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Christforums is a Protestant Christian forum, open to Bible-believing Christians such as Presbyterians, Lutherans, Reformed, Baptists, Church of Christ members, Pentecostals, Anglicans. Methodists, Charismatics, or any other conservative, Nicene- derived Christian Church. We do not solicit cultists of any kind, including Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Eastern Lightning, Falun Gong, Unification Church, Aum Shinrikyo, Christian Scientists or any other non-Nicene, non-Biblical heresy.
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John Calvin puts forward a very simple reason why love is the greatest gift: “Because faith and hope are our own: love is diffused among others.” In other words, faith and hope benefit the possessor, but love always benefits another. In John 13:34–35 Jesus says, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” Love always requires an “other” as an object; love cannot remain within itself, and that is part of what makes love the greatest gift.


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  1. tris93

    Childless Marriage

    I do think that your thought are right and very wise. Looking into the future and thinking smart about the things that are important to you, and to avoid possible diseases and disability, vasectomy is a good choice. I am happy that your confident in yourself, and a marriage can be a good and strong one, without children too.
  2. tris93

    What's your hobby?

    I really like to hike or just take a walk in the nature. I enjoy places with hills and mountains, mostly. I share a few photos from my recent trip.
  3. tris93

    Should Babies' Be Baptized?

    I think that it is good thing to do, helping a small little creature to find the good path in life. Of course it all depends on if they decide to follow up their christian upbringing or not, but yes, thy should be,
  4. Here's the trailer. As other said, it is kind of a parody with a few questionable themes about Christians and Christianity,
  5. I do not think in any way that churches or religious organization should really have a word in any kind of political decision of their people. It seems to me as a manipulation, preaching values and laws that are worthy of God can teach the people how to chose in the case of voting, but to directly say something like this to them is just too much.
  6. tris93

    Image of God (In 90 seconds)

    I just read about an interesting article, how in muslim religious art you can't really imagine God in any way. The avoid any body, face or even lined representation of their god, because attributes are not worth of describing HIM.
  7. tris93


    Satanism is really a crazy and frightful thing just like other cults around the world. Luckily as you said we don't really hear about t nowadays, so maybe they are really vanished and only teenagers looking for self-identification and weird people on the countryside believe in it.
  8. tris93

    Don’t give money to panhandlers.

    There are several cases when homeless people are really in need some money, food or housing but of course there are a lot of panhandlers out there that are part of a bigger system and only collect money. I think that we can't really decide which homeless is which case, so instead money try giving out cleaning supplies or food to them, when requested.
  9. When reading news like this I am always so sad to think about the several cases that are not covered in the media. Just to think how many poor children are suffering in rural or even suburban areas and nobody knows about them, I think that social services should be supported by the government more, to help cases like this and also try to avoid them.
  10. tris93

    How Long is the Millennium in Revelation 20?

    I would like to say as others said before me that interpreting the Bible as other than metaphorical stories in not my really table. So can'T read the millenium as a strict number of years.
  11. tris93

    How Do You Prefer to Interpret The Bible?

    I like to interpret it as a big metaphor full of beautiful stories that can help you in ways to live a life that is good with God. Not every word is true in it and people tend to read everything as a strict thing.
  12. It is an interesting way how the Pope deals with the while migration or musilm question. But sometimes I feel like that he says completely different things from each other.
  13. tris93

    Spell Checker

    Thank you for it! I also think that sometimes it is good that we can use spell-check built in our browsers, but not using it is also can be weird. And also I know that they usually keep refreshing things and updating the sites.
  14. tris93

    Why are we laughing?

    Well interesting choice of words, for sure. There are several ways to say something and it looks like that this tweet and whole Obama saying things like that is somehow out of context. I do not think that terrorists and climate change can be really mentioned in the same page. Maybe there are several other threats going on around at the world, at the same time and we should not forget any of them but to really compare them is a little bit too much.
  15. tris93

    Maturing through Meditation

    Meditations is perfect way to get to know yourself or to have inner peace. I think that daily meditation, even if it is just a few minutes can really help with your mental health and all those things you want to discuss with yourself or God. Mediatation and Bible study is a really relaxing way to unwind after a long day.

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