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  1. I found an article here, http://reformedlibertarian.com/articles/theology/the-theonomy-debate-analysis/ that goes a little more in-depth about the debate of this. I liked how they separated the camp of theonomy into 'obligatory theonomy' and 'practical theonomy'. People who view that the Mosaic Civil Laws are obligatory for Civil Government today. Guys like RJ Rushdoony, Greg Bahnsen, Gary North, and Joel McDurmon would fall under the obligatory category. The practical category is basically the position that the Mosaic Civil Laws are not 'binding' but are wised to reference and apply them as often as possible. Samuel Rutherford was someone who supported practical theonomy. While I tend to fall under the practical theonomy flag, it should be noted that the epistles of Paul, Rom. 6:14; 7:1-14; Gal. 3:10-14, 24-25; 4:21; 5:1, 13; 2 Cor. 3:7-18, emphasized that Christians are no longer under the rule of the Mosaic law. Still, the Ten Commandments at least are pretty basic to follow. Don't believe in other 'gods' and worship statues and images. Don't used the Lords name in vain. Take the Sabbath day off and keep it holy. Honor your parents, you were more trouble than you know as a kid. Don't murder, don't cheat, don't steal, don't lie/bear false witness, and don't covet other people's things. You need to do most of those things to be a basic decent human being.
  2. A Zorse are all male but they are sterile while God is a creator. God made a pair to reproduce life. A woman can't get pregnant by herself, except for Mary for obvious reasons. And a man can not produce life, trans-males not included. God can produce life by himself, therefore he's probably both. "The names for God—Yahweh, Elohim, Shaddai, Sebbaoth, Adonai, Kurios, and Theos—are all masculine gender," were the names man has given to God. Yahweh is the composite of four Hebrew consonants YHWH, which is known as a tetragrammaton. It was said to be created by Moses because the name was too holy to be uttered by mere mortals. As for the answer to your question. Yes, a Father can have maternal instincts but the same is true in reverse and mothers can have paternal instincts. There are cases where a mother defends her child from an attacker. I think that if we have look back to Adam and Eve. God made Adam and realized he wasn't complete so he made Eve, only then were they complete as the first of human race and a closer reflection of himself. We are probably closer to his image when we are married because we are rendered of one flesh instead of two separate beings. As for Jesus, in his time period, would he have been allowed to live the life he lead as a woman? http://www.bible-history.com/court-of-women/women.html Rabbis were taught not to salute or speak to women. Women were not allowed to be instructed in law or receive inheritance. Woman were expected to stay home and were allowed very little freedom. While I have faith that if God had wanted to make Jesus a female, that it would have been impractical considering how male dominated the ancient world was. The point was to spread the God's word and create believers, and this was more easily done by a male than a female. As a man, Jesus had the authority to change the dynamic that allowed women to follow him and learn about God properly. Jesus brought women into the church and used them in parables in his teachings.
  3. Sorry, I didn't write that well. What I meant was that God with his complex wisdom simplified in a way that humans could understand it. He made an analogy for what he is to us. Because really, what he is, is far beyond just our Heavenly Father. That's just a nickname to the complex reality of what he is, he's our Creator, our Truth, our best parts. Yet the human language fails to really put into words what he is to us and we might not understand it until we die and get some perspective away from the physical world. So it's not that he's comforted to our lives but he simplified the idea of him into something that can fit inside our skulls. As for God being a mother, yes, I think if the world had a history of been reversed so that men and woman reversed their places. I think God would have called himself 'Mother' for the same reasons as stated above. God transcends the physical and is not bound by flesh and it's limitations. Only our understanding is limited.
  4. I was always told that God was always with us. Being with us in physical form is special but not exactly new. Just because we can't him with our physical eyes doesn't mean he's not there already. So I figure that he probably does appear in human form when the mood strikes him. Its why we are supposed to be nice to our neighbor and even strangers, you never know if it might be him.
  5. Probably nothing, he would just people watch. We already have stories of Jesus who is basically God in human form. So if he came in present day, he would probably be just a s wise just in blue jeans and a t-shirt. He would probably worn us away from the distractions of the online and the vitriol world and remind us what is real.
  6. God's favorite food would be bacon and lobster. It's the real reason they are considered unclean, he wants them for himself. Joking, maybe... But God probably loves apples, it's why he's so wise. Or probably a vegan diet like St_Worm2 suggested. That sound like the most reasonable diet.
  7. I always though of God just being a glowing light that transcends male or female. He referred to himself our Father because it was a way for us to understand how he fits in our lives. He was also talking to a culture where men were the ruling gender while women were expected to submissive secondary citizens. It wouldn't make sense symbolicly to them that their God was female. Yes, we are made in his image but he made male and female. It's just that he is the Father who we must love, respect, and fear. I just don't think of God in terms of flesh and being bound by our physical laws.
  8. This was well written in a way that I hadn't thought before, thank you. I really think it's sweet you, kind of intense though, that you knew by the third date. I really like how you wrote bout how dating is about getting to know each other with respect. I find that even if I'm dating a guy who calls himself a 'Christian', he still expects 'it' eventually. Dating becomes more like war as I have to fend of lusty males who may or may not really like me. In just the last few years, it seems guys are wanting it sooner and sooner. It makes finding a good man a bit problematic when dating. Though I imagine the same is true with women too.
  9. I think the differences is that we hope that the liars, the proud, and the people with wicked thoughts will come to God and beg forgiveness. On some level most homosexuals won't repent for their sin because they don't think what they're doing as a sin anymore because they were born that way. Most of the Christian homosexuals I've met openly tell me that Bible never says anything about homosexuality and dismisses the quotes they are presenting. One of the aspects of being a Christian is repenting to Jesus your sins, all of them. How can homosexuals repent if they don't think they're doing wrong and refuse to acknowledge that it could be? What is the difference between them and the ones that call themselves 'Christian' but never go to church, read the bible, and openly do unChristian acts?
  10. Reading Deuteronomy 22:13-21 and have wonder if people still hold it true? It states that a marriage shall be considered valid only if the wife is a virgin. If the wife is not a virgin, she shall be executed. While I don't know a lot of Christian men who are executing their wives, if God's word is law are we really supposed to act on them even though murder is illegal? In a world where people are expected to be moderately experienced to even get a partner, how are virgins expected to find spouses when most dates expect it on the third day? Do you expect your wife to be a virgin when she marries you? Or was this law for another time?
  11. To add to Smithee's comment, my great aunt and great uncle went to a church that openly believed that people could have intercourse when they go to heaven. So the marriage in heaven is fairly tame to some of the things I've heard preached in 'churches' you have to be very selective when finding a church to make sure they don't have weird non-biblical fetishes. My great uncle died but I'm pretty sure my great aunt still goes to that church.
  12. I didn't realize that there was a difference between tithing and an offering. I don't tend to give my whole ten percent all at once but when I get paid as I get paid. So, am I offering my way to ten percent? Is that not longer considered tithing if you don't do it all at once?
  13. Yes, but there are some relationships that start out fine and healthy, they might even be good the first three years and then a relationship turns dark. I get that people shouldn't enter a permanent relationship with a toxic person but sometimes people change or only reveal themselves when they think the other person won't leave them. That one event is probably an exception, most toxic people are who are the perpetrators of abuse get off because it gives them a sense of power and feeds into their self worth to make others small. While I'm happy about the wife who's husband repented his mistakes. I hear to many horror stories of woman needing to run away with their kids because she wasn't sure he wouldn't kill them in one of his moods.
  14. I just read this, looking up more about Christian marriage and divorce,and this article came up. https://biblicalgenderroles.com/2015/10/03/7-ways-to-discipline-your-wife/ I didn't know whether to put it on the divorce thread or start a new one so I started a new one. It's so bad that I had my mom read through it to see if she thought it was written by a Christian. She kept on saying Sharia law through the whole article. I'm kind of horrified, is this really biblical? If it is, I'm never getting married since it's obvious divorce isn't an options, biblically. Parts of it are okay, I like the part where the most important thing you can give your wife is your time. Until the end where he says to give your wife just five hours a week to your wife or even three, that's not even an hour a day. I could never stay married to a guy who thought he could punish me like a child. The comment section got to me though, Cynthia asked about if it was done in reverse and he basically said that God doesn't tell woman to respect their husband's person but his position. I'm basically confused after reading the article, is this really how Biblical marriage works?
  15. Okay, that clears up some technicals. But what if you get divorced for mental or physical abuse. That doesn't exactly fall under sexual immortality. Yet, it's legal and reasonable to understand why you would want to get a divorce. But then can they never marry afterwords to keep with God?
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