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  1. This is a good question, and as Willaam mentions, it is also one that biblical scholars have debated for many years now. The story of the rich man pleading with Lazarus , who was "in the bosom of Abraham" would make it seem to say that there are two distinct places that our spirit can go when we die, and the two are aware of and can actually see each other. Quite how this can be is hard to imagine; but if it is happening spiritually, then it could easily be possible. For all of her life, my mother believed that she would live to see Jesus return, and that she would be caught up with him in the air. It is one of the first things that she told me as a young child, and I can still remember lying on the grass out in the yard and watching each cloud that floated overhead, hoping that one of them would have Jesus riding on top of it. Not knowing anything about the nature of clouds back then, this seemed totally possible to me. My mother never made any preparations for death because she thought she would see Jesus coming any day, any minute, and that is how she lived her life. When she was in her 80's, her heart gave out, and we had to take her to the hospital. She wanted to go home; but Daddy and I kept telling her that she needed to stay there until she was better. The next day, when we went to see her, she was telling me about a little Mexican family that was down in the basement, and that she was helping to take care of them and the children. I knew that there was no little Mexican family living in the basement of the hospital; so I thought that if Mom was indeed helping to care for them in a basement somewhere, she must be helping ministering angels, and was going back and forth from one reality to the other one. The next day, she had passed away; but i really believe that she went happily wherever the angels were ministering to that family. My mother had a heart for helping people all of her life, and I believe that if she is in Heaven right now, she is probably still helping the angels take care of hurting people somewhere......
  2. From what I have read about marijuana/cannabis/hemp, it was once a very different kind of plant than what is now being sold on the street. There are many different strains of cannabis, and not all of them produce a high like the strain that is grown for that express purpose. For many years, it was grown as a hemp crop, and used for making ropes. The United States government even encouraged farmers to grow a hemp crop during the years of World War II, because the navy needed it for rope for all of the ships. The hemp that was grown for rope and other textile products was not mind-altering, or at least not enough that it was used for smoking it. To use cannabis as a healing herb, it is not necessary to use the kind that makes you high either. And it is not used by smoking it. The people who actually use cannabis as a medicine will usually grow their own, and then they use the fresh picked leaves and make them into a healthful drink called a "green smoothie". The fresh leave have a lot of good nutrients in them, and are a healing plant. So, I do believe that cannabis, as given to us by God, was intended as something that was healthy to use. I do not smoke it, or even grow it; but since it is supposed to be very helpful for arthritis, and many other ailments, if it were legalized to grow and be used for that reason, I would probably try some. As far as just having cannabis to smoke and befuddle up the mind, I do not think that this is what God intended us to do with this plant at all.
  3. To me, the whole thing is hard to figure out, to be truthful, William. It seems like every church has different ideas about what is okay and what they believe about both marriage and divorce. At the time, I was a pretty confused person anyway. After my husband left, I moved to be closer to my folks, and try to work out my life and pick up the pieces again. Then, both of my parents died within a month of each other, and I also suffered a broken leg (badly popped in half) from an accident. Even though we had gotten a divorce by then, I still felt married to my ex-husband, and he was probably the person whom I was closest to besides from our children; so I was glad when he came to help me out, and we started talking about getting back together again. Joy (my neighbor) and I had grown up like sisters, and we did go to the same church; so her rejection hit me much harder than it would have if it had come from someone else. Now (many years later), I am married to Bobby, love him dearly, and know that he is the best husband that God could have given me; so looking back, I am glad that things worked out the way they did.
  4. There is a huge difference between rejecting the sin, and rejecting the sinner. None of us are perfect, even though we may try, and we may do something that others deem sinful even when we do not realize it. Jesus said he came to save the sinners; so why would his followers not want to help them as well ? Churches that only allow "perfect people" are missing the whole idea, to my way of thinking. It is not our place to judge anyone, or to change another person. The only person we can truly change is ourself, and we should apply the Bible principles to ourselves, and pray for others, not condemn them. Many years ago, after my first husband had left me, and we were divorced; we were talking to each other about getting back together again. It might very well have worked out; but my next door neighbor and her husband came over and told us how terrible we were for being together, and that we were sinning by living together when we were no longer married. She said it was their Christian duty to admonish us and if we persisted, they would close their door to us and never speak to us again because that was what the Bible said they should do. Distressed and very hurt, we separated, he moved back to the other side of the state again, and we stopped trying to repair the broken marriage. Was she right or wrong to say that to us ? My belief was that I was living with the person whom I still considered to be my husband, and we were trying to save our marriage. To her, I was living in sin.
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