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  1. That’s a good one . It can refer to appearance sometimes , or here it gives a sense one’s or the worlds behavior or ways . Like , It was his fashion to wake up early . Early Modern English can be tricky unless you did things similar to Shakespeare in the park type stuff when you were in your twenties lol . Still you get thrown at times . The above in my opinion . Blessings Bill
  2. To be happy or satisfied with or willing just by looking at its context. Blessings Bill
  3. Laish

    A little about Me

    Bummed up for those that may not have read . Blessings Bill
  4. Cool thanks for the info ! I never dug deep in to the issue of the difference. I tend to agree with Baptist on the subject but what you posted shows more research on the subject won’t hurt . Sense we highjacked the thread let’s take it to Geneva. Cuba is so yesterday for highjacking . Blessings Bill
  5. Lol I attended a Presbyterian Church I enjoy the form of service. I believe in believers baptism I don’t drink but don’t believe that’s for everyone. Always seems to big issues between the two . I call myself Reformed as to where I fall I really don’t know . Sorry for the odd answer Blessings Bill
  6. I agree e Bibles are great . How evever we get into The Word is excellent! Also e-Sword is awesome. I was so happy when I was finally Abel to get it on my iPad. I use it often I use it to get the Greek or Hebrew definition of words and John Gill’s commentary on every verse I the Bible is always a help . It’s free too ! Thanks always for the reminder. Blessings Bill
  7. Ok cool . My interest is the notes . That’s why I am drawn to the Geneva and NET translations . I like to know what was going through the translators mind on word choice . That and along with getting a glimpse of their theological beliefs is cool . I do like the near poetic sense of Early Modern English. So that’s a plus. I have some experience with Shakespeare’s plays so the language is easy to digest. That and reading other early English translations has given me a leg up . I will probably get both in hard copy format. Electric is cool but nothing beats the feel and (do I say it? )smell of a leather bound Bible. I am just weird that way. It’s actually funny the first thing I do is thumb my way to the approximate middle of a new book I get while I bury my face in the book and inhale lol. I did say weird. No I am not going to ask how doses it smell . Now deciding the one to purchase first is the issue. Leaning heavily towards the Geneva right now . Blessings Bill
  8. Ok I can check on line brothers but real life testimonials are best . So what stands out the most . I have my My top 4 - 5 ( NASB ESV NKJV KJV and Amp ) that I have read some several times and am looking a new one to read . I have considered the Geneva Bible and the NET Bible. So on the personal level what is it about the Geneva that stands out ? I hear a lot about the notes can you elaborate? Blessings Bill
  9. Laish


    That’s the truth your not lion lol blessings Bill
  10. Laish


    Wow what a colourfull avatar lol Welcome brother Blessings Bill
  11. What’s interesting about this is that this happened around noon . Horse or not if Paul was a practicing Jew . We all know he was . Would he not be off his horse for his midday prayer? If I remember correctly there were three times for prayer from the second Temple forward. One at about 9 am the second at noon then the last at dusk. Just a thought. Blessings Bill
  12. As for what I look for in a Bible. It depends on if I have ever read that translation before . If not I go low end. Not paperback but not very expensive. Usaly around the 30 $ mark . If it’s one I like I will go after genuine leather large print ,references along with translation notes . Red letters is a plus but not essential. for my top favorites NASV,ESV,NKJV,and KJV. I will soon be trying out the NET with translation notes . Only problem is to get the notes you must go high end. Blessings Bill
  13. Have you looked here —-> Schuyler Bibles SCHUYLERBIBLE.COM I seen the site before it looks cool for some high end Bibles Blessings Bill
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