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  1. I on't think that the future that the 2045 website has in mind is actually likely to all take place, although I do think that they will make advances. However, even if they do succeed in making an avatar type of person, I don't think that they plan on doing this for any but a select few of very rich people, and not the common, everyday people like we are. This kind of advanced technique is going to be extremely hard to perfect, and then very expensive to operate once they did get it working right (assuming that they were actually able to do that); so the likelihood is that world financial leaders would be able to afford this procedure, but no one else would. The rest of us are what they would consider expendable, and we will probably continue to live our lives and die. I really do not think that this is something that you need to be concerned with, theokayman.
  2. This is a good question, and as Willaam mentions, it is also one that biblical scholars have debated for many years now. The story of the rich man pleading with Lazarus , who was "in the bosom of Abraham" would make it seem to say that there are two distinct places that our spirit can go when we die, and the two are aware of and can actually see each other. Quite how this can be is hard to imagine; but if it is happening spiritually, then it could easily be possible. For all of her life, my mother believed that she would live to see Jesus return, and that she would be caught up with him in the air. It is one of the first things that she told me as a young child, and I can still remember lying on the grass out in the yard and watching each cloud that floated overhead, hoping that one of them would have Jesus riding on top of it. Not knowing anything about the nature of clouds back then, this seemed totally possible to me. My mother never made any preparations for death because she thought she would see Jesus coming any day, any minute, and that is how she lived her life. When she was in her 80's, her heart gave out, and we had to take her to the hospital. She wanted to go home; but Daddy and I kept telling her that she needed to stay there until she was better. The next day, when we went to see her, she was telling me about a little Mexican family that was down in the basement, and that she was helping to take care of them and the children. I knew that there was no little Mexican family living in the basement of the hospital; so I thought that if Mom was indeed helping to care for them in a basement somewhere, she must be helping ministering angels, and was going back and forth from one reality to the other one. The next day, she had passed away; but i really believe that she went happily wherever the angels were ministering to that family. My mother had a heart for helping people all of her life, and I believe that if she is in Heaven right now, she is probably still helping the angels take care of hurting people somewhere......
  3. While either possibility is only human speculation, they actually do have information that backs up the theory that the Grand Canyon was formed rapidly, and not through millennia of a river wearing down rock. Geologists have been looking into the idea that it could have happened from a flood, similar to what happened after the Mt.. St. Helens eruption. The scenario might be something like this : The earth is flooded by the Great Flood in the days of Noah. For months water sits on the whole earth as the waters gradually subside, leaving huge lakes in the deeper valleys, and were trapped there by a natural dam made from debris as the flood waters receded. It is likely that there could have been earthquakes associated with the flood as well; because the flooding of the whole earth would have to affect the tectonic plates. Some theories are that this is when the land mass separated into the continents as we know them today. In any case, even a small earthquake could have triggered a break in the dam, releasing the floodwaters down into the plain, and the still-soft earth, creating a huge canyon. The video I am linking to this is just a short one; but if anyone wants to learn more about how this could have happened, there are some really good longer tutorial videos on Youtube.
  4. @Innerfire89 I totally agree with what you wrote, and I believe that the earth has been going through heating and cooling periods for thousands of years. The last cooling cycle was around the 1600-1700's, and we have been on a warming cycle since then. Soon, there is a good chance that the earth will start into the next cooling cycle, and from what I have read, the cycles last around 400 years, so 200 going into the cycle, and 200 coming back out, and then 200 starting into the next cycle, etc. However, we as a human race are certainly not helping anything, or taking care of this earth that God made for us and that we live on. The very first thing that God did with mankind was set us to be stewards over the land and the animals, and we are destroying both of these, and even the animals which are raised for food are kept in horrible conditions. I think that if everything on earth went back in time to how it was 200 years ago, the earth would still be going through whatever climate changes it goes through, regardless of whether mankind lied on earth or not. But even though we are not causing climate change, we still need to do a better job of taking care of the earth and the things that we can change or make a difference in.
  5. There are areas in Texas that show dinosaur tracks, and there are human tracks right inside of the dinosaur tracks. Obviously, these were made at the same time; so a good possibility is that when the waters started rising before the flood got too deep, both people and animals would have been trying to escape. They would have left tracks as they tried to escape to higher ground. I think that being buried by the flood debris is one reason why archeologists think that dinosaurs lives to long ago, because they think that the layers of dirt or clay around the fossils built up slowly over many years. However, it is very likely that this happened in a short period of tome and was caused by the waters of the great flood. It is also quite possible that this is how the Grand Canyon was formed, and that it did not take thousands of years for that to happen either. When Mt. St. Helens erupted, the resulting flood left layers in the lake that mimicked the same kind of layers that have been attributed to slow evolution. Here is an interesting video that gives a good perspective about how the layers of rock were actually formed in a short time, and not over millions of years, and also that the dinosaurs and humans lived in the same timeframe.
  6. I think that there is an excellent chance that what we call a dinosaur is still in existence on the earth, and probably other kinds living in the ocean. I have also seen the pictures that were carved into buildings and painted on pottery that show men sitting on top of a dinosaur and killing it. These are only a little over a thousand years old, not millions of years ago, when we are taught that dinosaurs went extinct. People didn't even call them a dinosaur until sometime in the 1800's, when the word was coined. Before that, people probably called them lizards or dragons, which I think is the old name for the larger dinosaurs. If you look at the Chinese calendar, it has a picture of an animal/creature of some kind for each year. One of those creatures is a dragon. It only makes sense that if all of the other creatures actually exist/existed, then so did some kind of large lizard which was called a dragon. In Cambodia there is a temple, and it has carvings of a dinosaur , and I think that is about 500-600 years old. If they existed that recently, then it is totally possible that they still exist in remote areas, and are only seen by natives that live in the jungles. As far as the dinosaurs being on the ark, it is totally likely that very small ones, or even eggs, were taken on the ark. They would not take up much room, and it would make a lot more sense to take babies or young specimens of any species than to take mature adults. They would take up a lot less room, and would be much less likely to want to fight or kill each other if they were all babies.
  7. It is hard to even try to predict what will happen in 2020 at this point. Possibly, President Trump might not even run for a second term, and that would leave the field open for just about anyone to run. If Johnson runs as an Independant, what he would likely do is split the Republican and Independant votes, allowing the Democratic candidate to win. Again it is hard to predict what will happen, but I do not truly expect to see either Bernie or Hillary running for president four years from now. Neither of them are young anymore, and both , especially Hillary, have health issues that would make it hard for either one of them to do much actual campaigning. Since Bernie was extremely popular with younger people, and college age in particular; I would guess that the Democrats will pick someone who will follow in Bernie's footsteps, and is younger. They might even add Bernie as a VP, just to retain all of the Bernie supporters. The United States could be sitting on the brink of a financial collapse that nothing can stop; but if that does happen, it is for sure that President Trump will get the blame for it, and that would cost him any chance of being re-elected next time, assuming that he runs for a second term.
  8. I think that you should be more concerned with what the values of the school itself are than what character it uses for a mascot. For many years, there has been a brand name called Red Devil, and they have nothing to do with Satan, they just make very good quality tools. So, when one looks at the company itself, there would be no reason not ro work there just because of the name of the products. I think that this is probably a similar situation with the school where you want to work. If the school itself is reputable and has good standards, then I see no reason not to take a job there if you want to. The Red Devil company started out by making a glass cutter which threw off shards of hot glass as it was being used to cut the glass. Someone called the little fiery shards "Red Devils" and the name stuck, and eventually became the name of everything made by that company. So, as William mentioned, it is good to see why that name was chosen, because it might have nothing to do with wanting to admire the devil.
  9. There is a huge difference between allowing refugees and immigrants come into the country than allowing militants to come in, or ones that have no interest in upholding the laws of this land. We have been a nation where all kinds of people could come here , legally and welcomed, and these people came here because this was (and still is) the most free country in the world, and they came to be part of this country, and live a free life here. What we are trying to deal with now is a totally different situation, and it actually has little to do with religion of any kind, and more to do with defending our country from invaders. The people who come here from other countries, including Central America and Mexico, are not coming here to assimilate our freedom and American culture, they want to take this country and make it part of Mexico, and the ones coming from the Islamic countries are not refugees with women and children, they are groups of young strong militant men. It is one thing to have religious tolerance for people of other cultures, and a totally different thing to allow them to come in and stop us from having the freedom to worship as we choose. An example would be if someone comes to your house and needs food, and you feed them. However, if that person breaks into your house in the middle of the night and holds your children at gunpoint, you do not happily offer them to have dinner with you. It is a whole different thing when someone comes to take over than when they come for help.
  10. I also think that President Trump did the right thing to get us out of the climate change pact. Even though they keep trying to say that it is a real threat, and so many people just believe whatever they are being told; the truth is that we are more likely to move into a mini-ice age than into global warming. The earth goes through cycles of heating and cooling, and it is nothing to do with mankind, and it has been doing this for centuries. The last cold time was around the 1600's if I remember right. This is why Ireland had the potato famine, because many places didn't have enough warm weather to grow a decent crop. I think that they cycles are about 400 years long, so there would have been until the 1900's coming out of the last one, and now we are heading back into the next one. I might have my dates mixed up; but there is good information about this online if you care to look.
  11. I think that the answer to this lies in teaching your children to pray sincerely, and to be grateful for all of the blessings that come into our lives. It is (rightfully) called "an attitude of gratitude", and this is important in every part of our. Life, and not just to be thankful for the food that we have and are going to be eating. Just to say the prayer does not accomplish anything, so it only makes sense to first teach the child WHY we pray and why we give thanks to God for our blessings. I do not think that forgetting to say a prayer for something that we eat is going to condemn us in God's eyes; but just as we like to be appreciated for what we do for someone, so does God like us to be grateful for our blessings and not just take Him for granted in our lives.
  12. That was a great laugh ! It seems like some of these gigantic companies are literally taking over just about everything, and Amazon is certainly one of them that is growing pretty fast. While I am not in favor of any giant corporations owning the monopoly of any business, I have to admit that I DO like Amazon, and we have had a Prime account for several years now, and do purchase a lot of items from Amazon and save good money doing it. One of the new things that Amazon is actually doing (unlike buying the whole world) is starting a special program for low-income people, which I think is pretty awesome. For as long as we have been a Prime member, the only way to renew the membership was to pay a whole years dues at a time, which is now about $99 annually. Amazon now will take payments monthly of $10.99, which is less than some Netflix accounts charge. However, for low-income people, the price is almost half of that at only $5.99 per month. All you have to do is show them that you are on food stamps (EBT) or other proof of low income, and you can have this account, which has all of the options and benefits that the full-price Amazon Prime account has. With the acquisition of Whole Foods, this means that Amazon will probably be able to actually also accept food stamps (EBT) in the near future as payment for food items. Since you can really save on a lot of the grocery products when you buy them through Amazon, I think that this is a great idea, and a winner for everyone involved. Actually......maybe we should let them buy the whole world...... they seem to do a pretty good job with what they have so far.
  13. I remember reading about this back when it happened and was first reported in the news. He had apparently taken some kind of poster off of the wall that was not supposed to be taken, or at least that was the story that I read. Although he certainly should not have taken something that was forbidden, what has happened to him is totally beyond reasonable . I am thankful that they have finally decided to release him, and will also be praying for a miracle recovery. People have come out of long-term comas before, and certainly, his treatment while in North Korea was not likely to have been beneficial to his recovery, and it is probably amazing that he is even still alive. Hopefully, with good doctors and hospital care here in the United States, he will recover anough to come out of the coma after all, and we can only add our prayers and trust in the Lord to do the best thing for him. If they did mistreat him, they probably do not want him to be in a condition to ever wake up and tell the world what actually transpired while he was held captive in Notth Korea.
  14. Actually, there are many people who are not Christians, or even religious , who do not accept the idea of evolution. As was already mentioned, the theory has never been proved out. Never has one type of creature evolved into another type of creature. We have proof of changes in one species of animal, but they remain the same species. Take the dog, as an example. We have dogs af all shapes, sizes and colors, long-hair and short hair. All have either developed to naturally adapt to their surroundings, or they have been bred by mankind to be a certain size and appearance. But, regardless of any of their indivual characteristics, they still remain dogs, and they don't evolve into cats because they are small, or into bears because they are large. The non-Christians who do not believe in evolution then have to come up with some other scenario for the development of life here on earth, and this is where we get the ideas of interstellar travelers coming here and "seeding life", and controlling the development. This allows them to believe in another (totally unproven) theory, and still not have to admit that this earth is a creation of God just like the Bible says that it is.
  15. This is truly something that they are striving for, and the website that explains the whole thing is simply named 2045. Basically, they plan on being able to make someone that lives in an avatar, similar to the one in the movie "Avatar". The first step is to make the robot body, and have that functional, and then the second step would be to start transferring a human brain into the avatar body when your own body becomes to old to be functional. Once that is accomplished, they could probably just transfer the brain from one robot to another as necessary, providing they can keep the brain functional. The third step is where it would be like in the movie, and just your personality goes into the avatar/robot. And finally, you would just become some kind of a hologram person (not that this could actually still be considered a person by this point). Here is the picture from the website that explains the whole plan.
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