby I didn't want, I'd feel like I owe the baby at least 9 months in my body, so it can grow healthy, like every child deserves to grow. If I didn't want to keep the baby, I'd just give it up for adoption. It's not that hard. What's nine months of your life compared to a lifelong feeling of guilt? I know people who've had abortions and even as liberal as they are, they can't feel but feel bad. Abortion not only kills the child, it also deeply scars the mind of the mother. It's not an easy choice. Rape victims should be allowed to choose to abort, I think every woman should, but we need to keep in mind that it's not the only option. You can go through a pregnancy and not have to deal with the baby. There are lots of couples who can't have children and are looking for people just like you!
  10. I think science is really important and unlike some religious people believe, I think science isn't here to try and replace religion, it's here to add more to it. It's okay to live according to traditional ideas and realizations but we also have to know that people back then didn't have the means to really explore the physical universe, which is not their fault, it's just natural with human evolution, and we really should accept it. Science can explain things even religion (and the bible) can't, because science has the technology and resources we didn't have back when the bible was written. Science is not here to fight and question religion, it's here to give us knowledge about our solid, physical reality.
  11. I'm really proud that I'm finally learning a skill (sewing) and that I'm planning to open my own business soon. I'm also really proud of how much I've grown since 2 years ago, when I was in my worst days. I'm proud that I've healed mentally and that I'm finally actually stable, both mentally and physically. I'm proud that I'm taking better care of myself, socializing more and not being lazy. I feel like this year will be life changing and will make me realize so many things I took really long to realize. I want to grow professionally this year and get some financial stability as well.
  12. Yeah, guess the difference between us is that I do believe in liberalism. I also do think there is only one God, but different religions have different views about Him. You say the bible has the "only accurate description of God", but this is your point of view. This is western point of view. There's nothing that proves we are correct, or if there's even correctness when it comes to faith. Maybe all religions are right, maybe none is. I am a Christian but I do believe people should be able to choose what they believe in and that we can't force our views down other people's throats because "it's right." We don't know if we're right, we believe we are. Just like them. Don't you think other religions aren't also 100% sure they're right? So what's to prove there is even a correct answer... I don't believe liberalism is a bad thing. I believe it makes us unique. I think liberalism is necessary otherwise the world would never evolve. If the bible was 100% correct like most people claim, why does science also have "accurate description" of lots of things the bible fails to realize? Like the world being round, like earth being way older than we think?
  13. I think this is okay. Obviously there are things nowadays that the bible/ancient people didn't believe in, but we have to live with it and take advantage of it as well. The bible doesn't exactly say alcohol is sinful, but it does mention tattoos. I wouldn't get one myself but I don't think people shouldn't be able to get them. I don't think church should get money out of this but if that's the only way they found, then yeah, better than nothing.
  14. I think believing the earth is flat is basically denying that the Bible can be wrong when it comes to certain things, which, in my opinion, makes no sense. You can't deny absolute proof. Scientists don't "claim" the world is billions of years old, they KNOW it. If earth is only thousands of years old, how do you explain dinosaurs? How do you explain fossils? How do you explain the billions of different layers underground that shows earth's evolution? I think even religious people shouldn't deny science, as it's one of the reasons why we're so made fun of... Science is undeniable, because it's visible. The bible might be right about a number of things, but you have to understand that the science back then was really primitive. How can you believe the earth is flat when we have unlimited proof that it isn't? How do you explain a flat planet? Why would earth be different from the other round planets we can clearly see with telescopes? How do you explain gravity? Science is not here to dispute with religion, it's here to help us evolve.
  15. I think the most important part of a relationship is communication because otherwise it's only a sexual relationship. For two people to be together, in my opinion, they need common ground. They need to enjoy each other's company because they understand each other. Being around someone who doesn't understand what you feel or even your sense of humor is really sucky and can only end up with a nasty breakup.
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