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  1. Up to now, it's still not clear whether the gunman has a relationship with the terrorist group or not. But it still remains that this has got to be one of the worst mass shooting in the history of the US. Sadly, lives were lost and these are lives that we cannot bring back. It was chilling and frightening to read the stories of people who were there in the incident. I do believe in just two genders, male and female, that's true. But I also have friends who are homosexuals and I don't have anything against them. They are the most talented and generous people I've known. I preach them about the teachings of the Lord all the time and they just listen to me. I just wish that this case would be resolved in time. Stricter gun policies would have to be the solution in this case. I guess a thorough search before entering any club can also be required. If you have weapons, then you cannot get into the club. It's better to have this safety rather than risk people's lives.
  2. I like this law and I hope this can be passed not just on Utah but here in my country as well. Children today are very tech-savvy and they are even more knowledgeable about computer stuff than the parents. It can be a good thing but it can also be a bad thing. To be honest, I'm not opposed to introducing gadgets to babies or toddlers at a later age. This way, they can have more hands-on activities and toys rather than watching YouTube on an iPad or tablet. Sadly, I see this all the time here, children in strollers with an iPad in front. Or kids in malls that play on smartphones instead of socialising with family or friends. And it's okay if they cannot access the bad stuff. But it's kind of easy to even access negative videos on YouTube. I remember my son playing with his cousin's iPad and I looked over and saw him watching GTA videos with nursery rhyme music. I was shocked! I know that GTA can get too violent and it can be bad influence to my son as well. Needless to say, I had to stop him from spending time with that cousin especially when there's an iPad involved. But like others said, it isn't a foolproof plan. We still need to pay attention to our kids and see whatever they're doing. You never know if he learned hitting or punching because of just one video online.
  3. I do believe in personal choice, especially when it comes to religion. I do advice people I've met about Christianity and how it has helped me uplift my life. But I don't really force other people to change their religion if they don't want to. It's the same way with this issue, you can ban a religion from your country but it still doesn't mean that you can stop the people to be a part of this religion. In any case, there would still be people hiding their religion just so they can abide by your country's rules. And that's a bit extreme, not being able to practice what you believe in because it's not allowed. I can understand that Islam is in a bit of a bad light right now. But honestly, I believe there are bad people in every religion and that's the sad part. We can ban Muslims every where but we still risk banning the innocent people. The same goes for Christians all over the world, we get such bad rep if we're too into our religion to the point that we're made fun of. I don't know what hurts more, honestly, your religion being banned or your religion being made fun of. The truth is, we choose what we want to believe in. And simply banning a religion won't make people change their beliefs. We need to spread the word of God more and make them understand why it's the supreme teaching. Maybe this way, we can have more change of hearts than we ever imagined.
  4. [h=3][/h] Corinthians 1:12-13 What I mean is that each one of you says, “I follow Paul,” or “I follow Apollos,” or “I follow Cephas,” or “I follow Christ.” Is Christ divided? Was Paul crucified for you? Or were you baptized in the name of Paul? From this verse alone, it seems to me that Paul doesn't really approve of denominations. But as we can read further through the reading, there's even more doubt as to whether denominations are a part of the Church or not. As Paul disapproves of it because it can cause a weakening of the Church or even the faith of people itself. Corinthians 1:12-31 For just as the body is one and has many members, and all the members of the body, though many, are one body, so it is with Christ. For in one Spirit we were all baptized into one body—Jews or Greeks, slaves or free—and all were made to drink of one Spirit. For the body does not consist of one member but of many. If the foot should say, “Because I am not a hand, I do not belong to the body,” that would not make it any less a part of the body. And if the ear should say, “Because I am not an eye, I do not belong to the body,” that would not make it any less a part of the body. Now, this one's a bit of a contradiction... As you can see, Jews and Greeks are mentioned here and they aren't really looked down upon or anything. It says here that all the other sects are important parts of the Church itself. Like it said, one cannot function without the other. Corinthians 11:19 For there must be factions among you in order that those who are genuine among you may be recognized. Here's the catch: Not all sects can be considered as part of the Christian religion. You must decide for yourself which one is truly going to help you build a relationship with God and Jesus Christ. Note that there are non-Christian cults that you need to avoid of, there's many of them. It's up to you what denomination or sect you choose as long as it's proven to be a good part of the community and has helped people around the world.
  5. I think the major issues with this case has been discussed but let me add my thoughts about it. For me, transgender people (those who have chosen to change their genders physically and mentally) should just have their own bathrooms. Let me put it this way: Are we supposed to oblige to their every request when it certainly contradicts with ours? If a parent doesn't want a transgender woman (who was born male) to be in the same bathroom as his daughter, that's his decision. And we really cannot force him to think otherwise or even decide otherwise. Yes, these transgender people should have their own rights but not to the expense of other people's right. So they can have their own bathrooms because hey, they are considered transgender so that means they have their own gender categorisation. It minimises the risk of any person posing as transgenders just so they can take advantage of other people. And it minimises the risk of the transgender being bullied or made fun of as well. Or maybe, like others have suggested, there should just be one private bathroom at all establishments. It can be restrictive, but at least there would be no more fights about this issue. Truth is, even if they identify as a male or female even though they're not born that way, they cannot force others to think the same. I won't be forcing my thoughts or opinions on them, but they cannot do the same as well. I know that God only made two genders, male and female. I don't have anything against gay people or transgenders, it's their choice. But I still believe in the bible and what it has taught me and other people. Like I said before, there's nothing wrong with being gay as long as you don't act on it immorally or do anything that's against the bible.
  6. I don't actually know if our loved ones in heave are praying for us. There's no account in the bible that tells us that this is true. So I cannot really answer your question because the bible has no answer for it. We do know that those who lived their life according to the ways go God, they're entitled to a place in heaven, that's for sure. So that's a great thought, knowing that our loved ones are safe and happy there. As far as them seeing what's happening to us on Earth, I don't know for sure as well. Again, there's nothing on the bible about this. I'm sorry that I don't have the answers for you. But know this, we have the angels, the saints, Jesus and God... They're all praying for us. We only need to live our lives according to God's ways and we'll be okay. Have faith and believe in Him because then you'd be saved and be granted eternal life. And maybe then, we'd be worthy of living in eternal life as well.
  7. Hmmm... This is an interesting thought. Honestly, it can take a lot of time and effort before we can even have one religion. We're just far too divided, in terms of distance and interests that this cannot happen in the near future. Like what others have said, the pope might be aiming for religions to exist in peace with one another. That's a far more realistic goal than having just one religion. And if religions can co-exist in unity, then maybe there might be hope for reconciliation and peace in this world. Just right now, it's hard to imagine this happening. It's hard to impose our beliefs and ideas on other people, especially those who grew up believing in a different system. And even if we can change their minds, there's millions more of people who we have to change as well. I think believing in God must happen from within. We can help others realise this but if they're closed-minded, then no matter what we tell them, nothing is going to change still.
  8. From where I am, divorce isn't really approved by the law. We have annulment here which takes a long time before it can even be certified. It's basically nullifying the marriage so it seems like it didn't even happen in the first place. And only celebrities, politicians and basically, rich people that can afford annulment. So in reality, there's not much separation here especially in legal marriages. But that's not to say that there aren't people who live together without the sanctity of marriage, because there are as well. But for the most part, people consider marriage here as holy and would think twice about getting an annulment. I don't know why divorce or annulment happens for sure. They might have their reasons and it's not really something that I should get into. But for me, marriage is hard work. It's something you work on every day, every minute of your married life. You cannot just leave because of arguments or financial hardships. The reason you got into marriage is because of love but that's not enough to stay in it. You need patience, kindness, care and understanding among all other things. You need to see the person despite his or her flaws and love him or her as who he or she is. And maybe that's why many marriages don't work. We become selfish, thinking only of ourselves. And when that happens, how can we love selflessly? How can we see the person despite the flaws?
  9. I think everything around us is a proof that God exists. From the seas, to the skies, to the trees and everything else, this is all created by God. And every day, little by little, we're discovering that. All of these things around us, they're here because God created them. We are here because God created us. And that for me, is enough proof that God exists. But if science actually aims to prove His existence through their physical ways and means, then they might be disappointed. God is in all our hearts. We know He is there because we can feel it. We might not actually see Him but we believe in Him. Once we stop believing, he ceases to exist in our hearts and minds. So the truth is, our faith, that is the one that makes us believe. We don't need all these studies, we only need the bible. But if science wants to do so, then go ahead, it's their choice. In the end, it's what we believe in that leads us to the path of God. And if a scientist isn't a believer of God, then all his studies would show that. On the other hand, a believer would always find ways to connect God with what they learn.
  10. I think so. You know what, I have very high hopes for humanity and that includes the rich people. I mean, there are those businessmen who really didn't accumulate their wealth from taking advantage of others (read: corrupt politicians). And they continue to expand their business, at the same time, they're providing work for lots of people. If they do this without damaging the environment as well, then they are following the laws of God as well. So in that sense, they can be both rich and true Christians. And through their hard work, their businesses continue to flourish because they do help out others as well. But there are also rich people who cannot be true Christians. Like I've mentioned before, we have the corrupt politicians or maybe the businessmen who acquired their wealth through ill-doings. And despite all their wealth, I believe they will not be truly happy because they have taken advantage of so many people. God has more compassion for the poor simply because they live with what they can afford only. And if the poor lives a decent life, free from sins, then he or she has even more place in His kingdom. But that's not to say that the rich cannot have a place on His kingdom as well.
  11. I voted for communication as well. In my country, most people are Christians so I don't have an issue with that one, my husband is a Christian as well. And even if I had met someone who isn't from the same religion as mine, I wouldn't change mine just so I can marry him. I won't ask him the same as well. But I doubt that we can connect or even agree in all things because of our differing religions. I guess if I truly love him, I'd make it work, but I'll never change my religion for him. So now that that is out of the way, why did I chose communication? Well, because it's what matters most for us. We might have arguments most of the time, but we can fix it if we talk and communicate. I'd ask him to be honest but only about things that matter. I won't mind him drinking with his friends and forgetting to tell me about it. But I would mind if he drank and wasn't able to do his duties the next day. Most of the time, our arguments are about petty things... He didn't put his clothes in the laundry basket or he didn't buy what we needed. But with communication, things are easily resolved. We always love talking with each other and knowing what happened to each other's day. And I think that's important as well, to be genuinely interested in what your partner has to say.
  12. I love the part about love, commitment and affection being able to overcome just lust. And I think these factors are important in any marriage. Like you said, marriages fail because they lack these. Maybe they started off with just sexual attraction and failed to develop these factors. If so, then that might equate to a doom in the relationship. Luckily, through effort, time and persistence, it's not hard to have these factors in your relationship. Just remember to focus on these aspects first before anything else. Yes, sexual attraction should be there, but couple it with these trio and you're bound to be attracted to your partner for a lifetime. And maybe that's what pornography is lacking. There's no love or affection there, just pure lust. It gives the viewers an unhealthy view of what making love is all about. You don't just have intimacy based off of attraction because that is shallow and would never work. When you love someone truly, you see beyond their bodies. You love them for who they are even if they gain weight or their bodies have changed. Because you know that person and being intimate with him or her is something that you love to do with them and only them.
  13. I think we all have our share of family feuds, from sibling rivalry to misunderstandings with relatives. But for me, the worst issue I had was with my husband's family. When we got married, his sister was opposed to me, which I don't know why she felt that way. We haven't even met, talked or even chatted at that time. She only saw pictures of us in a social media site I guess and she became very angry upon knowing that we're getting married. She started posting things on that social media network. She has cut off pictures of me in family gatherings (she was in another country at that time) and posting swear words about me as well. It was weird because I haven't even met her and she has this angst about me. For a while, I was angry but didn't fight back because she's older and she's my husband's sister. I started planting feelings of resentment and anger to her. But in the end, I chose to stop doing that. Why? Because it only hurts me more and I end up not being able to forgive. I chose to forgive and forget, I don't know about her though since she still doesn't talk to me even though I've tried to reach out to her. Sigh... I guess that's the way she chose it to be. And I'll just pray for her, that someday she realises how childish all this is and that it's not a fight worth having.
  14. This is very timely. Here in my country, it's election season again and it was just pronounced who are the winners for the major government positions: president and vice-president, along with the senators. So the president who won, he claims to be a Christian but he doesn't act like so. He swears, demeans women and is not opposed to killing crime makers. He was a great mayor in his municipality, even made his district the safest one in the country. But his behaviour, attitude and actions are opposed to a true Christian. So in that sense, can we say that politics has corrupted his religion? I would like to think so. I'm not into politics much although I try and be updated about it. I know many people who work in the government offices and have become corrupted. They go to mass every Sunday but they take money from the people during weekdays. Is this the way it's supposed to work? You cannot be a Christian just by going to church. It is your actions that determine whether you are a true child of God or not. Then there are people who have nothing but struggle to make a living. I see those people selling candies or water in the streets even during the heat of the sun. And I know that they are not corrupted people. They make a living without stealing from anyone and it's through their sweats that they are able to feed their families.
  15. It really is hard to make someone understand a concept when he or she isn't open to it. I think that's the problem that is at hand. So many people are closed-minded when it comes to believing God and His teachings. And for me, that's the hardest part, making a non-believer become a believer. It always baffles me that people can believe in aliens but not in God. Or believe in ghosts but laugh at the very idea of a Supreme being. Or fear some creature they haven't even seen but have no fear in God. Just reading the bible, that's enough to give me reassurance but at the same time, I have fears as well that came from it. I guess it all comes down to what people choose to believe in. We cannot make everyone believe in God and the scriptures. But we can still try and do our duty as a Christian. At least, we tried and did our part. Now, it's up to them if they want to be children of God. There's always this part of me that hopes that my atheist friends or loved ones change their perspective. But sadly, that doesn't happen all the time and so the next best thing that I could do for them is pray for their redemption. And yes, with regards to homosexual acts... It's disappointing that it's being more accepted nowadays. Like I've said before, homosexuals aren't in sin unless they engage in these acts. And even with gay marriage being approved in many cities, it still isn't a marriage under Christianity or Catholicism. I wish they have termed it differently or not had it at all. But the best thing we could do is just pray for these people and hope they see the wrongness of their ways.
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