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    Three tour Vietnam Vet with one tr with B Co. 229th AHBn, 1st Air Cav, the killer Spades.
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    Yashua and YHWH, His Faher and mine by Adoption


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  1. As I posted earlier, on another forum, I earned my place in the Lake of Fire but the unearned Grace of YHWH is the only reason I will reside where I will always have access to the presence of the King of Kings in Heaven. PRAISE YHWH!
  2. molesting children. That does not change the fact he was a real creep. 3 I don't know the answer beyond no teen nor adult should ever be alone with anyone younger than themselves. The services are filled with murderers. thieves, rapists and child molesters, all unrepented, CREEPS! We must become wiser and, even then we will, still, need to deal with the creeps on some level,
  3. Erik, When I use the proper name of our Elohim (Supreme, Almigvowel sounds. The h is always enunciated in he same as the ch ishty Triune God, it a matter learned from meeting people during cmy international travels complimented by and coupled with study of YHWH's Written Word because I have chosen to live for Him and because His name in Paleo-Hebrew is correctly spelled YHWH and is not properly pronounced with any vowel sounds. The h is always enunciated in he same as the ch is enunciated in the German name Bach, you know, the great German Composer. The h is pronounced with a hard k sound that ends with it being exasperated. If I had to write out the sounding with vowels I would say it sounds ou8t, mostly like yokkkkk-vokkkkk. The w is pronounced just as it is in the proper enunciation of Volksswagon... pronounced in Deutche as volks-vagon . The was not a v sound ju8st there is no such sound in my grandfather's native Deutche. Now, please, I am accustomed to the normal resulting arrogance and foolish waste of time and energy from answering this question and I ask you to ask yourself, are you my judge and if not, why such a question?
  4. Uhhh... and the other, the opposing, their side is not unique? The Holy Word of YHWH teaches Predestination as an absolute fact and any denial of it being truth is tantamount to calling the Word of YHWH to be in error which is tantamount to declaring YHWH to not being The Supreme Being or that He has lied. The whole issue is present only because of laziness and the lack of the desire to seek after the face of YHWH. That is true of both sides or extremes of the issue. The truth of the matter is only understandable when it is understood that YHWH created this Time/Space Continuum for man and man alone. YHWH is, in one manor like the men that took the raw elements and with wrenches, rivet guns wrenches and cranes and they, together, created UH1H 67896, my Huey for me to participate in Military Actions. They were nit confined to the space inside 806 but they created it for me. YHWH is not confined to this Time/Space Continuum but rather, before it was created He already was. When YHWH explains to us that a thousand years is like unto Him as a day and that a day unto His is like a thousand year, it is best understood that Time, as we know it, is meaningless to our Elohim, YHWH. He knows the future from the present and the past because He views the entire scene, beginning through the end, all together, at once. It is thus that the Prophecies in scripture have always been accurate and always will be. YHWH has already seen what, to us, will be. According to Peter, YHWH would have none to perish but that all should repent a and YHWH is not a capricious god, creating some for no other reason than to spend Eternity in Hell. Because our Elohim had already watched me repent and declare Him as my Savior before He created our Time/Space Continuum, by a thousand years or so, He wrote my name in the Book of Life. Not because He created me for Eternal Life, every Human is a Spiritually Eternal and too many of of us choose to reside in the Lake of Fire. YHWH has already seen their decision and their names are omitted because He knows the BHeginning and the end.
  5. I'll begin playing with and converting it if the jpg is all of it. I will not fib, I was hoping you had worked in PS or GIMP and had the raw images but nothing is impossible with graphics.
  6. Hi Bill, I'm guessing you want the back ground to be see through, sort of like smoke. Did you use one of the layered formats? If so what you want is simple and I can do it. If my effort is not what you want, no charge, if it is pay what it is worth to you.
  7. Bill Taylor

    Becky's photos

    these remind me of Old Times. The rider on the horse is a bit to tall. The Block on the Stetson is not what was known, in the twenties thirties, as a Texas Block but it reminds me of a man in Heaven, George Schoenberg, Sr, my grandfather and, t this day, I love houses with roofed porches that surround the house. I recall cool summer days outside on that porch, no matter the direction of the wind. Nice shots, all three.
  8. Yes, the Internet js filed with intentional fools.
  9. In verses 21 thru 48 of the first chapter of the Sermon on the Mount are the words of Jesus as He is explaining how we are to conduct our personal relationships. We must learn from this to never lie but instead let our words always ring with the truth.
  10. Because I look to both sides of the Public Media Sources, I can, with a clear mind declare, anyone that reads only left leaning or radical right leaning news source is a sad, sad, person. They are intentionally deluded.
  11. It not only lacks detail but without details for a basis of discussion, it is a lie because of omission of those details. It is one of the better crafted lies to float out of the DNC Moat.
  12. I not only recall the reason for the Righteous Anger, I often expressed, in not a well thought out manner, on another Christian forum, I, today, would Exercise the Bum from the CONUS and refuse him entry to any land possessed by the United States. But now, I have mused on this discussion and it is my thought that the question posed is wrong. Christians, say like myself, originate from the Strangest Backgrounds. The question, as I see it is, "Can a Democrat be a Christian in more than name?" And my answer would be a very broad, though not unlimited, 'No!' The Modern Day or Revised New Testament and the New Covenant Christian of today gleefully declare they, along with the Holiness Movement Christians that they are Democratic Christians. Please, if anyone seeks to educate me by posting links explaining the Platform, obey the Commands of My Master, to the best of my ability and failing, as all humans are prone to do, I humble myself before Him and repenting, mind, body and soul, begging and receiving Grace instead of Deserved Condemnation. I will not closely examine their platform because the mind is just like any computer, put trash in and you can expect to, and will receive trash out of it. A Follower of the Most Holy, the Only Holy YHWH that tries to be a faithful Democrat, American Style, will, suddenly. have two masters. Our LORD teaches us, even today, this is impossible because we will obey one and hate the other or we will hate one and obey the second one.
  13. Why would any sane Christian deny they have the right to slay their child and then see it used for the most horrible and depraved scientific experiments mankind has ever conceived? If we read the Scriptures, carefully, we discover every male and female child born, since the very first fruit of the loins of Adam and Eve, after their expulsion from Eden has been born Spiritually Dead, needing the Redemption of Yashuah ha'Mashiak. If people can ever manage to turn their pride from Self Promotion and the timid from Self Preservation, at any cost, and seek YHWH with all their heart, mind and soul Ruah, the Holy Spirit, will teach them about the Mysterious Second Death they were born with. It remains my prayer that YHWH will, until the instant of my death, use me to open His Word to Lost People, everywhere.
  14. When I was in the seventh grade, a long forgotten Science Teacher taught my class that before the next two decades would pass, the earth would be swallowed by the next ice Age, that was in the Fall of 1960. When I became a Christian in 1990 I began studying, concluded that May 14 of ‘98 would be registered as Israel’s Jubilee Year because Israel had been reborn May 14, 1948 and without consulting the Jewish Calender I went about declaring the Rapture at any given point between May 14, ‘98 and January of 2000. This weekend AOC, the Socialist Democrats (Nazi, Russian or Venezuelan Communist?) Darling Mouth Piece, declared the End of the Earth! My Teacher was a fool for believing such nonsense, I was a fool for thinking I knew what YHWH has declared no man knows! AOC? She is a rude and dedicated follower of Karl Marx, Stalin, Hitler and an unending list of Self Important Fools, the least of whom is likely Bill Taylor. The only Being that knows the future of man and the Earth is our Triune Elohim of whom YHWH is the Father of all. I will make one firm declaration of the future: The Earth will support mankind’s presence for no less and likely a bit more than 1,000 more Years and then YHWH through Yashuah will burn this planet, then, cleansed He will restore it for the Seating of Heaven On The Earth. (Read all about it in the last book of the Bible, The Revelation of Yashuah ha’Mashiah.)
  15. You might live in CA but jussss as this old Wanna Bee Cunny lives in TX, you be Cunny by blood!!! Loving good food 'til this old boy goes Home and my Cardiologist can continue wailing the Heart Attack Blues as I sing Praise to my Miracle Working Elohim, YHWH!
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