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  1. Well I am not really too sure of what to make of these kinds of allegations. I think that I am at the point where I can just move past them, but I still think that people just do things for attention some times, and for the life of me I just cannot understand it.
  2. You know, even setting religion aside and just focusing on people and their actions, the world would surely be a much better place if everyone practiced a little more self-ownership. I guess maybe it is asking too much, but man that would be a nice break from the norm.
  3. Well this is something that I know some people feel a little off about when it comes to their prayers. It is just another part of life though, and I know that I have needed some help as have most others.
  4. Well even though I do not spend nearly as much time on the site as I once did, I am glad to hear that this is the case and for those who do it is certainly some good news. I am sure there are a lot of good photos to share.
  5. Well God is certainly a clever and mysterious artist sometimes. He certainly makes things interesting, but I am so glad that both are happy and healthy, and I really had no idea that this was even possible. I bet that was a real roller coaster of emotions that the poor woman had to go through in all of that time, but it seems like she rewarded quite well. Gotta love the positive and uplifting stories when you can get them. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Well this is a bit confusing, but I cannot help but think that it is really important. There is a saying out there that goes something like don't seek out happiness, seek out content or something like that, and I would say it is kind of similar here. I am not sure I follow the immediate link to it meaning something material, although by nature I think that is probably the case for most people. Working with definitions and being clear is kind of difficult when dealing with these issues, and this just really works to show that. I like the message though, and thanks for sharing.
  7. Well the first thing that came to my head was that I hope this does not cause a stir. I am not really sure why I thought that, although it seems pretty logical just given the history of the area. It just shows you how volatile I suspect the situation is over there, but I am just going off of the news and the media, which of course is probably not the best sources to rely on, but oh well. I hope that they are all safe, and I hope that their conversion brings them peace. Fingers crossed, though, and it is very interesting. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Well you said it. I was kicking myself a little bit for not even realizing that it was here until just today. I think I just skipped over the positive news, almost like I didn't believe it could be there or something, which is pretty depressing. I am so glad that it is here, though, and it is just the thing I need after thinking about the tough scenarios and questions and issues that we discuss elsewhere on here, and other places as well. I love it, and will be a frequent visitor. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Well speaking as someone who has been there, on the bad side, I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart thank you. It is such a misunderstood and widespread health condition (I am still not sure if I am ready to call it a disease yet) and it effects so many lives. It is hard, and the mind of an addict is different...we are wired a certain way. Again, though, I cannot say with any certainly and there is a chicken and egg scenario when I think about myself, and I am probably not alone there. Either way, though, they are in my prayers and I know that they appreciate it.
  10. Well I am glad to see studies like this, but the problem is is that these days you can really find a study out there for anything that you want to believe. Just being around academia for a little bit really exposes you to that, and there is always bias whenever researchers go about their methods, and they often find what they want to find, to a certain degree. That said, it is just a matter of which studies you choose to follow and accept, which is a little unfortunate to think about. Interesting, though, and thanks for sharing.
  11. Well I am not sure if I can go this, but at the same time this is really I just stay out of things like this. I do not even know anymore what is normal and not, and I live a traditional life and I think that is best, but when it comes to others there is only so much I can do. It is out of my control, and in general I just like to apply the "to each their own" to matters like this. That said, though, I do fear the implications that can from this. It is interesting, though, and I guess we will see where it goes from here. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Well when it comes to Earthquakes there is really not much you can do. All of these older cities also find themselves particularly vulnerable too, just with all of the older buildings and infrastructure. It is certainly sad, and a terrible tragedy for the area and for the people. The only real thing to hope is that they can rebuild stronger, but that will surely take some time and hard work, and support of course. They are all in my prayers. Thanks for sharing and God Bless.
  13. Well this is certainly good news. There are too many stories out there about celebrities running wild and being out of control, so it is nice to see one that seems to have his priorities straight and in line with positive influences. I think that it is really easy to sway towards the darker things and the more negative things, in the all too often sin-filled cities of LA and Hollywood. Good for him though, and I hope that he can work to inspire some others to do the same. Good stuff, and thanks for sharing.
  14. I am just curious....is this common would you say? I mean I get it, and I probably pray a lot before going out of the home anyways, but for some reason this seems a bit on the paranoid side of things. I may just be reading into it too much, but I would like to think that prayer is not really an ask for protection like that, but I guess in a way it can be and maybe that is what some people are looking for in their prayers. I am not opining or anything I am just curious and thought that it was an interesting point to make. Fascinating stuff, and thanks for sharing.
  15. Yeah I think that I am going to go with this, just for my own sake. If I do not have to, I would rather not think of the vengeful and spiteful and harsh God that we can see sometimes, although of course we all know that it is well-intentioned. It is just an extension of my "try to think happy thoughts" campaign that I am really launching for myself lately, to varying degrees of relative success. Interesting though, and thanks for sharing.
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