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  1. Greetings @NetChaplain, No, as far as I know I do not have any relatives in Illinois. I did however live in Peoria for a short spell but not long enough to really remark about. You might be confused because of my username. The “Cole” is a short form of Coleman which is my middle name. My name is Rev. Robert LeBuhn or just plain ......Bobby. Now, about the topic at hand. One thing about receiving salvation and retaining said salvation is the idea that we are either once saved, always saved or we can indeed lose that which Jesus Christ suffered and died for. Personally, I do not worry about it. It’s simple. I love Him and I know what pleases the Father and what will not and with that I try to do nothing that will grieve the Holy Spirit. Salvation 101
  2. After reading the OP, I’m not really sure what the topic is about. If it is that God knows us so well and also knows our weaknesses that we have no responsibility in the whole of the process of salvation then I cannot agree. Perhaps I am mistaken about the topic at hand.........I dunno, but this I do know...................... Let’s get simple and relieve ourselves of the word “onus” and replace it with the words, weight, responsibility and duty thereby guaranteeing a better view of what is being said. Jesus Christ already bore the weight of our sins and went to the cross that we all may be saved. It was His responsibility to do so for certainly his very words in the garden to the Father was a plea to relieve Him of the cross but it was indeed a weight He did carry. It was a duty that God gave Him. Now what of the weight we must carry; is it not our duty to accept the salvation that is offered? What is our duty as joint heirs with Christ to the Kingdom of Heaven once we have accepted what is offered? Most assuredly, as ensampled by Exodus 20:3, since we have accepted so great a salvation, we have taken onto ourselves as His adopted children His name and may heaven forbid we should ever Take it in vein or as nothing. It is my responsibility as a child of God, who has fully accepted the responsibility of His Fatherhood, to do and represent Him in life as He would expect me to do as His adopted son. From the moment of salvation it became a 2 Tim. 2:15 from then on........... Now, that is the onus that is placed upon me and I take it extremely seriously and with a whole lot of Joy. At the end, it’s really, really simple.
  3. My, such complicating stuff isn’t it? Whether or not the Sabbath is valid or not in today’s society? Do I go to work, do I go to church, what day is it on, did Jesus keep the Sabbath etc? All good questions with one good answer formed as a question: What’s in your heart? Yes, I know that the heart is deceitful above all things and terribly wicked but the follow up of that is that God knows what is truly on your heart. Just about everyone on a Christian forum knows the Ten Commandments and many of the 365 “thou shalt nots” but isn’t it strange that keeping the Sabbath as a Holy day is so much in question? Again, what’s in your heart? If a person begrudgingly and half heartedly holds the Sabbath then it does no honor to God does it? On the other hand, if one finds employment but refuses to work on the Sabbath just to get the day off, he’s actually blaming God and using Him as an excuse for laziness. No Joy in that at all is there? The thing is, in my humble opinion, a person who holds the commandments because they love the Lord God with all their heart and want to please Him does so with Joy and Love and not because It’s The Law! I worked in the Rescue Mission Ministry for about 23 years or so and ya know what? In all those years I never had a Sunday off. I feed people. Homeless people. Does keeping the Sabbath include allowing hungry people to go without food? It’s a given that I would have liked to sit in a pew at times but, somehow serving God in that way gave me more joy by feeding His people than if I was sitting in some pew. It was honest Joy with no malice, no half-hearted work.....just Joy. Then, just because I felt that God would honor it, I took whatever day I could to rest and gave God that day.
  4. If Joel and the other TV evangelists would send 10 of us 10,000 beans, using the very scriptures they point to, they would garner a $90,000 profit. Why do they continually ask me for 10 bucks when they could make a much larger profit by sending me the 10 and get 100 back minus the initial investment? They are getting their reward here on earth, whatever that might be. I shudder to think what they might be expecting from God in the hereafter but that subject is not in my pay grade.
  5. We are in full agreement then, that sin is still sin. Yes, once we have full knowledge that something is sinful we are indeed held accountable for that misnomer but.......what if you did not know? The thing that got me started on this is one or more posters stated that tattoos were "sinful" so I decided to find out how harmful this sin can or could be. I am not trying to go off topic in any way but the variations of activities and intent regarding tattoos are so many thus far that some clarification should be useful and a fun study. Perhaps, the tattoo is merely a tresspass or and unintentional sin or was it done even though in the heart of a person it was known to be Desperately Wicked and filled with iniquity!! ? I find it useful at times to just whet the appetite of those who are adament about honest scriptural study. Taking my word for anything avails nothing for indeed, I have been found in error on a few occasions and whole heartedly admit to it. That said, it is a wonderful thing that we all have access to Greek, Koine, Hebrew, and Aramaic dictionaries and Lexicons not to mention a vast amount of well versed commentaries on the subject I have presented. It would also be wonderful if a half dozen or so of the major and minor theologians on board here might produce said studies wherein we can all converse and learn. God Bless and Happy studying..........Bobby
  6. So many pages in response to tattoos! I am indeed surprised but it must be one of those topics that has to be talked about or else the responses wouldn't be so varied. @William and a few others have already admitted to having one and have offered a testimony concerning them. Now, just about everyone has accepted that having tattoos are a sin of sorts. I said, "sin of sorts" because although all sin is indeed sin at it's root, there are varying degrees of sin: Tresspass, transgress, iniquity and yes.......sin. I could outline all of the aforementioned but then, that would take all of the fun out of my next question. In your personal experience, to what degree of sin would a tattoo be? God Bless......Bobby
  7. Such a bit of drudgery! Having to constantly confront those who are non believers in the attempt to show them they are WRONG! Yup, getting prayed up and having to don my Billy Sunday face can be taxing at best. Then, to have someone say that they still do not believe even after I tell them that if they do not change their ways that they are going to hell? Tragic and it roasts my bones to the marrow! To be serious and truthful, we're sent out to spread the "Gospel" and it is indeed the "Good News" that I teach and preach. But, do note, the methodology I use is a little unconventional because I try to Show my joy, Show my salvation, and Show folks what a Christian should sound and look like. What a joy it is to have someone say, "I want what you have", or even, "there's something about you that I like"! When folks ask me how I am, I invariably reply with something like, "Great! The Good Lord got me up this morning and gave me another chance to get it right! What could be better than that?" After that reply, I've never had anyone say "there is no God". Never in 30 or so years. The other day a known Atheist asked me at the Gym about my belief in God. I replied to him (with a smile on my face and obviously having too much fun) that it was too bad that thought did not exist. If it did then maybe we could think better. He looked at me and sputtered a little trying to figure out where I was going with the conversation so I picked it up a mite. I told him that thought could not be seen, heard, nor measured by any instrument known to man. Although I and a few others are working on it, thought can't be diagramed nor fully defined but yet it exists. It precedes brain wave activity and is known to exist but thus far it cannot be proved by anything other than, "I think therefore I am." Logically, to use the same measure as some use to establish the non-existance of God and the existance of thought is cross reasoning and neither can be submitted as empirical but yet......! Score, just dented some armor!! Bottom line is that I have fun with the most serious subject in the universe and it works. Rarely do I get into a cross denominational analysis with folks because the bottom line is Jesus Christ was crucified and was resurrected on the 3rd day. All the rest are sub-topics and as such should be approached with a combination of large measures of joy and study and shouldn't be used to beat someone over the head with. God Bless and have a little fun today. .............Bobby
  8. Ah, @William, the key word.......Salvation! Theonomy doesn't truly approach salvation as much as give the tenets of it and the guidelines of sanctification does it? While the secondary effect of Theonomy is Theocracy or even a Ecclesiocracy there is no real event directed that one must be saved but merely live by the moralistic values of the Law complete with he penalties that go with it whether one is saved or not. Granted, a chance visit to man's autonomistic approach or living under the guidance of the Law shouldn't even be an argument but the pivital point is still free will. As it is with multi-denominationalism a person willfully submits to an authority of his or her choosing and with the exception of some denomination bashing there really isn't any reprocussion but merely the insistence that one must be saved by grace, through faith that the blood of Jesus Christ was spilt for him. As a sub note: God has given us free will .......which is an argument unto itself. The one good side that I see in a declared Theonomy is that it doesn't take over the government but instead lives within the government but at the same time it is separate. Civil government lives as it is and the Theocracy lives within that with all of it's tenets. But then, doesn't Sharia law attempt to do the same thing? One God, One Law. No problem. But do I wish for mankind to do the interpreting of it without the full sphere of Grace as the lead? good question.
  9. I have always been a teacher/preacher who loves to teach others in the simplest but most meaningful ways. To do so, I break things down to their lowest common denominator in order to make scripture a little less intimidating. For that reason there are times when a simple, personal interjection is appropriate and I believe that this is one of those times. I believe that particular pastor to be "stuck on stupid" and possesses "some stinkin' thinkin' " in that he is attempting to give credibility to his own fleshly short comings. I might ask you, "In Biblical terms, what happens when we deny the flesh"? Perhaps that is the question that needs to answered in this study of Christ like living.
  10. Though I have no tattoos I have other grave sins that are far more grievous than that of a marking on my skin. If all my sins combined were to be represented by a single tattoo and my mind be clean and remembered none, I might indeed consider the choice. But, that choice has not been given. For now, I can only rejoice for the sins I have committed are forgiven and remembered no more by the Father because He allowed his one and only Son to be sacrificed that I might be saved. Now forgiven, how much more a sin and a personal memory would it be to take that sacrifice and intentionally sin anew, taking God's forgiving grace in vain? In other words, if ya already got one don't worry about it. If you are saved and want to get one, ..........worry.
  11. Ah, someone who likes to "sew" I believe. It's an almost forgotten craft but a pleasurable one indeed! Okay, tattoos again. While I do not believe it's such a matter of it being sinful it is the perception that it brings for those who do believe it to be wrong. There are some who believe that caffein is a part of the pharmakia spoken of in Revelation and deem it to be a form of sorcery for it does change our mental and physical makeup. There are some who demand a woman to wear dresses down to the ankles and up to the neck and anything other than that shows the lady to possibly have some loose morals. Going to movies, dances and wearing jewelry are "perceived" to be wrong by some belief systems so it's just a matter of whom you associate with and to whom your testimony will be given. Christians are seen in all different lights and manners which some condone and others condemn depending upon ones prior teaching. Paul told the believing and converted male and female temple prostitutes in Corinth (corrupt) to dramatically change their appearance so the public would not associate them with their past occupational status. The women were commanded to grow their hair and the men to cut their hair and both to put away all of the bling and makeup associated with temple prostitution. The followers of Christ, in other words, are to look different, act different, and be different. Tattoos are things that cannot be erased easily and as @William wrote, he keeps his covered for a reason which involves the visual testimony that he wishes to present. 1st impressions are the greatest impressions that we can bestow upon those who we wish to give a witness and that 1st impression is generally mightier than the message we wish to impart, or so it might seem. A first impression can bring trust and trust will open ears and open ears can listen and hear the greatest message we can give......The Good News. I can walk among anyone with or without tattoos and be "visually" trusted by both, whereas someone who has a visible tat can generally only walk successfully among like minded people. It's funny really. Way back, when I was in the Army, a tattoo was about the only thing a soldier could do to his body without permission because a soldier belongs to the government and to damage government property was a violation. Now, a ruling has come out that an officer cannot have ANY visible tattoos. It kind of makes me wonder: The government gets 20% of a paycheck and it's soldiers are not allowed to harm themselves in any way shape or form or face the consequences. On the other hand, God only get's 10% and we allow OURSELVES the [freedom of will] opportunity to damage ourselves believing there is no consequence to it at all. Whom indeed has the upper hand here?
  12. I was pretty receptive to your statement until I hit the last sentence @lexinonomous. The tattoo subject is indeed subjective to the one with the inkings so my observations would not be of any consequence to that individual but for me, I choose to be defined by my heart and character and not what is on the outside of my body, hence, no tats. A watered down testimony due to one's appearance (do nothing that appears sinful) is akin to having no credible testimony at all. Now let's get back to that last sentence shall we? "No one should be condemned for making choices for themselves". Each decision we make is a personal decision and we are and will be held accountable for those choices. Whether or not to accept Jesus Christ is a personal choice. Whether or not to abort a baby, or commit adultery or slander your friends or enemies are all decisions and still, we are held responsible for each and every iota of each action. Note: ALL sin, whether small or large is still sin and fall into the catagory of condemnation but then again, "there is none righteous, no not one.". But to be sure, it is through the choice that Jesus Christ made that our sins are forgiven. To be real, I am certain that you did not mean the statement the way it was written but only wanted to make a post regarding tats and choices about having tattoos. But the reality of the matter is that there might be someone with a serious, "it's okay because I read it in the Christ Forum" dysfunction and go about their merry way doing foolish things. Believe it or not, foolish people abound and can read and sometimes believe everything they read. God Bless...............Bobby
  13. When it comes to our leaders, I believe there can be extremes on both sides of the coin. I really would not prefer a Kumbaya leader who depends on God to "intervene" at every corner and in every moment when times are troubled. Note: seeking wisdom on how to row the boat is quite different than merely sitting back and waiting for God to calm the waters. On the other hand, someone who is totally debaucherous and abusive is no pretty picture of leadership either. Roosevelt was that "middle ground" type if leader I would prefer to see. Someone who represents the people, as opposed to staunch fist pounding leadership, and still holds their ground protecting those same people. He was seemingly a pretty quiet type of person but.........his parrot proved everyone wrong. I believe that the parrot is still alive and doing well but children are not allowed to come and visit him because his language; the mimicked language of Roosevelt, is so dirty and vulgar that young ears should not be exposed to it. Just because someone shines with Godliness does not necessarily mean they will be a good leader just as the total opposite might not be good either.
  14. As always I am a K.I.S.S. type of person. (Keep it simple Saint!) We live In a free society, so I do not mind if a particular body in the Church decides to *recommend* it's favorite person to be politically appointed. With that said I will not stand for any particular sect which maintains authority over it's body to such an extent as to make it manditory for their members to vote for the pastoral favorite politician, no matter the reasoning. If it isn't in the doctrinal statement nor constitution of that body it is not a pertinent detail which I would observe. Goodness, if such things "were" in the statements I would not hesitate to walk out the very doors I walked into. If we refer to Romans 13:1-3 and state that the heads of a particular church family has authority over us in all matters then I would do something that is rarely looked at. The verses (to paraphrase) state that all authority is placed there by God and we must submit to that authority but it does NOT say that we cannot choose who that authority is. To keep it simple...........I would choose to submit to another authority who understands that preaching and teaching Christ crucified and resurrected is the job of the church and not to lord over their church following in every detail of life.
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