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  1. I haven't watched those movies but I'll check them out. Bajiao Mastani was good but it's sad, fair warning.
  2. I was listening to arguments with Christians vs. Atheist and Sam Harris came up. I hadn't heard of him before. My biggest problem was that he brought up children dying. My mom told me that children don't go to hell but I don't actually know the verse that supports this. I just think it's odd to blame God that people don't believe in him instead of some polytheistic religion. I also think he's confusing his understanding of fair and just. God isn't fair, we are not all born the same, some are born to privilege others are born in poverty. Only faith, or lack of faith, can change it. But God is just because he smites the wicked and sends them to hell for their sins. Sam Harris sees the world in a linear way while God knows the beginning and the end, so his perspective is the forest for the trees. I think the problem was that he was trying to apply human perspective on a holy being. I haven't read enough of the bible to pull out verses to counter him but his argument is flaw because he assumes he knows the truth. What do you think?
  3. I have to say that if she really wasn't an escort, and I don't think she was, I hope she wins her slander case. It's unfair that because she is a beautiful woman who worked as a model that she's suddenly has to be an escort. Anyone who's ever watched an episode of America's Next Top Model, knows that models have no say what so ever about their shoots. They are expected to basically be living props. I hope she wins.
  4. Bringing a toddler into a sexting conversation is a red flag. It's weird and perverse that he would even take a picture with his child in that context. I hope the wife gets the child, I don't think the kid will be safe otherwise.
  5. A bad economy turn scam artist into vultures. It's obvious that the handicapped guy is taking advantage to press his fifth suit against a business. At some point, the laws need to be changed. A business in an old building can't afford to reconstruct a ramp and parking for one handicapped person. I'm sure if he was serious about the food, he could order take-out and ask for them to bring it to his car door and just pay in cash. I know this lady that lives near me who is in BN and takes pictures to use for lawsuit she's building against the company because she fell and got no sympathy from the manager. But it's hard not to note that she's living off Social Security and it's not much. You should be able to make one of those lawsuits a year and only after you prove that the restaurant invonveniences more than just yourself.
  6. Oh, thanks. I must have missed this when I was scrolling. I'll read through it.
  7. What are your thoughts about female leading and teaching in the church? Or how about female elders? It this something that should be done or is it wrong?
  8. I found an article here, http://reformedlibertarian.com/articles/theology/the-theonomy-debate-analysis/ that goes a little more in-depth about the debate of this. I liked how they separated the camp of theonomy into 'obligatory theonomy' and 'practical theonomy'. People who view that the Mosaic Civil Laws are obligatory for Civil Government today. Guys like RJ Rushdoony, Greg Bahnsen, Gary North, and Joel McDurmon would fall under the obligatory category. The practical category is basically the position that the Mosaic Civil Laws are not 'binding' but are wised to reference and apply them as often as possible. Samuel Rutherford was someone who supported practical theonomy. While I tend to fall under the practical theonomy flag, it should be noted that the epistles of Paul, Rom. 6:14; 7:1-14; Gal. 3:10-14, 24-25; 4:21; 5:1, 13; 2 Cor. 3:7-18, emphasized that Christians are no longer under the rule of the Mosaic law. Still, the Ten Commandments at least are pretty basic to follow. Don't believe in other 'gods' and worship statues and images. Don't used the Lords name in vain. Take the Sabbath day off and keep it holy. Honor your parents, you were more trouble than you know as a kid. Don't murder, don't cheat, don't steal, don't lie/bear false witness, and don't covet other people's things. You need to do most of those things to be a basic decent human being.
  9. I wish someone would put him in his place before he causes WW3. This guy has no respect for life and shouldn't be a leader of a country. While you shouldn't doze at work, who knows what the guys were doing before they attended the meeting. They might have been pulling all nighters trying to feed the country that spends all it's money on a nuclear program.
  10. http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/mammals/chimpanzee/ It says that they generally are fruit and plant eaters but the also consume insects, eggs, and meat. According to this,http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/guest-blog/how-to-eat-like-a-chimpanzee/ Only three percent of a chips diet comes from meat. So while they do hunt and eat meat, the majority of their diet comes from plants, preferably fruits and nuts. But they are opportunist like humans, if they live in a place that has meat and not fruit, they hunt. If there is little meat but lots of fruit, they eat fruit. So each group has a culture uniquely adapted to where they live. Feral hogs on the other hand, are more omnivorous. With ten percent of their diet comes from meat. That more than three times as much has the average chimp according to http://articles.extension.org/pages/63655/food-habits-of-feral-hogs. They are mostly herbivores too. I wasn't negating that chimps ate meat, only that it wasn't what they primary ate. There is a reason biologist thought they were vegetarian for so many years. Depending on what doctor you talk to, humans need about twelve to twenty percent of our caloric intake from protein, meat. Which means that diet wise, pigs are closer in diet than chimps are.
  11. I'm dying, that was probably the most hilarious 'theories', if you could call it that, that I've ever heard. It wouldn't work anyways because of how genetically different pigs and chimpanzees are. We can't even breed horses and donkeys or tigers with lions together without creatine sterile offspring. You can't create a growing population out of a group of sterile people. The only reason pigs come up is because their diet is more like ours than a chimpanzee. Pigs originally where omnivorous, though farmers usually just feed them grain and corn to get them fat quicker. Where chimpanzees are mostly herbivores that will occasionally feed on insects and rarely on a carcass of a deer. So pig intestines, stomach, and organs are structured more like us than chimpanzees. That doesn't me we came from pigs.
  12. Okay, so how is this going to work on a practical level? What if someone wants to commit a crime and identifies and non-binary but looks male or female? In the descriptions of the police report a male or female, how do you include non-binary people? Because no matter how you look at it, you do tend to pass as one or the other. What is the point of a third gender other than to make some mentally ill person feel like their delusions are justified? And how pretentious do you have be to be a singular person and want to be called 'they'. It's as bad as the royal 'We'. I just don't understand why the government is siding with this nonsense. The only sane part of this article was the part about him not wanting to cut off his private parts.
  13. A Zorse are all male but they are sterile while God is a creator. God made a pair to reproduce life. A woman can't get pregnant by herself, except for Mary for obvious reasons. And a man can not produce life, trans-males not included. God can produce life by himself, therefore he's probably both. "The names for God—Yahweh, Elohim, Shaddai, Sebbaoth, Adonai, Kurios, and Theos—are all masculine gender," were the names man has given to God. Yahweh is the composite of four Hebrew consonants YHWH, which is known as a tetragrammaton. It was said to be created by Moses because the name was too holy to be uttered by mere mortals. As for the answer to your question. Yes, a Father can have maternal instincts but the same is true in reverse and mothers can have paternal instincts. There are cases where a mother defends her child from an attacker. I think that if we have look back to Adam and Eve. God made Adam and realized he wasn't complete so he made Eve, only then were they complete as the first of human race and a closer reflection of himself. We are probably closer to his image when we are married because we are rendered of one flesh instead of two separate beings. As for Jesus, in his time period, would he have been allowed to live the life he lead as a woman? http://www.bible-history.com/court-of-women/women.html Rabbis were taught not to salute or speak to women. Women were not allowed to be instructed in law or receive inheritance. Woman were expected to stay home and were allowed very little freedom. While I have faith that if God had wanted to make Jesus a female, that it would have been impractical considering how male dominated the ancient world was. The point was to spread the God's word and create believers, and this was more easily done by a male than a female. As a man, Jesus had the authority to change the dynamic that allowed women to follow him and learn about God properly. Jesus brought women into the church and used them in parables in his teachings.
  14. GM plants are sterile because the company wants a monopoly. Did you know that if patent seeds fall into your garden, you could be fined for having the plants without paying for them? I think it's ridiculous that you can patent a seed. Messing with the futility of plants is going to end up starving the world because we can't regrow next year's crop with the seeds in our fruits and vegetables. It'll only take one outbreak of mold or bacteria and it could wipe out the whole food supply. This is why I try really hard to stick to only heirloom or wild plants, though I have some grafted fruit trees that are hybrids.
  15. Arguing with the judge or any authority figure is usually a mistake regardless of the situation. Your duty to your country comes before paying the bills. Part of the duties of being a citizen in this country, we have very few expectations on us for to have all the privileges of lining in America. He should have kept quiet. I'm always surprised at the lack of respect people have for judges and police officers. There is a sense of entitlement and narcissism that puts their needs over good sense.
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