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  1. You're confusing free will with omnipotence. If you told me to flap my arms like a bird, I can choose to obey you or not. That's free will. Since I am not a bird, I will not rise up into the air like a bird. But I can decide whether to flap my arms or not. God has created us with free will, but not with the power to do everything that we might will, at least not by our own power. God has decided to save us. That's why Christ came to earth, died on a cross, and rose again on the third day. We can, and many do decide to turn down this gift. If He so desired, God could save us regardless of what we think about the idea but I don't believe that is supported in Scripture. I also believe that God created us with a desire to seek Him, but many choose - of free will - to harden their hearts to this and to reject Him instead. Everyone lives according to standards, and there are many non-Christians who live according to God's standards in many ways, but their deeds do not save them. On the other hand, there are professed Christians who live lives that are barely, if at all, recognizable as God's standards. In such cases, whether we choose to believe that they were never saved at all or that they have walked away from the offer of salvation is really a matter of semantics, and something that God will determine, or has already determined, although we may not know the determination. I am not a Calvinist, and can accept such a belief only in the sense that God is capable of knowing what will occur as if it has already occurred, including whether or not we will accept the gift of salvation. However, I don't accept that this implies a lack of free will. I don't know that I even want to accept the idea of a God who would choose to condemn some to hell, and not others, and I don't find that the Scripture requires such an understanding. I can know how a book will end if I choose to look ahead to the end of it, but this does not imply that I was the one who has chosen its ending. I would guess that you made a choice from among the shirts that were available to you in your wardrobe.
  2. I don't believe that God micromanages our lives. He has given us free will and, with that, comes the freedom of consequences. While God surely does step in from time to time, and miracles do occur, I believe that He does so for His purposes, not ours. If I step out in front of a truck, my life is in the hands of the truck driver. If his reactions are quick enough, I may survive. Otherwise, unless God has some special purpose for me that can't easily be accomplished by another, I will suffer the consequences of having not watched where I was going. Unfortunately, we also suffer the consequences of life, which includes bad things for which we were not responsible in any way, whether it be a careless driver, a serial killer or a simple accident, as well as the consequences of nature, such as storms, earthquakes and disease. Although I'm not convinced that our worst diseases are entirely natural, that's another subject. In most cases, if I get cancer, as I have twice now, my fate is left in the hands of the medical professionals for the most part, although I can contribute to my recovery through a proper diet, etc. Certainly, God could step in if He wanted to and cure me of cancer, and I don't doubt that He has done such things from time to time, but He doesn't make a habit of it. Mostly, God allows things to take their course. We may live a long life free of suffering, or we may live a miserable life that doesn't last very long -- either way, our focus shouldn't be on this life but the next. Even if we were to live to be a hundred, our time here on earth will have been inconsequential as compared to the time we will spend in the next life. God could have made things easier on us by creating us without free will, but He chose not to do so, perhaps because He may as well have been producing a movie as to have created a species whose individuals couldn't do anything but play the part that they were created to play. God created us with free will so that He could have a true relationship with us. Unfortunately, with free will comes the freedom to do a lot of horrible things, whether willfully, out of ignorance, or out of disregard for the consequences on ourselves and others.
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