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John Calvin puts forward a very simple reason why love is the greatest gift: “Because faith and hope are our own: love is diffused among others.” In other words, faith and hope benefit the possessor, but love always benefits another. In John 13:34–35 Jesus says, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” Love always requires an “other” as an object; love cannot remain within itself, and that is part of what makes love the greatest gift.

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  1. Which points of Calvinism/reformed faith do you think are important for every new believer to know... what are the beliefs of the presbyterian church that makes it distinct from the other churches. In other words do you think there are some points in reformed theology new believers should note and study more than other "side" differences... also I started reading the bible started with Mark through Luke, John, acts, and then when I started in Romans I then got bored... I don't know how to make it a habit of reading the bible, my prayers are so short and repeating, I feel that I'm repeating the same prayer everyday... Thanks a lot, pray for me. Note: Just to be clear I know the beliefs of the presbyterian church, what I mean by the question is any misconceptions or beliefs that are not very clear that I may have missed while reading the declaration of faith... plus points of the reformed faith that are essential for every presbyterian to know.
  2. First off I'm sorry if the title (or the topic) is too funny for you to be able to respond :D :D I was as some of you know a Christian until I was 16 years old, left Christianity and then I returned after swinging between many paths I returned 3 months ago but not to the orthodox church that I was raised in, I saw that I didn't agree with many things in it (The real physical presence in the Eucharist, the reverence of the bodies of saints, salvation with works, confession to a priest and some more I can't remember) I returned and saw that the nearest protestant church _that I thought was presbyterian_ was called the church of Christ... I thought that it was just the title I didn't know there was a denomination called the churches of Christ, I recently learned that they believe in speaking in tongues _though I never saw them speaking in tongues_ and its pastors graduate from the apostolic theology school and not the presbyterian... I didn't know anyone in the church and they are very few in number, me and two girls are the youngest attenders there... I needed a community before I needed a church, I was _before going 3 months ago_ praying in home and listening to sermons and praise songs and so... now I don't know what should I do, the two presbyterian churches near me I can't attend, one of them is my crush's church (the crush that refused me so we can't be in the same place) and the other church's pastor has a sexual scandal (I don't know if he was fired or not) there's a friend who wants to find a church too but he lives far from me and we have to find a church someplace in between (that would be about an hour of commuting) should I try to go and see that other church that had the scandalous pastor and see if he was fired or go with my friend and try to find a new church? I mean I left the orthodox church because I was not convinced with some of their beliefs and I am not convinced in the unknown tongues too, I don't care if they can reason it with bible verses I just find it illogical that unknown tongues can be beneficial for the speaker! Is there anything I should know about the presbyterian church, any additions to the church of the acts of the apostles, I also have something against the Calvinistic belief that god chooses whoever he wants for heaven and condemns whoever he wants to hell so I mean mother Theresa or Gandhi can be in hell if god didn't choose them but Hitler can be in heaven?! In the Eucharist I believe it's just a memory but I know that the presbyterian church believes it to have spiritual presence too, is that right? Can you also please give me advice on how to pray, because I find that I repeat my "requests" and nothing is achieved... I'm sorry if the post was very long, I can't express myself in few words. and I'm sorry if I posted it in the wrong sub forum.
  3. Beshoy Adel

    How to enjoy God?

    Yea, of course I try to do that, but I'm not talking about enjoying what god does for me, I'm talking about enjoying my relationship with him. Pray for me.
  4. Beshoy Adel

    How to enjoy God?

    Yea, of course I try to do that, but I'm not talking about enjoying what god does for me, I'm talking about enjoying my relationship with him. Pray for me.
  5. Beshoy Adel

    New believer, I have some problems...

    Sorry, I couldn't reply in the last period because I was taking my final exams, pray for me. I want to say that I am going to church regularly and praying and so I even got in a service for the church but I feel something is off, I feel that I'm not enjoying God anymore, I made a new post about it https://www.christforums.org/forum/christian-community/general-faith/16661-how-to-enjoy-god pray that these feelings disappear.
  6. Beshoy Adel

    How to enjoy God?

    Hello, I'm a new believer as some of you know... I have these annoying feelings nowadays that my passion for God is fading away, and is becoming related more and more to the church and the sermons and the praise songs and not related to Jesus himself... I want to enjoy God without waiting to enjoy a Sunday service or a sermon or so, I want to enjoy being a Christian and enjoy knowing Jesus without having to enjoy practicing Christianity... I pray a lot that god becomes my joy and not a sermon or a good praise song, but I feel that this fire that was in me when I started believing is fading. are these feelings natural or valid? I know that what I said is not clear but my thoughts are not clear... I just feel that something is off.
  7. Beshoy Adel

    The doctrine of predestination

    I believe that everything work together to lead the elect to their salvation, I can't claim that I'm saved but I knew and accepted Jesus recently (I was born to a Christian family but rejected Jesus 6 years ago, when I was 16 years old), what I know is that without somethings (mostly bad things) that happened in my life I wouldn't know him, I believe that he worked everything to lead me to my salvation, that answers your question as to why do we pray for people to be saved, maybe our prayers are not private maybe we pray with them about their salvation, and that lets them know about Jesus... when I try to talk to someone about Jesus I pray that God would give me the wisdom to be able to talk to them. I'm sorry if my answer was not clear enough.
  8. Beshoy Adel

    How you know that you are saved, what is your answer ?

    To me it's not a matter of knowledge but a matter of putting myself in the hands of God, I was lost _for six years I dwelt in many belief systems but for most time I rejected God and religion altogether_ and the grace of god brought me back to knowing him, so I believe that you don't do anything to earn your salvation, I believe that God sought me and not the other way around, I don't rely on my knowledge that I'm saved or not, I only rely on him to keep me on the right path because he's the one who showed me the right path in the first place. God bless you!
  9. Beshoy Adel

    Is God male?

    I am not qualified to answer questions as I'm new to the faith but I believe that God is a spirit, we only refer to him with masculine terms because Adam is the first human being and God said we create man in our image and likeness, and because Jesus the son of God is a man/male... It's not a power struggle but Jesus is the head of man and man is the head of the woman so, I think these are the reasons we refer to God in masculine terms, plus of course the many verses in the bible.
  10. Beshoy Adel

    New believer, I have some problems...

    - Thanks Stratcat, pray for me. - Smithee, I told them in the church (The pastor and his brother the leader of the youth meeting) that I was an atheist and that I still have some doubts and they're very friendly but they think that I need to take it more slowly and they told me that whenever I have questions I can ask them) the only thing that is making me sad is that there are very few people of my age in the church and they didn't make an effort to introduce themselves, one of the reasons I returned to the church is that I wanted to be socially "normal" again and get to make friends. About studying theology, I feel that I'm compelled to defend my position in choosing a protestant church, yea I know that I don't know everything about Jesus or Christianity but I know that if I left the church I would be lost totally and that's what scares me. - Theophilus, there is a baptist church nearby (Though I don't know the detailed address) but the thing is baptist churches (to my knowledge) baptize kids when they're 14 I think, and to me that's still not mature enough to make a choice that big... I know in my heart that baptizing kids is not logical but it's what Christians did for centuries and I want to understand the practice to accept it mentally.
  11. Good morning, I want to ask this (though I'm not yet married but it makes me sad when this question comes to my mind), If marriage is just a worldly thing with one benefit and that is to multiply and bring forth children then why do we treat it spiritually, and integrate the marriage and the church, and integrate prayers in a marriage ceremony, and say that the husband and the wife are one and so, my question is: Does marriage has any significant aspect to it (will it make a difference in my eternal life what kind of wife did I have or how my relationship with her went on), or is it just a worldly practice to bring children to the world and raise them up? Will it end with death and nothing will continue to connect me and my wife in the eternal life, it makes me sad that love is very powerful yet it could end with death and this bond will no longer exist? I'm sorry if I was not understandable enough, please ask if you think that any part of the question is not clear.
  12. Beshoy Adel

    New believer, I have some problems...

    Thank you S.T.Ranger... pray for me. William, Thanks for moving my thread to the right forum, I'm new here, sorry if I made a mistake. I already downloaded E-sword but I got confused on which commentary I should download so I didn't download any, I started reading the bible and started with John as NetChaplain suggested, So far I have one problem with the presbyterian church that is infant baptism, I can't understand how can anybody join a religion based on their parents faith... Pray for me that I keep on going to church as I know that if I stopped going I will be lost again as I was for the last 6 years. Thanks again for your recommendations and I started watching the video series by the way :)
  13. Beshoy Adel

    New believer, I have some problems...

    Thanks a lot S.T.Ranger. Of course I would not think that anyone is not sincere in their faith whatever their church is, the thing is that a couple of years ago there is a Coptic orthodox bishop who have said that Protestants (and Catholics) are not going to heaven, and I think my family and friends are concerned with my salvation (If _in their understanding_ the bishop's words turned out to be true) I never seek those arguments actually, they accepted that I join a protestant church only because I was an atheist, and they thought they would convince me with orthodoxy after that. I don't look for differences to divide, but also there are things that I can't accept in the orthodox faith and I cannot join a church that I don't agree with only to satisfy my family. Pray for me that God gives me wisdom and love for everybody whatever the differences are.
  14. Beshoy Adel

    New believer, I have some problems...

    Thanks a lot NetChaplain, I think I really need to read the bible, I'm reading from the bible, a verse here and a verse there but not in an organized way... Pray for me that God give me understanding to his word, and pray that I become filled with the holy spirit.
  15. Beshoy Adel

    New believer, I have some problems...

    Thanks a lot Theophilus, I prayed this morning about this problem that I don't know the people and have no community, Amen, pray for me that I maintain a relationship with Jesus. Thanks again :)

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