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  1. God want us to listen to Him and He knows that we want his presence even if we are sinners. He created us in His own likeness that is why He can't leave us alone. I don't think that He expects much from us apart from obeying Him and do as per His word.
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    I don't like tattoos because am happy with the way God created me. I usually discourage my friends from tattooing their bodies. I also don't like them because one cannot erase them after being tattooed. I don't think that the Bible supports tattoos and we are supposed to avoid them, in my own view.
  3. We can accept them if only they want to change their behavior. If they want to continue with their practice in church then we can't allow them to do it in churches. God says that we are all sinners and we have to ask for forgiveness. If gays can ask for forgiveness and stop their practice then they can be accepted in church.
  4. Yes, one can be rich and still be a Christian. Figure this out ; when you were in college you used to pray to God to help you get through college successfully. Luckily you managed to pass since you were hardworking. What will happen next? You will get a good job and be rich. Who made you to be rich? Definitely it is God who made you to work hard since you used to pray for him to help you work hard. Unless you stop praying, you will still be a Christian because it is God who gave you the riches.
  5. If God was a human being, what would have been his best food? Over the time bread and fish had been favourite food for many. I have read about sacrifices which were being offered to God and I thought that God had preferred meat over vegetables. Think of Jesus giving out pizza and fish stew to a congregation. The Bible outlines what we should and what we shouldn't eat. Is that God's taste or it is only for our consumption?
  6. I believe that God is male because He calls himself as a father of all creations. He is also referred to as a male since he is the creator. I don't know why He never reveals to us about the difference since He says that men and women are all equal. Why didn't He make himself to be a woman? I wonder. Can we assume that He is both male and female?
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